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3. The lede is misleading.
Sun Feb 4, 2024, 08:15 AM
Feb 4

The people he hired to do it obviously screwed him. I just don't get why his Quixotic and hopeless running gets so much resentment. I thought it was a Democratic election race, not a Coronation. Biden will be nominated no matter what. Dean has voted with Biden 100% in the house. He still has the right to run. He is nothing like No Labels or RFK. I,m thinking he will drop out shortly.

What happened to him? Buns_of_Fire Feb 4 #1
Too much time looking in the wrong mirror? Hubris of the disaffected? Too many people whispering in his ear? Ford_Prefect Feb 4 #2
Maybe he got an offer ($$$) he couldn't refuse. tanyev Feb 4 #10
I've often believed a somewhat intelligent, and unscrupulous person RandomNumbers Feb 4 #13
The lede is misleading. Scruffy1 Feb 4 #3
I'm not sure many people resent him. More it's just he's a pointless joke who has atrracted a bad crowd LymphocyteLover Feb 4 #6
I do resent him dsc Feb 4 #8
Oh, I didn't see that. What did he say? LymphocyteLover Feb 4 #21
It is his entire campaign dsc Feb 4 #33
It is not pointless. This guy trashed Biden on the Weekend today. Demsrule86 Feb 4 #17
Yes. I don't know if Phillips is intending to hurt Biden or is just being used by people who want to damage Biden LymphocyteLover Feb 4 #20
He knows what he is doing. Demsrule86 Feb 4 #27
He is my congressman. I resent him. edisdead Feb 4 #35
"Wild that Dean Phillips has essentially quit being a congressman and.." Cha Feb 4 #48
He has missed 89% of the votes. Demsrule86 Feb 4 #49
OK! I stand corrected! Probably did not have enough coffee in me when I made my post! LymphocyteLover Feb 4 #53
Or he is being paid by the right to trash Biden. W Demsrule86 Feb 4 #14
It doesn't matter if it was contractors; he's still responsible. yardwork Feb 4 #22
Just because he can doesn't mean he should. comradebillyboy Feb 4 #34
I doubt 'coronation' and 'wide popular support' are the same thing Torchlight Feb 4 #50
anyone who cant get the number of sigs required isnt fit for office. mopinko Feb 4 #4
My sentiments too! PortTack Feb 4 #7
pretty widely held by anyone who's ever walked the walk. mopinko Feb 4 #9
And they got rejected by the loyalest of loyal Democrats. yardwork Feb 4 #25
I do too. Demsrule86 Feb 4 #28
It is not that difficult in Indiana to get 500 valid signatures. LiberalFighter Feb 4 #41
yeah, the number made me gag. mopinko Feb 4 #42
dont mess with Joe! samnsara Feb 4 #5
What does that mean? former9thward Feb 4 #11
I think it means look at last nights results. edisdead Feb 4 #36
I don't think so. former9thward Feb 4 #44
Huh edisdead Feb 4 #54
The headline is clickbait BS. former9thward Feb 4 #12
19 out of 530 were good. (according to the OP) RandomNumbers Feb 4 #15
Many of these signature gathering companies are very shady. former9thward Feb 4 #18
I'm pretty sure our county party and/or major candidates do their own review RandomNumbers Feb 4 #19
See mopinko's post above. Getting enough valid signatures is step one. yardwork Feb 4 #23
I believe in democracy. former9thward Feb 4 #26
I don't have an informed opinion on that. yardwork Feb 4 #31
this isn't a particularly high one dsc Feb 4 #37
Have you ever tried to get signatures in the middle of a Midwest winter? former9thward Feb 4 #45
He could have, and frankly should have dsc Feb 4 #51
Not the way it has been handled in Indiana. LiberalFighter Feb 4 #43
No, the county party is not going to give data bases to Phillips. former9thward Feb 4 #46
Having access does not mean they are in possession of the voter database. LiberalFighter Feb 4 #47
Dean phillips has no reason to stay on the ballot. I saw him on the Demsrule86 Feb 4 #16
He's not showing up to vote?! yardwork Feb 4 #24
Obama missed 80% of the votes in the Senate when he was running. former9thward Feb 4 #29
Thank you for this reminder of how unfairly Hillary Clinton was treated. yardwork Feb 4 #30
She was in the Senate as well and missed a ton of votes dsc Feb 4 #38
That's not what I was referencing. yardwork Feb 4 #39
Clickbait sucks, but false headlines are fucked up. Beakybird Feb 4 #32
Message auto-removed Name removed Feb 4 #40
They might as well; they aren't stopping speeders. Captain Zero Feb 4 #52
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