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7. As someone who grew up poor..
Sat Feb 3, 2024, 06:57 PM
Feb 3

And went hungry during lunch and had to stay in the classroom while the other kids went on field trips we couldn’t afford to go on since most of them cost money, this both breaks my heart and makes me angry. What kind of person denies food to children? We live in the wealthiest country in the world. Shameful!

'It's really the problem of parents being negligent with their kids..."' elleng Feb 3 #1
Spoken like a true Republican! ShazzieB Feb 3 #17
Senator Mike Wobbema thinks that people who can't afford to feed their kids are at fault. patphil Feb 3 #2
Learn................ Lovie777 Feb 3 #3
Lovely MOMFUDSKI Feb 3 #4
Wow, talk about cruel and clueless Diamond_Dog Feb 3 #5
People like him and in his position are against birth control, women's reproductive rights Deuxcents Feb 3 #6
As someone who grew up poor.. liberalmuse Feb 3 #7
Sounds vaguely familiar... IrishAfricanAmerican Feb 3 #8
It's all a con. They don't give a FK about kids. B.See Feb 3 #9
These folks up here are Dr. Shepper Feb 3 #10
What a disgusting excuse for a human being. LoisB Feb 3 #11
The blue tsunami probably won't be big enough to reach ND. rubbersole Feb 3 #12
May all involved receive everything they deserve. niyad Feb 3 #13
Please notice that this was March, 2023. Less than two weeks later, he niyad Feb 3 #14
"Since we're starving so many live births, let's make sure women keep popping them out" struggle4progress Feb 3 #15
On brand for the party of life n/t hibbing Feb 3 #16
"Why'd you have those kids, lady, if you couldn't feed 'em? Shame on you!" Hekate Feb 3 #18
The state made her. Bluethroughu Feb 3 #20
You're quick on the uptake. As for the legislature -- I believe they know exactly what they're doing Hekate Feb 3 #23
They most certainly know what they are doing, Bluethroughu Feb 4 #24
My god these people are fricking monsters. Bluethroughu Feb 3 #19
Gratuitous cruelty The Wizard Feb 3 #21
Schools have the food and the means to prepare it. lpbk2713 Feb 3 #22
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