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The Revolution

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75. Census Bureau official midwest is
Sat Jan 20, 2024, 05:24 PM
Jan 2024

Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, and Wisconsin

I always want to throttle people who say: "In this part of the country, we work hard!" Aristus Jan 2024 #1
+1. And everyone outside the official Midwest boundary treats their family like shit dalton99a Jan 2024 #2
They sure do think highly of themselves, don't they? Mariana Jan 2024 #15
I don't know about that Mossfern Jan 2024 #18
This isn't a lettuce type salad, it's usually a pastel colored dessert brought to a pot luck. Niagara Jan 2024 #25
But not really considered a dessert radical noodle Jan 2024 #39
I'm a native born Hoosier. Niagara Jan 2024 #43
Explaining the unexplainable radical noodle Jan 2024 #65
It's nice to meet you former Hoosier! Niagara Jan 2024 #71
Nice to meet you too! radical noodle Jan 21 #92
It's a dessert but not a dessert. xmas74 Jan 2024 #89
Exactly radical noodle Jan 21 #93
I'm craving Orange Fluff rn. xmas74 Jan 2024 #53
You should make it and enjoy, xmas74! Niagara Jan 2024 #72
I can't keep anything down. xmas74 Jan 2024 #85
Sending healing energy and vibes to you for a quick recovery, xmas74! Niagara Jan 21 #94
Also Waldorf Salad Maeve Jan 2024 #61
There ya go, Maeve. Niagara Jan 2024 #73
Agree +++ Diamond_Dog Jan 2024 #30
It's basically just a John Galt LARP. Oneironaut Jan 2024 #34
I hear that on Okie radio all the time: "I'm proud to be an Okie... Beartracks Jan 2024 #52
In other parts of the country we work smart. Chainfire Jan 2024 #59
A surprising number of people believe much of the eastern half of the country is midWEST. Ms. Toad Jan 2024 #3
30 goes east-west dpibel Jan 2024 #28
No. I mean 30. Ms. Toad Jan 2024 #29
I grew up in Kearney, which is bisected by Hwy 30. I was confused by your statement too. Maru Kitteh Jan 2024 #40
Kearney is the center. Ms. Toad Jan 2024 #46
It's an ex-Nebraskan reunion! dpibel Jan 2024 #54
Long ago and far away. DH still has relation there. I tried going back to visit Maru Kitteh Jan 2024 #70
Pa MotownPgh Jan 21 #105
Not confused about Delaware, we have the Atlantic Ocean and we are east of the mason Dixon line Walleye Jan 2024 #4
I always considered the states in the near vicinity of the Great Lakes the Mid-west. brush Jan 2024 #5
Look at that map again, and see where the dividing line is. It says that 42% niyad Jan 2024 #48
Absolutely. Colorado is western, part of the 4 corners region. brush Jan 2024 #51
When you live on a peninsula or two... MiHale Jan 2024 #6
Yes!! WestMichRad Jan 2024 #10
I've always considered both. dmr Jan 2024 #35
Midwest should be original northwest territory... JT45242 Jan 2024 #7
My thoughts too. Midwest is the Great Lakes region. brush Jan 2024 #20
Census Bureau official midwest is The Revolution Jan 2024 #75
When the authors say "are you in the Midwest or the Wild West" it is no wonder people choose the Midwest. former9thward Jan 2024 #8
Agreed. TwilightZone Jan 2024 #13
Here in western Pennsylvania, it seems as if the midwest starts around central Beaver County. Efilroft Sul Jan 2024 #9
Buffalo has more in common with the MidWest Retrograde Jan 2024 #14
Buffalo is on one of the Great Lakes so it's in the eastern end of the Midwest, despite being in western NY. brush Jan 2024 #21
I have a friend from Ohio who thinks she lived on the East Coast. marybourg Jan 2024 #11
Yes! unblock Jan 2024 #27
We used to call the Great Lakes the "North Coast" (n/t) Retrograde Jan 2024 #36
That makes sense. marybourg Jan 2024 #44
Ohio is roughly 5/6 of the way to the east coast. Ms. Toad Jan 2024 #81
There are also several states between it and the actual coast. marybourg Jan 2024 #82
It's 1/6 of cross-country distance to the east coast. Ms. Toad Jan 2024 #83
