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Wed Nov 21, 2012, 06:17 PM Nov 2012

The Most Powerful Woman the Middle East Has Ever Witnessed. [View all]

Hillary Clinton is, I propose, the most powerful woman the Middle East has ever witnessed. She stands, hair uncovered, Her practical pantsuit making the statement "I am following MY rules" as she leans on Egypt to broker a peace in what is, for all practical purposes, pretty similar to standing in a powder keg.

And how has this First Lady of Arkansas become the very best chance of peace in the Middle East since...well, pretty much my lifetime? Because Hillary Clinton carries an arsenal of tricks nobody has ever quite seen before. Even in the land of Cleopatra and Hatshepsut there is no match to Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton carries the weight and prestige of the Clinton Presidency. She is the First Lady to one of the most popular Presidents of all time. She has flown around the world in that role as a friend to many countries around the world. She continued that as a Senator and her husband continues to travel the world on missions of good will and kindness. Her husband still manages to be one of the more powerful political figures in the world. Every time Bill Clinton gives a speech as he did at the convention, Hillary Clinton's role in his Presidency is not far behind in our thoughts.

Hillary Clinton carries the weight and prestige of the Obama Presidency. Obama has just been re-elected in what was a pretty big blow out. His strength carried through to gains in the Senate and House. He is an amazingly popular figure around the world. He is the son of a Muslim. Hillary Clinton is his representative to broker peace. She is his equal in this process--something that has probably never happened before in the history of US Politics. The Secretary of State is as well known and as highly respected as the President of the United States, as well as the previous Democratic and equally popular President. Hillary Clinton carries the prestige of two of our greatest modern presidents in a way no other politician has been able to do. She's not an ex-Cabinet Member or a retired general from the team of an ex-president--she's Hillary freakin' Clinton.

And finally Hillary Clinton carries the weight and prestige of the very real possibility that she may be the next President of the United States. She leads in all the polls. She has an extremely high popularity rate. The world pretty much thinks she is the next President if she wants it. Never before has Secretary of State negotiated from such a position of power and probably never with such a high probability to be the next President. Does Egypt dare alienate the next President? Does Israel or Hamas? Syria? Does anyone dare piss of Hillary Clinton? Would you piss off Hillary Clinton? Good God no!

I don't know if she'll be President. I don't know if there will be peace. But I am pretty sure that I am correct when I say, that we've never had such a powerful Secretary of State. We have never seen a woman who has carried such a wide variety of strengths, prestige and sheer political power. Not only is she the most powerful woman the Middle East has ever seen, Hillary Clinton, simply put, is the most powerful woman ever. And we are so incredibly lucky she is on our side.

Don't mess with Hillary Clinton.

