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Sun Jan 21, 2024, 03:44 PM Jan 21

How the internet is erasing the Oct 7 Hamas massacre [View all]

Gift article: no firewall


WaPo updated the title to:

Growing Oct. 7 ‘truther’ groups say Hamas massacre was a false flag

In city council hearings, protests and online, a growing movement with ties to Holocaust denial is effacing history in real-time

By Elizabeth Dwoskin

January 21, 2024 at 10:00 a.m. ET

When she first heard about Hamas’ Oct. 7 attack on Israel, Mirela Monte was “appalled.” The South Carolina real estate agent and self-described holistic healer detests violence and is horrified by war and human suffering.

But as Monte read more in Uncensored Truths, a Telegram group with 2,958 subscribers active on foreign policy and the supposed perils of vaccination, her shock turned to anger.

According to the forum, the news reports were wrong: Secretly, Israel was behind the massacre. 
Monte now argues the Oct. 7 attack was a “false flag” staged by the Israelis — likely with help from the Americans — to justify genocide in Gaza. “Pure evil,” she said. “Israel is like a mad dog off a leash.”

The Oct. 7 Hamas terrorist attack is among the most well-documented in history. A crush of evidence from smartphone cameras and GoPros captured Hamas’ breach of the border — a strike Israel says left some 1,200 dead, the most deadly onslaught in the country’s history.

I am certain that these lies are being spread by the same bad actors who interfered with the 2016 U.S. election and helped cause Brexit.

It's up to all of us to sift through what we read on social media and what we're told by friends, and figure out truth vs. lies. Our democracy depends on each of us doing this.

