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Beastly Boy

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Wed Jan 31, 2024, 10:28 AM Jan 31

Pro-Palestine protesters chant 'Genocide Joe' at every Biden campaign event - report [View all]

n the past several weeks, President Joe Biden’s presidential campaign events have been met with relentless pro-Palestine protesters, reported Politico on Monday.

At a United Auto Workers event, demonstrators interrupted the President’s speech to call for a ceasefire. The day earlier, while at an event in Virginia to campaign for abortion rights and to mark the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, protesters interrupted Biden’s speech, chanting “Genocide Joe” and “ceasefire now or no vote.” In defense of the president, Biden supporters chanted, “Four more years.”

According to the report by Politico, pro-Palestine protesters show up at every single campaign event, regardless of the topic. Event organizers have attempted to increase the selectivity of event attendees.


Every Biden event, and none at Trump events.

Things that make you go hmmm...
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Why on earth should they waste time protesting a Trump event? Autumn Jan 31 #1
That's A Pretty Poor Excuse For Attacking The Man Who Must Defeat Trump In November The Magistrate Jan 31 #9
They aren't attacking Biden. They are attacking the slaughter of innocent people. Autumn Jan 31 #12
Crying Up 'Genocide Joe' Is Attacking Mr. Biden The Magistrate Jan 31 #15
Well Dude, it comes with the job. Biden knows that and he can handle it without any help . Autumn Jan 31 #17
This Is Becoming Fun The Magistrate Jan 31 #19
People protest because it matters. I believe Biden is listening, his recent actions prove that. nt Autumn Jan 31 #20
No It Doesn't The Magistrate Jan 31 #24
Opinions are opinions. Everybody has one, some are right some are wrong. I'll stick with mine. nt Autumn Jan 31 #25
What This Sort Of Demonstration Does Affect The Magistrate Jan 31 #33
This is the same strategy a good number from the left pulled in 2016. In every critical JohnSJ Jan 31 #61
One surmises they want Democrats to lose mcar Jan 31 #88
Actions do speak louder than words. JohnSJ Jan 31 #90
You'd be surprised .... LenaBaby61 Jan 31 #133
I see young women and "Gays for Palestine" mcar Jan 31 #135
Having the same thought--is someone paying some of the protestors to show up, at every rally? Timeflyer Jan 31 #136
I have never forgotten that slim, slim margin. Our adversaries play the game exceedingly well... Hekate Jan 31 #91
They were definitely a factor, and I have forgotten that either. Among other things, we lost JohnSJ Jan 31 #92
What recent actions has the President taken that indicate he is listening to the protesters? nt kelly1mm Jan 31 #71
The far left lapfog_1 Jan 31 #78
Did you mean to address this to the other poster? Hekate Jan 31 #93
Too bad the 'genocide Joe' yellers ... LenaBaby61 Jan 31 #134
Dude? sheshe2 Jan 31 #155
Shifting goalposts? Happy Hoosier Feb 2 #172
I'm not admitting I'm wrong when I'm not to make you happy. My posts about my support for President Biden Autumn Feb 2 #173
Putin loves it Walleye Jan 31 #29
I'm sorry for you that you utterly miss the point. They are calling Biden the vilest name possible Hekate Jan 31 #85
Last sentence made me: betsuni Jan 31 #100
Irony is lost on this one, but I live in hope Hekate Jan 31 #103
I thank you, Sir, from the bottom of my heart for taking this on Hekate Jan 31 #86
I also thank you! betsuni Jan 31 #112
They're a political party who has their own presidential candidate LeftInTX Jan 31 #57
if they bothered to actually vote for a woman presidential candidate lapfog_1 Jan 31 #80
This is a communist party which is supported by Russia. They picketed Hillary LeftInTX Jan 31 #83