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A wonderful piece and I might add he looks scared to death of her...LOL...n/t monmouth3 Nov 2012 #1
hello monmouth! welcome to DU! The photo inspired my essay. It says so much. DonRedwood Nov 2012 #10
Hillary has a great "Go ahead and try and f*ck with me" look Submariner Nov 2012 #37
LOL by all accounts, Hillary is an INTJ personality type on the M-BTI.. Volaris Nov 2012 #94
An introvert? I don't know how she could function as well as she does as an introvert. Michigan Alum Nov 2012 #104
Its a LEARNED skill, I promise you. It's not that it can't be faked... Volaris Nov 2012 #110
Yes. An introvert. murielm99 Nov 2012 #138
If he has any sense he is madokie Nov 2012 #114
I agree, and a great force for good, too. Ilsa Nov 2012 #2
Absolutely! DonRedwood Nov 2012 #4
And Indira Gandhi. colorado_ufo Nov 2012 #70
Ah! One woman in history may have had more power. colorado_ufo Nov 2012 #71
one? please. HiPointDem Nov 2012 #89
very well put dlwickham Nov 2012 #3
Welcome to Du! DonRedwood Nov 2012 #17
She looks like she could put Bibi over her knee alcibiades_mystery Nov 2012 #5
Nixon and Kissinger... WCGreen Nov 2012 #6
shh... DURHAM D Nov 2012 #7
Supreme Court Justice Hillary Clinton Hekate Nov 2012 #99
She would make a great Prez huh. MFM008 Nov 2012 #8
. former-republican Nov 2012 #13
I just hope she wants to run! ananda Nov 2012 #32
I really think so. DonRedwood Nov 2012 #84
Nice and fitting tribute to Ms Clinton. iemitsu Nov 2012 #9
+1 nt ProudProgressiveNow Nov 2012 #24
Cleopatra, Fatimah... Nevernose Nov 2012 #11
I wanted to vote for her SO bad! DonRedwood Nov 2012 #14
Yep, me too. I didn't forgive Obama until his third year, and then I fell hard. What a quandry juajen Nov 2012 #133
A lesson Bill learned the hard way (no pun intended): Jackpine Radical Nov 2012 #12
I like that. :>)) pangaia Nov 2012 #131
That is about the most ignorant piece of Tiger Beat fan-fic I've read in a while. Poll_Blind Nov 2012 #15
"tiger beat fan fic" = i wish i'd said that. HiPointDem Nov 2012 #22
It looks like the 2016 Presidential campaign has begun. Luminous Animal Nov 2012 #44
Nailed it. Le Taz Hot Nov 2012 #109
Sorry..but: "We Came, We Saw, He Died" with a deep cackling chuckle did it for me... KoKo Nov 2012 #160
another awe-struck vote for "Tiger Beat fan-fic".. Alamuti Lotus Nov 2012 #46
It's certainly one of the more baldfaced "95% of the planet doesn't matter" posts I've seen here. nt Posteritatis Nov 2012 #58
Hit and run WilliamPitt Nov 2012 #77
THanks William! DonRedwood Nov 2012 #98
I thought it was gonna be a paean to Golda Mier. Jackpine Radical Nov 2012 #132
Golda Meir LuvLoogie Nov 2012 #16
Welcome to DU. Golda Meir was certainly a very powerful leader in the Middle East DonRedwood Nov 2012 #23
I mentioned her a few posts ago, too. Nt Ilsa Nov 2012 #28
+ 1000 Bertha Venation Nov 2012 #54
Have to agree Peregrine Nov 2012 #86
Hands down luvsolja Nov 2012 #117
Hands down luvsolja Nov 2012 #118
She does not look pleased. aquart Nov 2012 #18
I have to wonder SteveG Nov 2012 #91
Off to the greatest page k/r sasha031 Nov 2012 #19
uh -- golda meir, anyone? Tansu Çiller? 1/3 of the Egyptian Parliment? HiPointDem Nov 2012 #20
You don't think her popularity carries weight? Golda was powerful but I'm talking popularity DonRedwood Nov 2012 #27
Clinton booed, cavalcade hit by tomatoes in Egypt HiPointDem Nov 2012 #30
Seriously. OP's one of the more absurd ones I've seen here in awhile Posteritatis Nov 2012 #56
So what was Madeleine Albright, chopped liver? Brother Buzz Nov 2012 #21
Loved her...but she wasn't the possible future president DonRedwood Nov 2012 #25
British bookmakers are giving odds ranging from 5-2 to 7-1 against Clinton winning office in 2016 Brother Buzz Nov 2012 #48
!! Great point! nt babylonsister Nov 2012 #33
she is encapsulated in the phrase "we think the price is worth it" Alamuti Lotus Nov 2012 #43
