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Thu Jan 25, 2024, 10:38 AM Jan 25

NPR is becoming a joke [View all]

This morning they had a segment on a pollster who polled young people and is an expert on their voting habbits. The NPR interviewer couldn't have been more anti Biden. "So, tell us how young people are disappointed in Biden and won't be voting for him." Over and over again when the data the lady was presenting didn't support anything like that. It was a total joke, young people are going to vote for Biden, that's clear.

NPR also painted the UAW endorsing Biden yesterday negatively. "How come it didn;t come sooner? This is a sigh of Biden's weakness with unions..."

NPR is getting worse and worse, I notice this stuff everyday now.

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NPR is becoming a joke [View all] Johnny2X2X Jan 25 OP
I shut off National Petroleum Radio off years ago. Charging Triceratops Jan 25 #1
Ditto n/t. Scruffy1 Jan 25 #34
Ditto and haven't missed it. usaf-vet Jan 25 #65
Back in the W/Cheney Iraq/Afghan days PTL_Mancuso Jan 25 #35
And their groveling for donations is obnoxious world wide wally Jan 25 #67
And it is those "donors", they are appeasing... IthinkThereforeIAM Jan 25 #105
It's owned by RW oligarchs. live love laugh Jan 25 #113
Thats just because you are a real worlder. BootinUp Jan 25 #2
getting? getagrip_already Jan 25 #3
My oldest cousin markodochartaigh Jan 25 #111
Early polling is a joke. At worst it dampens voter turnout. All media is guilty. marble falls Jan 25 #4
AMEN!!!!! Most people aren't even paying attention now. oldsoftie Jan 25 #56
Dick Cheney used to have pro Iraqi war propaganda planted on NPR when he was V.P.. Botany Jan 25 #5
In my opinion, NPR was pro-Bush/Cheney in 2004. n/t John1956PA Jan 25 #7
NPR still has some outstanding people, stories, and reporting but the influence of right wing and Botany Jan 25 #11
I think they got scared when the threat of no more jimfields33 Jan 25 #13
I don't watch NPR...they have an anti-Democratic Party point of view. Demsrule86 Jan 25 #63
NPR used to do a variety of shows, Haggard Celine Jan 25 #6
They still have all that at least on my local station rurallib Jan 25 #24
So does mine Rebl2 Jan 25 #29
They still have some good programming Haggard Celine Jan 25 #60
Becoming? John Shaft Jan 25 #8
NPR is now owned by people and organizations like the Koch Foundation. Their bias has been getting worse for years. Lonestarblue Jan 25 #9
Remember Kochie Roberts? Blue Owl Jan 25 #14
Ugh! Crunchy Frog Jan 25 #17
She was a Rebl2 Jan 25 #32
Ugh. I quite donating because of her. Total Bush apologist. Coventina Jan 25 #98
Koch Brothers have donated multigraincracker Jan 25 #20
K&R!!! People like Mara LIE-asson are insufferable!!! I have to change the station when she gives her propaganda diva77 Jan 25 #10
That's my question to the OP, was it Mara Liasson? JonAndKatePlusABird Jan 25 #38
I was a big listener and supporter for marybourg Jan 25 #12
They've been awful for a long time. Crunchy Frog Jan 25 #15
I date it back to the day they fired Bob Edwards rurallib Jan 25 #25
It's far from perfect, but there's still good there Easterncedar Jan 25 #16
I won't listen to some dogshit cheerleading session for the MAGA shitbirds. NPR used to mean something about journalism. SoFlaBro Jan 25 #19
On the Media markodochartaigh Jan 25 #110
NPR absolutely leans left. Jesus. Cuthbert Allgood Jan 25 #18
Thank you Easterncedar Jan 25 #21
They're following the narrative. shrike3 Jan 25 #22
I believe this may be the piece in question ramen Jan 25 #50
But media narratives can and have made the job more difficult. shrike3 Jan 25 #61
Nuclear Armegeddon is interesting, too. nt Wednesdays Jan 25 #73
Might be a dream scenario for some of these people. shrike3 Jan 25 #95
A critical take on the link... Eyeball_Kid Jan 25 #97
I think you're describing... Think. Again. Jan 25 #88
I'm also describing ambitious people's culture. shrike3 Jan 25 #93
Not so long ago, Eyeball_Kid Jan 25 #92
There's also laziness. shrike3 Jan 25 #94
I would disagree that it leans left - it is really inconsistent rurallib Jan 25 #27
Young People and Biden people Jan 25 #28
I imagine that is true, yes. shrike3 Jan 25 #39
It doesn't help to elect Republicans that take over the House. LiberalFighter Jan 25 #44
++ Civics, government 101 appalachiablue Jan 25 #100
Your OPINION might bear out to be true. Eyeball_Kid Jan 25 #101
Did you ask her why she feels this is President Biden's fault? PortTack Jan 25 #112
What are younger voters "big problems" with Biden? whathehell Jan 25 #53
That was the whole point of my thread Johnny2X2X Jan 25 #70