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No surprise and no doubt about. JohnSJ Jan 21 #1
Thanks, John. yardwork Jan 21 #2
Thank-you for this reminder JohnSJ Jan 21 #7
Well we knew we would. We knew we'd see this. EllieBC Jan 21 #3
"the white saviors" Behind the Aegis Jan 21 #5
So "white saviors" Igel Jan 21 #82
Totally unsurprising. Behind the Aegis Jan 21 #4
Yes there are so many Lying their heads Cha Jan 21 #6
+++ JohnSJ Jan 21 #8
What a surprise that anti-vax zealots would buy into antisemitic conspiracy bullshit Orrex Jan 21 #9
The extreme left and extreme right EllieBC Jan 21 #10
The Triple-A Heel Bar that connects extremists on the opposite sides of the political Horseshoe.... Behind the Aegis Jan 21 #13
What I don't get is EllieBC Jan 21 #18
It's the "No True Scotsman" fallacy. Behind the Aegis Jan 21 #20
I'm beginning to think the only way to fight the brain rot is to reframe everything as a conspiracy theory. chowder66 Jan 21 #11
Not surprising at all. sheshe2 Jan 21 #12
The False-flag fallback is a convenient way to avoid having to deal with one's own ethical-emotional-empathy- sanatanadharma Jan 21 #14
Yes, it's a convenient way to deal with complexity. yardwork Jan 21 #21
Rec TY Cha Jan 21 #32
Women were gang raped and murdered mcar Jan 21 #15
Times of Israel - 2 babies died Oct 7 -Mila Cohen 10 months old died womanofthehills Jan 21 #48
Nothing in your post disputes that Hamas raped and tortured TexasDem69 Jan 21 #57
Keep what facts straight? What are you saying? yardwork Jan 21 #62
Thanks for keeping the facts straight mcar Jan 21 #79
Hold on a second, just noticed something about your post TexasDem69 Jan 21 #84
Plenty seem intent on doing that here as well. tritsofme Jan 21 #16
It seems remotely possible that 25,000 deaths in Gaza might have something to do with it. NNadir Jan 21 #17
Did you read the article? Probably not, I'm guessing. yardwork Jan 21 #19
Remember, whenever you post something not completely/mostly critical of Israel... Behind the Aegis Jan 21 #22
"This bad thing happened so that other bad thing didn't really happen." yardwork Jan 21 #23
I did not, and neither do I have any intention of doing so. NNadir Jan 21 #24
Is it hard to breathe the air way up there? yardwork Jan 21 #25
Not at all. How's breathing in the trenches? NNadir Jan 21 #27
Journalistic spin? The article is reporting on Conspiracy Theorists claiming Oct 7th didn't happen or emulatorloo Jan 21 #52
...and...the point is what? NNadir Jan 21 #54
The point is you attempted to discredit an article by claiming it is about something that it isn't about. emulatorloo Jan 21 #59
The article is only immune from being discredited if knowledge of Hamas's crimes has been erased. NNadir Jan 21 #61
Thanks for Pointing that out about Cha Jan 21 #74
If people want Trump to be defeated, they need to pay attention. yardwork Jan 21 #56
And then get outraged! when it is pointed out their assumptions have ZERO to do with the article's content. emulatorloo Jan 21 #60
Performative outrage is one reaction to being embarrassed. yardwork Jan 21 #63
I'm convinced there's Kremlin psy ops around all of this Arazi Jan 21 #64
I agree with you, on all points. yardwork Jan 21 #66
"Journalistic spin"?!? There is no rationalization in the article. What are you reaching for here? SoFlaBro Jan 21 #58
The original title (which the WP has now changed) didn't encourage reading - it was hyperbole muriel_volestrangler Jan 21 #49
Thanks for providing the updated title. I'll update my OP. yardwork Jan 21 #53
Shouldn't this Jilly_in_VA Jan 21 #26
Have you missed the hundreds, if not thousands, of OPs about I/P mcar Jan 21 #80
Why is this bullshit so seductive? Turbineguy Jan 21 #28
I think that's exactly the appeal of QAnon and other conspiracy clubs. yardwork Jan 21 #29
I had friends in the 90s who were really into xmas74 Jan 21 #40
There is no question that October 7 was a horrific wantom act. But flashman13 Jan 21 #30
The article is not about that, though. yardwork Jan 21 #33
I guess you think WWII went too far as well? Happy Hoosier Jan 21 #38
The Netanyahu government too ColinC Jan 21 #50
Okay... so what comes next? Happy Hoosier Jan 21 #55
Bibi isn't just "an asshole" he is a terrorist. Our supporting him is no better than if we outright gave weapons to ColinC Jan 21 #67
I'd love to see him out... Happy Hoosier Jan 21 #69
Literally ANY Israeli government would have done the same NickB79 Jan 21 #73
But, but Israel mcar Jan 21 #81
1,400 Israelis were killed in the attack... surfered Jan 21 #31
Ok, what does that have to do with the article, though? yardwork Jan 21 #34
That does NOT Justify Blaming Israel for "Killing their own People on Oct 7.".. Cha Jan 21 #35
You think the casualties are the point? Happy Hoosier Jan 21 #42
Yet that is not what the OP is about. sheshe2 Jan 21 #47
Post removed Post removed Jan 21 #36
I know their story, if that's what you mean. yardwork Jan 21 #37
Many of them remain in captivity gratuitous Jan 21 #39
Nope, and I've pointed it out here before. yardwork Jan 21 #41
Yet what does this have to do with an article xmas74 Jan 21 #44
Meanwhile... NY_Gunner Jan 21 #43
Kinda off topic to article being discussed (Conspiracy theorists who claim Oct 7th is a "false flag.") emulatorloo Jan 21 #51
For the latest news from Israel SidneyR Jan 21 #45
What Does that have to Do with the OP? Cha Jan 21 #76
But Israel... sarisataka Jan 21 #46
What American group wants to kill more Jews? Trump's republicans. keithbvadu2 Jan 21 #65
And on cue the pro Hamas faction appears in the WaPo comment section Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Jan 21 #68
I saw that, and it proved the truth of the article in real time. yardwork Jan 21 #70
You didn't even have to do that shallow dive. OilemFirchen Jan 21 #71
Hell, there are practically a few here in this thread NickB79 Jan 21 #75
I'm sure... I see enough of that shit. Cha Jan 21 #77
'The internet' is apparently a 3000 member chat group. Voltaire2 Jan 21 #78
Not into conspiracy theories, but... lees1975 Jan 21 #83
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