I always thought of... 2naSalit Jan 2024 #12
Just about spot on. IMO Kentucky is southern though...below the Mason/Dixon line. brush Jan 2024 #22
True. 2naSalit Jan 2024 #23
I can see 1/3 of Kentuckians thinking they are in the Midwest... yellowdogintexas Jan 2024 #47
Can't be Midwest and a slave state JT45242 Jan 2024 #49
Yep. Part of the confederacy. brush Jan 2024 #50
Wrong SaintLouisBlues Jan 2024 #66
Wrong? Read below. brush Jan 2024 #76
Kentucky was never a Confederate State SaintLouisBlues Jan 2024 #77
What about the info from google I posted? brush Jan 2024 #78
I suggest you read what you posted about. SaintLouisBlues Jan 2024 #79
So St. Louis and KC aren't Midwestern? SaintLouisBlues Jan 2024 #67
As someone who lives near KC xmas74 Jan 2024 #87
I'm with you--the Dakotas are plains, as is Kansas and Nebraska Maeve Jan 2024 #63
"Midwest" Discovered Between East And West Coasts hatrack Jan 2024 #16
+1 dalton99a Jan 2024 #26
How funny! Reminds me a bit of a map of Boston and the rest of the US that a friend of mine highplainsdem Jan 2024 #33
Which reminds me of two quotes about the Boston Herald: hatrack Jan 2024 #41
pic Celerity Jan 2024 #57
Thanks! highplainsdem Jan 2024 #69
I'm originally from Illinois.. definitely Midwest. honest.abe Jan 2024 #17
It's the flat area south and west of the Great Lakes... BluesRunTheGame Jan 2024 #19
I consider myself a Midwesterner. I've lived in several of the states that map shows the US Census highplainsdem Jan 2024 #24
I've lived in Ohio all my life Diamond_Dog Jan 2024 #31
It's a mixture of fruit cocktail, whipped topping and marshmallows, sometimes with other highplainsdem Jan 2024 #37
Seen often at church dinners... radical noodle Jan 2024 #45
only a small part of my family is from the Midwest NJCher Jan 21 #104
American regional identities are so stupid. Oneironaut Jan 2024 #32
I live in the midwest as well ornotna Jan 2024 #38
North. Some in Minnesota want to it to be the North, just as, say Mississippi is the South question everything Jan 2024 #42
Historically the term once included the Pittsburgh area Bucky Jan 2024 #55
Perhaps Midwest was coined before they robbed even more Western lands from Native Americans. GreenWave Jan 2024 #56
I general i think it's the land between the Ohio and Missouri Rivers Buckeyeblue Jan 2024 #58
Texas is South Central Plains - along with OK, AR, and LA LeftInTX Jan 21 #102
No Colorado NATIVE DenaliDemocrat Jan 2024 #60
Um, if Ohio is the Midwest, intheflow Jan 2024 #62
If you consider transportation paths at the time of European settlement Model35mech Jan 2024 #68
By that logic kcr Jan 21 #95
I mean, if the town is ten miles from the north dakota border, it's not absurd to feel midwestern fishwax Jan 2024 #64
IMO, the issue is sort of the balance of Cowboy hats to Seed caps Model35mech Jan 2024 #74
Slightly related: the # of people who confuse Ohio, Iowa, and Idaho Bo Zarts Jan 2024 #80
Ohio - Buckeyes, Iowa - Hawkeyes really add the confusion...LOL LeftInTX Jan 21 #100
Mascot enid602 Jan 2024 #84
I'm classic Midwest xmas74 Jan 2024 #86
The Great Plains is part of the Midwest. SaintLouisBlues Jan 2024 #88
I don't disagree. xmas74 Jan 2024 #90
You're right. State lines don't necessarily match up with cultural regions. SaintLouisBlues Jan 2024 #91
Midwest, midwestern is as much a state of mind as it is a geographical region. elocs Jan 21 #96
Honeyockers. Anybody know that word? GusBob Jan 21 #97
A couple of things here misanthrope Jan 21 #98
The Midwest Region is defined by the U.S. Census Bureau as these 12 states: LeftInTX Jan 21 #99
I'm from CO & don't consider myself a Midwesterner. CrispyQ Jan 21 #101
I prefer great lakes region for Michigan. Actuality we are east central, or mid eastern. Srkdqltr Jan 21 #103
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