++ appalachiablue Jan 25 #102
But you don't have to push poll it. LisaM Jan 25 #54
k/r this post. progressoid Jan 25 #55
You write... Think. Again. Jan 25 #58
It is what's happening. Cuthbert Allgood Jan 25 #68
No, what you are describing... Think. Again. Jan 25 #71
"NPR is becoming a joke" Cuthbert Allgood Jan 25 #75
The OP speaks about... Think. Again. Jan 25 #84
Thanks ! obnoxiousdrunk Jan 25 #78
Well geez.... You just know it all. edisdead Jan 25 #81
Look up NPR on any major media bias aggregator. Cuthbert Allgood Jan 25 #82
Thank you! LauraInLA Jan 25 #106
Science is on display at NPR lildDemz Jan 25 #107
We gave up on NPR years and years ago. Sky Jewels Jan 25 #23
They bend over backyards to kiss Republican ass bif Jan 25 #26
Nice Polite Republicans has been rough for like 15 or 20 years. TheKentuckian Jan 25 #30
I was thinking Delphinus Jan 25 #31
We can all call these media outlets biased or fraudulent but oldmanlynn Jan 25 #33
National rePublican Radio - I occasionally try to listen and end up slamming it off because of their puke slant. NBachers Jan 25 #36
Neutered Poodles for Republicans central scrutinizer Jan 25 #37
I was a big donor to NPR for years, but not for the last 20 because of sh!t like this. OMGWTF Jan 25 #40
The key is to also identify the person by name doing the reporting. LiberalFighter Jan 25 #41
They seem to have the same biases against liberals Farmer-Rick Jan 25 #42
remember , they wanted to become more republicans ie fox news 2.0 AllaN01Bear Jan 25 #43
I don't think all NPR ditto the content. Kalifornia9 Jan 25 #45
I stopped when we got to known unknowns... pecosbob Jan 25 #46
Look deeper Wild blueberry Jan 25 #47
Really!!! Laura PourMeADrink Jan 25 #66
There is NPR and the there is the local arm edisdead Jan 25 #83
Same with our local NPR affilliate. Xavier Breath Jan 25 #116
I love my local NPR station (WAMU) and I listen to it every day * Oopsie Daisy Jan 25 #48
I gave up years ago. SarahD Jan 25 #49
Ugh, that is the worst IMHO edisdead Jan 25 #86
Exactly JohnSJ Jan 25 #103
Yes. Even a screen shot of that show makes me shudder, it's horrible. betsuni Jan 26 #124
She's not even a Democrat. She's Green Party. She doesn't support Democrats. LeftInTX Jan 25 #114
+1 betsuni Jan 26 #125
Is this the piece you heard? ramen Jan 25 #51
I used to have my clock radio set on NPR Warpy Jan 25 #52
Housing costs are a huge problem. cilla4progress Jan 25 #57
Yes! Weve got to see mortgage rates come down! Laura PourMeADrink Jan 25 #64
Not going to happen any time soon edisdead Jan 25 #87
sure is Roc2020 Jan 25 #59
Hmmm. I would love to see ideas on how this Laura PourMeADrink Jan 25 #62
To me, since the tax funding cuts in 2000 allowed content to be controlled by donors, NPR has been Voice of the Koch.nt ShazamIam Jan 25 #69
Consider filing a Formal Complaint. waterwatcher123 Jan 25 #72
The only thing I listen to is "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me" sakabatou Jan 25 #74
So, what's the alternative? Wednesdays Jan 25 #76
Get the AM 950 app. edisdead Jan 25 #89
Without streaming radio and/or cable, NPR/PBS is our defacto go-to. Torchlight Jan 25 #77
The BBC - on all night on WBEZ Chicago. Peregrine Took Jan 25 #79
Been this way for most of the last 20 years edisdead Jan 25 #80
National Petrol Radio IbogaProject Jan 25 #85
I quit them over 6 years ago democratsruletheday Jan 25 #90
If you want to listen to a cheering squad there is MSNBC randr Jan 25 #91
Those on the right do seem to work feverishly to infiltrate any media source that is known for PatrickforB Jan 25 #96
Mara was on Fux Noise back in Bush II cactusfractal Jan 25 #99
Sorry Roy Rolling Jan 25 #104
The local NPR station is worse than useless. not fooled Jan 25 #108
KUT Austin and the other NPR affiliates in the state finally got a daily one-hour statewide newscast off the ground. summer_in_TX Jan 26 #126
I am getting pissed off with CBC (Canada) and the BBC as well, they keep interviewing republicans Bev54 Jan 25 #109
It's pretty bad budkin Jan 25 #115
Thank goodness for mpr.org Siggy52 Jan 25 #117
Chicago has many good local programming that is very liberal and diverse. We are lucky. mucifer Jan 25 #118
NPR has its apologists here. Orrex Jan 25 #119
NPR has been a joke for at least the past 20 years. When the psychopath was installed, they couldn't get msfiddlestix Jan 25 #120
I miss Air America Radio n/t Buttoneer Jan 25 #121
NPR has been "Nice Polite Republicans", for years now LymphocyteLover Jan 26 #122
Tell your local public radio station, mahina Jan 26 #123
NPR is my go-to for news every day. PBS too, for that matter. summer_in_TX Jan 26 #127
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