Hillary Clinton is amazing lillypaddle Nov 2012 #26
I have not always enjoyed Hillary. But she has been a great Sec. State DirkGently Nov 2012 #29
Rubbish- she is not the most powerful woman ever demhottie Nov 2012 #31
this photo heaven05 Nov 2012 #34
Nonsense...there are many before her davidn3600 Nov 2012 #35
"Ever" is a pretty long time in the Middle East. nt Deep13 Nov 2012 #38
Theodora, 6th century, Empress of Byzantium and Rome Deep13 Nov 2012 #36
Theodora and her army vs. The Heir Apparent Hillary Clinton with the might of the US military behind DonRedwood Nov 2012 #51
Well, she's not president now and... Deep13 Nov 2012 #73
Why do you think she is wearing her hair long now? customerserviceguy Nov 2012 #76
You may be right, but I'm not going to guess... Deep13 Nov 2012 #82
I don't care for her Revlon10 Nov 2012 #39
What about Haiti? Deep13 Nov 2012 #42
Just google Hillary and slavery and Haiti Revlon10 Nov 2012 #47
I did. I found nothing to support your assertions. Cerridwen Nov 2012 #111
Just in case you didn't know, Hillary didn't get us into the mess in the Middle East.... OldDem2012 Nov 2012 #45
Just google it Revlon10 Nov 2012 #59
Damn. Bill and Hil just need to turn out the lights and come home. DURHAM D Nov 2012 #69
I did Google it...I'd like a credible source, please. Do you have one or not? nt. OldDem2012 Nov 2012 #163
Hillary looks like she is about two seconds away from using her pimp hand on NuttyYahoo. Arctic Dave Nov 2012 #40
take care of that... James48 Nov 2012 #41
the most fawning hyperbole this forum has ever witnessed... Alamuti Lotus Nov 2012 #49
If it isn't it's at least making the semifinals. (nt) Posteritatis Nov 2012 #63
More fawning than the adoration than Obama, Dean, Clark got on here? Michigan Alum Nov 2012 #105
It's pretty amazing to think that she's going to be in the history books lunatica Nov 2012 #50
How about a Supreme Court appointment? Hekate Nov 2012 #100
Dare we hope?! lunatica Nov 2012 #112
NO! We want a young Dem on the Supreme Court, so hopefully he/she stays there a LONG time. n/t antigop Nov 2012 #135
I know the feeling, but her mother lived into her early 80's I believe Hekate Nov 2012 #152
put in someone in their 40s or 50s on the bench and hope they stay until their 80s. nt antigop Nov 2012 #154
One word: Wisdom Hekate Nov 2012 #161
NO! one word....longevity. She's too old. We need someone younger. n/t antigop Nov 2012 #162
Don't even think about it Alfuso Nov 2012 #52
Welcome to DU! hrmjustin Nov 2012 #83
Umm, there were civilizations in the Middle East long before the U.S. was an idea...... marmar Nov 2012 #53
+1000 antigop Nov 2012 #61
+1 RedCappedBandit Nov 2012 #62
You dang right she is madokie Nov 2012 #55
The Democratic Party voted "NO" in 2008. I guess that point was missed. n/t antigop Nov 2012 #57
But she's done so much since then. wtmusic Nov 2012 #66
Like giving interviews suggesting the "advantages" of outsourcing of US jobs? n/t antigop Nov 2012 #74
that is not true. Democrats voted YES for Barack Obama and Hillary did not have one thing= graham4anything Nov 2012 #103
There will be a primary in 2016, not a coronation. n/t antigop Nov 2012 #119
And yes, my statement is true. She lost the primary in 2008. n/t antigop Nov 2012 #120
part of the reason she lost is because some Dems were trying to shove her nomination down our throat antigop Nov 2012 #121
this time she has earned it. (Again, i was most certainly NOT a fan prior to 2009). graham4anything Nov 2012 #123
What part of --"THERE WILL BE A PRIMARY" - don't you understand? n/t antigop Nov 2012 #124
everyone else is fighting for VP if she runs. Whomever gets Obama's backing will be the next Pres.45 graham4anything Nov 2012 #127
What part of --"THERE WILL BE A PRIMARY" - don't you understand? n/t antigop Nov 2012 #129
Broken record? juajen Nov 2012 #134
It needs to be repeated. THERE WILL BE A PRIMARY in 2016. Got it? n/t antigop Nov 2012 #137
