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Tue Jan 23, 2024, 08:01 PM Jan 23

No one wants to talk about why Boeing planes fail [View all]

Boeing was a great airplane company, run by engineers and a strong Union factory in Seattle. In 2001 they moved the HQ to Chicago where the "financial people" and bean counters took over. The soon moved the manufacturing to Right to Work South Carolina. And outsourced a lot of components.
The results, planes without necessary software to stay in the sky and sections of fuselage coming off.
You can come to your own conclusions.

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It's always the same, cost cutting that cheapens the product to pay the MBAs and Accountants bucolic_frolic Jan 23 #1
The bean counters and CEOs are vampires. nt SunSeeker Jan 23 #16
If it's Boeing, I ain't going. WarGamer Jan 23 #2
A-380 Hobo Jan 23 #3
Oh I'm intrigued... WarGamer Jan 23 #7
My family just flew on the A380 to Spain... SKKY Jan 24 #73
I saw one when I flew to Boston Logan Airport. Could not believe my eyes how big that thing is! OMGWTF Jan 24 #81
The 747 was always something I wanted to fly in. The A380 would be a decent substitute ArkansasDemocrat1 Jan 24 #87
I flew on an A380 from Madrid to Frankfurt... róisín_dubh Jan 26 #102
People talk about why Boeing planes fail all the time. maxsolomon Jan 23 #4
I am sure you do edhopper Jan 23 #5
Lots of union work still being done here at 3 different plants. maxsolomon Jan 23 #9
it's really the design of the 737-Max lapfog_1 Jan 23 #54
Smart Aviation Pro Jan 23 #14
If you have Netflix, there's a documentary about Boeing and their problems. LeftInTX Jan 23 #6
Downfall: The Case Against Boeing on Netflix Phoenix61 Jan 23 #8
Downfall? Does it end with Hitler wondering why his planes keep falling out of the sky? /nt localroger Jan 23 #10
Hitler reacts! Kennah Jan 23 #11
Fegelein!!1! (nt) Pinback Jan 23 #56
(pointing at map) "Don't worry, the 737Max will save us" "Mein Fueher, the 737..." ArkansasDemocrat1 Jan 24 #88
Hitler never listened to his top pilots! nt Shermann Jan 24 #91
there's nothing wrong with outsourcing. it drives competiton and improves the economy Takket Jan 23 #12
There is no way the QA/Compliance group is not all over suppliers keeping up to ISO standards. FHRRK Jan 23 #20
Outsourcing Quiet man Jan 24 #90
The 737 is not built in South Carolina. They;'re built in Renton, WA. brooklynite Jan 23 #13
Not true. The 737 is only ASSEMBLED here in WA. That changed years ago. pnwmom Jan 23 #22
I believe "assembled" means "putting in the bolts". brooklynite Jan 23 #47
The fuselage with the defective plug was already assembled before it arrived in Washington. pnwmom Jan 23 #51
Correct Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Jan 24 #64
"Boeing, not Spirit, mis-installed piece that blew off Alaska MAX 9 jet, industry source says" -- Seattle Times brooklynite Jan 24 #68
If that report is correct, "It was removed for repair." pnwmom Jan 24 #74
Now...nt greblach Jan 23 #45
Boeing's biggest problem is that McDonnell Douglas bought them with Boeing's money. nt Gore1FL Jan 23 #15
Yep. nt greblach Jan 23 #46
The door that fell off was made by a subcontractor, Spirit AeroSystems Yavin4 Jan 23 #17
somewhat the point the OP was making FHRRK Jan 23 #21
Yet a higher percentage of Spirit's workforce is unionized FBaggins Jan 26 #103
I think Spirit was spun off. The Wichita operation used to be Boeing. mn9driver Jan 23 #26
The CEO of Spirit was Trump's former Sec. of Defense Yavin4 Jan 23 #38
Boeing had the idiotic idea that Spirit could make the planes more cheaply pnwmom Jan 24 #65
Yes Boeing spun off Spirit AeroSystems into a subsidiary and then an independent company IronLionZion Jan 24 #83
I've been reading lots of recent articles about this, including at least three in the NYT. nt pnwmom Jan 23 #18
Trains, people. Give them some competition. Joinfortmill Jan 23 #19
It won't help if the trains are built using the same management strategies. nt pnwmom Jan 23 #23
But trains don't fall outta the sky Tansy_Gold Jan 23 #24
True. But the good European ones travel at very high speeds pnwmom Jan 23 #25