These protestors are working to help re-elect TFG which is a really dumb move LetMyPeopleVote Jan 31 #73
Why on earth should they use their time enabling Trump? Beastly Boy Jan 31 #119
They voted for him in 2020. I think they are just anti death of innocent people. A lot of us are. Autumn Jan 31 #126
Pres Biden isn't killing them.. HAMAS Started this GD Cha Jan 31 #138
I mean Trump isn't president ITAL Jan 31 #2
"supporters." yeah, right. Happy Hoosier Jan 31 #5
I know a few ITAL Jan 31 #8
Just naive Walleye Jan 31 #31
Same Kennah Jan 31 #81
That's nice. but they're fucking Wrong.. Pres Biden Cha Jan 31 #98
Spends the same. Fuck the traitors. TheKentuckian Jan 31 #115
This message was self-deleted by its author BannonsLiver Jan 31 #37
True Enough: It's Just The Left Auxiliary Of The Christo-Fascist Right Up To It's Usual Stupid Human Tricks The Magistrate Jan 31 #11
How can Biden stop Israel? SocialDemocrat61 Jan 31 #18
I don't think these people think he can. MyNameIsJonas Jan 31 #46
Cut off or hold US aid in $$$ and weapons and stop blocking measures about Israel at the UN. Problematic though as... dutch777 Jan 31 #60
I kind of doubt that would stop anything. shrike3 Jan 31 #63
Who said they were right wingers particularly? TheKentuckian Jan 31 #114
"All they see is Biden not stopping Israel." That's the problem, isn't it? Beastly Boy Jan 31 #121
"Why don't/didn't Dems stop (bad thing)" blame everything on Democrats rule now applied internationally. betsuni Jan 31 #139
. WhiskeyGrinder Jan 31 #3
Want to buy a bridge? Mountainguy Jan 31 #6
So Biden supporters are calling him Genocide Joe? MyNameIsJonas Jan 31 #48
Many are from a political party: Party for Socialism and Liberation LeftInTX Jan 31 #62
You sure about this? Really really sure they are who they say they are? Hekate Jan 31 #95
The ones I know personally? Yes. WhiskeyGrinder Jan 31 #107
And they don't show up at Trump events because... why? Beastly Boy Jan 31 #124
lol what on earth WhiskeyGrinder Jan 31 #128
Snarkasm. Beastly Boy Jan 31 #132
Russian and Chinese stooges. Happy Hoosier Jan 31 #4
That's a pathetic way to lose votes. Autumn Jan 31 #10
I didn;t say they directly support Russia or China... RIF. Happy Hoosier Jan 31 #14
"The right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances." Autumn Jan 31 #22
Then why throw it away and let Trump get back in office? shrike3 Jan 31 #27
With the exception of a small handful all American politicians are tight with Israel. Autumn Jan 31 #38
And I wish I could fly to the moon. shrike3 Jan 31 #42
I have no desire to fly to the moon. I want peace and I don't want my country to be a partner is Israel's Autumn Jan 31 #54
You just said, Israel doesn't listen to the U.S. shrike3 Jan 31 #59
It Won't End, Ma'am, Until Reality Is Acknowledged The Magistrate Jan 31 #52
With apparently NO THOUGHT about the actual impact of their actions. Happy Hoosier Jan 31 #65
Apparently gaming it out nocoincidences Jan 31 #44
And apparently do not give a shit about the actual outcome. Happy Hoosier Jan 31 #64
Protesting is a fucking privilege? How about protesting the loss of Roe V Wade? Gay rights? Autumn Jan 31 #69
YOU. DO. NOT. GET. IT! Happy Hoosier Jan 31 #70
Having the Right To Do Something, Ma'am, Does Not Make It The Right Thing To Do In Present Circumstances The Magistrate Jan 31 #75
Wait till they get a load of their rights to louslobbs Jan 31 #159
Same group has been complaining since 2021 LeftInTX Jan 31 #72
I wonder why... MorbidButterflyTat Jan 31 #102
Pelosi was talking about Code Pink, not your granddaughter. Code Pink does indeed have links to China. See article: emulatorloo Jan 31 #74
Did you join in the "Genocide Joe" chants? nt thucythucy Jan 31 #76
Good question. nt Cha Jan 31 #131
Good place to seek attention for your cause. Freethinker65 Jan 31 #7