I think you are taking the piss PaulaFarrell Nov 2012 #145
She is a top notch lawyer and community activist herself. She could run for Gov. or Sen. Illiniois graham4anything Nov 2012 #148
No, she hasn't "earned" anything. n/t antigop Nov 2012 #125
in YOUR opinion. Is this a dictatorship and I can't have MY opinion? graham4anything Nov 2012 #126
You can have YOUR opinion. But the Dems expressed THEIR opinion in 2008. n/t antigop Nov 2012 #128
and it's not my opinion that she she says there are "advantages" to outsourcing of US jobs. antigop Nov 2012 #130
so keep it up -- you're only alienating more Dems. n/t antigop Nov 2012 #122
Uh, excuse me, he is not the one who is doing the alienating! juajen Nov 2012 #136
he/she was the one who responded to my post(s). n/t antigop Nov 2012 #139
So do you not understand THERE WILL BE A PRIMARY IN 2016? n/t antigop Nov 2012 #140
Do you not understand why Hillary lost the Dem primary in 2008? n/t antigop Nov 2012 #141
yeah, she did not have the voters needed to win. Barack Obama had the voters graham4anything Nov 2012 #149
I repeat, because you don't seem to understand. THERE WILL BE A PRIMARY in 2016, not a coronation. antigop Nov 2012 #155
Pssst...Hillary lost because her supporters tried to shove her nomination down our throats. n/t antigop Nov 2012 #157
so keep it up -- you're only alienating more Dems. n/t antigop Nov 2012 #158
FYI -- Hillary alienated US workers through her interview on the "advantages" of outsourcing n antigop Nov 2012 #142
K&R.. ReRe Nov 2012 #60
Most powerful ever? hootinholler Nov 2012 #64
It's interesting that all the qualities you attribute to her are as a man's accessory wtmusic Nov 2012 #65
She's proven to be a supporter for outsourcing of US jobs antigop Nov 2012 #72
"She stands, hair uncovered...as she leans on Egypt..." 1/3 of whose parliment was female HiPointDem Nov 2012 #67
Definitely. (nt) Posteritatis Nov 2012 #75
She is a powerful Rosa Luxemburg Nov 2012 #78
I wonder if it's because she's been so busy LeftInTX Nov 2012 #85
Indeed DonCoquixote Nov 2012 #88
All she did was negotiate a shaky ceasefire. bluedigger Nov 2012 #68
Powerful? treestar Nov 2012 #79
Bravo! Duppers Nov 2012 #80
Golda Meir. That I even have to mention her name makes me sad... cherokeeprogressive Nov 2012 #81
That's what I would have said Canuckistanian Nov 2012 #151
a picture really does say a thousand words... madrchsod Nov 2012 #87
I Love That Picture DallasNE Nov 2012 #90
Other choice: Cleopatra. Close call, tho. n/t dimbear Nov 2012 #92
In the same class as Madam Albright and very few others.... Hulk Nov 2012 #93
i went from liking her as a first lady to shireen Nov 2012 #95
Hillary is really the person accountable for our consulates around the world: Benghazi kelliekat44 Nov 2012 #96
Yes, Morsi had nothing to do with it Scootaloo Nov 2012 #97
she wore a pantsuit and a bare head. powerful. "i make my own rules." lol. HiPointDem Nov 2012 #156
You should really read Golda Meir's autobiography Hekate Nov 2012 #101
Hillary Clinton has clout...but Golda Meir was no slouch in the "powerful" department, herself. MADem Nov 2012 #102
More than anything else in the world, nay, in the entire UNIVERSE... Bonobo Nov 2012 #106
Caption malaise Nov 2012 #107
One of the best threads I have read on DU all year. StrictlyRockers Nov 2012 #108
Post removed Post removed Nov 2012 #113
Golda Meir was no slouch. WinkyDink Nov 2012 #115
Gertrude Bell Crunchy Frog Nov 2012 #116
When this latest crisis started I was relieved knowing Clinton was SOS. McCamy Taylor Nov 2012 #143
I love this picture and do hope Tumbulu Nov 2012 #144
Wow. That was kind of obnoxious. alphafemale Nov 2012 #146
Awesome OP ismnotwasm Nov 2012 #147
I was out funny hat shopping today....... macacawitz Nov 2012 #150
+1 Dalai_1 Nov 2012 #153
Sorry..but: "We Came, We Saw, He Died" with a deep cackling chuckle did it for me... KoKo Nov 2012 #159
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