I don't think the US currently has the rail infrastructure Tansy_Gold Jan 23 #34
The same quality problems would likely exist with whoever was outsourced to engineer and build the infrastructure. PTL_Mancuso Jan 23 #59
That's a rather bleak outlook, but it doesn't change the basic premise: Tansy_Gold Jan 23 #60
And it doesn't change the fact that planes can fly to many more places pnwmom Jan 24 #66
Sorry to be coming back to this two weeks later, but . . . . Tansy_Gold Feb 7 #108
"But trains don't fall outta the sky" That does not make them safer EX500rider Jan 26 #105
We subsidize the air industry and let rail rot. orthoclad Jan 23 #29
I love train travel. Tansy_Gold Jan 23 #36
Train travel was far better orthoclad Jan 24 #79
Amtrak has dining cars on some routes Tansy_Gold Jan 24 #80
"Cafe service" is awful. orthoclad Jan 24 #96
I'll consider trains when they can get me to LA in 5 hours DetroitLegalBeagle Jan 23 #32
The technology exists to get you there in 2 hours.... A HERETIC I AM Jan 24 #78
Hyperloop was utter bullshit. Voltaire2 Jan 26 #101
Until it isn't A HERETIC I AM Jan 26 #104
A lot of people are talking about it - there's even a netflix documentary. Ocelot II Jan 23 #27
How am I going to get to Europe on a train? vanlassie Jan 23 #28
Take a boat. orthoclad Jan 23 #30
Airbus edhopper Jan 23 #33
Take this one! Wonder Why Jan 23 #35
Hahaha! vanlassie Jan 23 #50
yes EX500rider Jan 26 #106
You hit the nail on the head montanacowboy Jan 23 #31
Your sister wasn't going to Europe on a 737... brooklynite Jan 23 #37
If it's Boeing she ain't going montanacowboy Jan 23 #41
Single aisles to Europe including the 737 is becoming more common BannonsLiver Jan 24 #71
737s from the east coast to Europe are doable. Not from Seattle. brooklynite Jan 24 #72
The 787 RobinA Jan 24 #85
Is that the plane or the airline? brooklynite Jan 24 #86
Exactly, airlines can order them in either high or low density layouts EX500rider Jan 24 #92
787 battery fires aren't significant? ArkansasDemocrat1 Jan 24 #89
Yes & no, they were a issue but their were no fatalities because of them EX500rider Jan 26 #107
The problem was what preceded the HQ move VMA131Marine Jan 23 #39
Yep, you got it. Even Businessweek agrees with you Hahn_Bikey Jan 24 #62
QA? moondust Jan 23 #40
In the late 90s I went though their factory and told them "this is a national pride" lostnfound Jan 23 #42
They contract most of the engineers now AKwannabe Jan 24 #67
Working from home is not a 'bad' employee NT GenThePerservering Jan 24 #93
Contracted employees was the topic AKwannabe Jan 24 #98
Wow. That's a problem lostnfound Jan 26 #99
The plug door on the 737 Max and 737-900 are the same. Scruffy1 Jan 23 #43
There is definitely something to what you are saying, though the ultimate cause... keep_left Jan 23 #44
Corporatists... GiqueCee Jan 23 #48
USAir 427 PennRalphie Jan 23 #49
To be fair to Boeing, the 737 rudder issues were caused by a serious flaw in a part... keep_left Jan 23 #53
Boeing designed the failed part and subbed out the manufacturing. PennRalphie Jan 23 #57
Well, like I said, it was their plane and they signed off on it. I do know... keep_left Jan 24 #61
Yes! K&R Grumpy Old Guy Jan 23 #52
Troubles for years cbabe Jan 23 #55
The AF would inspect the planes pfitz59 Jan 24 #63
Yes. A veritable mess. cbabe Jan 24 #70
makes sense to me-- rightwing capitalism fuckery strikes again LymphocyteLover Jan 23 #58
Boeing's manufacturing, ethical lapses go back decades dalton99a Jan 24 #69
The bottom line, GREED republianmushroom Jan 24 #75
And lack of regulation orthoclad Jan 24 #97
New article in Seattle Times: Whistleblower says Boeing installed the plug door wrong, Ocelot II Jan 24 #76
I Heard Someone Say Last Night Deep State Witch Jan 24 #77
As long as they found "efficiencies" and "synergies" and "ROI" with this "paradigm shift" IronLionZion Jan 24 #82
Boeing was converted KT2000 Jan 24 #84
No one wants to talk about why Boeing planes fail Ummm...HUH? GenThePerservering Jan 24 #94
You's be surprized how little edhopper Jan 24 #95
Three words: PISS POOR MANAGEMENT Emile Jan 26 #100
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