The organizers have their own political party and presidential candidate LeftInTX Jan 31 #77
These are pro-Hamas groups. yardwork Jan 31 #13
Not really. They're anti-war idealists, much like many DU commentors. maxsolomon Jan 31 #35
You know that there will never be a Palestinian state. That has been made clear and that is why Israel kept Hamas Autumn Jan 31 #41
That is the RW Israeli position and I don't believe the question is settled. maxsolomon Jan 31 #43
Rabin is dead and why do you think Netanyahu has kept Hamas in power? They and he oppose a 2 state solution. Autumn Jan 31 #53
That doesn't mean that it's impossible now. maxsolomon Jan 31 #56
rec'd a gazillian times! Mossfern Jan 31 #108
Then what do protestors think will happen if there's never going to be a Palestinian state? shrike3 Jan 31 #45
Israel didnt keep hamas in power Mosby Jan 31 #94
This Is True, Sir The Magistrate Jan 31 #96
Yes, I keep seeing this conspiracy theory. betsuni Jan 31 #158
Really? What about Iran being a major supporter of this terrorist group? Hekate Jan 31 #97
Yes they are, and a good number of them have a problem with Jews, as they have demonstrated JohnSJ Jan 31 #55
Do they know that Biden is SocialDemocrat61 Jan 31 #16
Maybe they think that Israel is secretly controlling Biden AZSkiffyGeek Jan 31 #21
What they do know is that we provide for Israel's war. Weapons and money. Autumn Jan 31 #23
And Trump wouldn't? shrike3 Jan 31 #30
Yeah they do have a sense of the big picture. And what Israel is openly talking about is in that picture. Autumn Jan 31 #47
If Trump gets in, how long do you think he's going to tolerate your protests? shrike3 Jan 31 #50
4 hours of silence -- no answer Hekate Jan 31 #101
There never are any answers to questions like that. Coventina Jan 31 #120
Yes indeed Hekate Jan 31 #123
I didn't expect one. shrike3 Jan 31 #140
I sort of got a non-answer down thread. shrike3 Jan 31 #153
You just described they have no such understanding or if they do they don't care TheKentuckian Jan 31 #117
Israel doesn't need our weapons. They're a net weapons exporter Arazi Jan 31 #32
Israel has made it plain that they don't listen to the US. Autumn Jan 31 #49
Then WHAT do you expect Biden to do? shrike3 Jan 31 #51
Biden is the President of the United States of America. I expect him to be that and so far Autumn Jan 31 #68
So if you think he is doing his job, why would you applaud calling him the vilest name in history? Hekate Jan 31 #99
Name calling happens at every protest. Usualy by a few bad apples. I support any American who is using their Autumn Jan 31 #129
As people who sign DU's TOS sometimes learn the hard way, the 1st Amendment does not protect one from... Hekate Jan 31 #160
It is disgusting. betsuni Feb 1 #162
Every president has been protested. "Hey hey LBJ how many kids did you Autumn Feb 1 #170
Thanks for Nixon, that was helpful. TheKentuckian Feb 2 #175
You said in an earlier response that Israel doesn't listen to the U.S. shrike3 Jan 31 #142
Biden can put pressure on Netanyahu. Ceasefire for humanitarian relief or go it alone without the support Autumn Jan 31 #144
If Israel doesn't listen to the U.S, doesn't that mean they also won't listen to Biden? shrike3 Jan 31 #145
I answered your question and now it's the same one again with a twist. Autumn Jan 31 #148
You didn't answer my question. I first asked it hours ago. shrike3 Jan 31 #150
Just To Be Clear, Ma'am: Your Demand Is A Unilateral Cease-Fire By Israel? The Magistrate Jan 31 #146
Dude. I made no fucking demands. It's a political message board, it's called an exchange of ideas. Communication Autumn Jan 31 #149
Your Desire, Then, Is For A Unilatereal Cease-Fire By Israel? The Magistrate Jan 31 #152
It doesn't appear that you're going to get a straight answer. Malmsy Feb 1 #171
They do though. The first ceasefire was from Blinken and Biden efforts Arazi Jan 31 #66
Which makes me think the "pro-Palestinian groups" have an ulterior motive & are using... Hekate Jan 31 #109
Agreed Arazi Jan 31 #110
those arms make us their trusted ally. they make us the only one who can influence their actions. maxsolomon Jan 31 #39
This message was self-deleted by its author BannonsLiver Jan 31 #26
They never criticize Hamas and I have seen more defend Hamas than Criticize them. JI7 Jan 31 #28
I'm sure a Russian state TV shows every protest Walleye Jan 31 #34
We don't contol that war or Netanyahu. nocoincidences Jan 31 #36
This is not what pro-Palsetinian supporters are chanting at every Biden event... Beastly Boy Jan 31 #125
Ain't it a shame? nocoincidences Jan 31 #137
Correction: Pro-Hamas supporters. Ceasefire alone is is pro-Hamas. Support peace. Eliminate Hamas who promises more terr keithbvadu2 Jan 31 #40
It breaks my heart that legitimate protests and valid causes are coopted Torchlight Jan 31 #58
Wow. jimfields33 Jan 31 #105
This protest movement has been flat out Pro Hamas from the get go TheKentuckian Feb 2 #176
Pro-hamas protestors is more accurate. Elessar Zappa Jan 31 #67
Michigan's Arabs and Muslims push to defeat Biden in critical state sarisataka Jan 31 #79
To The Muslims Who Say They Won't Vote for Biden.. Cha Jan 31 #104
And if they succeed then I'm not only going to TheKentuckian Jan 31 #118
Lots of speculation about who they are and their motives, but B.See Jan 31 #82
Add this to the list. ShazzieB Jan 31 #111
EXACTLY. None of it makes any sense. Which is why B.See Jan 31 #156
Follow the money. Oh, and in case it's not clear: screw them. Hekate Jan 31 #84
Are they demanding a ceasefire from Hamas? mcar Jan 31 #87
Do we ignore these assholes and kick them out? Initech Jan 31 #89
Bunch of dupes and stooges. BlueTsunami2018 Jan 31 #106
It doesn't matter who the leader of Israel is TheKentuckian Jan 31 #113
This is just a guess, but I wonder if maybe they're upset about all the people being killed with US tax-funded weapons Bucky Jan 31 #116
I expect them to blame the right people. BlueTsunami2018 Jan 31 #122
And I expect Israel to blame & kill the right people. Bucky Feb 1 #165
If that's their reason, they are suspiciously selective of the target for their outrage. Beastly Boy Jan 31 #130
If Israel was mostly killing Hamas, I would agree with you Bucky Feb 1 #166
When I wrote my post, I expected a response like this. Beastly Boy Feb 1 #169
They only applaud when 1200 are killed? sarisataka Jan 31 #147
A political party with their own presidential candidate is behind much of this LeftInTX Jan 31 #151
Thank you. This is informative Bucky Feb 1 #167
Does not surprise me. shrike3 Feb 2 #174
and that gets amplified, instead of highlighting the actual events bigtree Jan 31 #127
Hear Hear, Sir The Magistrate Jan 31 #141
Sorry I missed your post! It would have been much better for my mood to have interacted with you. Hekate Feb 1 #163
This is what Democracy looks like. SYFROYH Jan 31 #143
Chump and the Republican white nationalist crime syndicate and theocratic domestic terrorist organization TheKentuckian Jan 31 #161
Agreed. And often protestors are downright stupid, if not malignant in their intent. Beastly Boy Feb 1 #168
These so called pro-Palestine protesters are asinine. LiberalFighter Jan 31 #154
Anyone who justifies these slurs against President Biden, are doing the same shit that was JohnSJ Jan 31 #157
It doesn't hurt Biden to have fools protest against him gulliver Feb 1 #164
"If you don't like what Joe Biden is doing with respect to Gaza right now, you would hate what Trump would be doing LetMyPeopleVote Feb 2 #177
Follow the money DFW Feb 3 #178
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