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Mon Jan 15, 2024, 12:11 AM Jan 15

Tell me why anyone supports Hamas. This is sadistic. [View all]

Hamas has released a new propaganda video showing three hostages: Noa Argamani, Yossi Sharabi, and Itay Svirsky.

The caption at the end reads: “Tomorrow we will inform you of their fate”
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They want the killing to continue. Turbineguy Jan 15 #1
They've openly said they want more massacres mcar Jan 15 #3
The Palestinians, what they are as a state Turbineguy Jan 15 #5
They were "broken" in the '20s and '30s and '40s. Igel Jan 15 #25
This message was self-deleted by its author Ponietz Jan 16 #78
More agony for their families. brer cat Jan 15 #2
I'm waiting for the "but Israel" responses to this mcar Jan 15 #4
No worries -- they'll be along, plus the people begging Israel to unconditionally stop because, Peace Hekate Jan 15 #14
I want Ukraine to absolutely kick russias ass. Eko Jan 15 #22
The thing you have to ask... Happy Hoosier Jan 15 #33
You are asking the wrong question. Eko Jan 15 #49
Disagreeing with me does not make you an un-person, nor does being wrong. Hekate Jan 15 #48
No, they don't care about their losses question everything Jan 15 #44
What is the confusion? Are we talking about terrorists or innocents BootinUp Jan 15 #6
But Hamas makes it so that... Happy Hoosier Jan 15 #34
US did better slightly in Faluja, Israel can do the same decides not to uponit7771 Jan 16 #64
Apple and Oranges Happy Hoosier Jan 16 #67
Butchers of HAMAS taunting Cha Jan 15 #7
Black or white, all or nothing ideology: U.S./West is evil corrupt immoral, enemies must be moral and good betsuni Jan 15 #8
This Kennah Jan 15 #11
This message was self-deleted by its author betsuni Jan 15 #21
This is disgusting behavior LetMyPeopleVote Jan 15 #9
This is who they are and look who supports them.. Cha Jan 15 #10
Astroturf at its most toxic Hekate Jan 15 #15
Yes, Astro Turf and here's the dictionary definition.. Cha Jan 15 #17
If I share videos of christians calling for the death of non-christians will you also agree that they Eko Jan 15 #23
I will bet one shiny nickel sarisataka Jan 15 #12
I think you would owe me a shiny nickel DFW Jan 15 #16
There is that Hekate Jan 15 #18
You can support Palestine SqueakyWheel.363 Jan 15 #13
Tell That to these Shitheads.. Cha Jan 15 #19
That dude who says "normalize massacres as the status quo" Bucky Jan 16 #54
HAMAS started this WAR with the Massacre Cha Jan 16 #56
Yes, Hamas started this phase of the conflict with their terrorist attack Bucky Jan 16 #59
It's not just a "handful of terrorists" Arazi Jan 16 #68
Can you support Palestinians that support Hamas without ... Whiskeytide Jan 15 #24
Well, SqueakyWheel.363 Jan 16 #50
The Butchers of HAMAS started Cha Jan 16 #57
Bullshit. There have been genocidal wars of aggression, suicide bombers, rockets TheKentuckian Jan 16 #63
Most of that is false, and it's not even original. yardwork Jan 16 #69
Yes, you can, but some of your allies... Happy Hoosier Jan 15 #35
Unspeakable Horror DET Jan 15 #20
I guess they want the bombings to continue Calculating Jan 15 #26
Raid on Entebbe limbicnuminousity Jan 15 #27
Civilians are not allowed into the tunnels Arazi Jan 15 #28
Good link. limbicnuminousity Jan 15 #30
I believe the US is probably doing everything it can atm Arazi Jan 15 #31
Truly thoughtful response. limbicnuminousity Jan 15 #36
Apples and oranges. BannonsLiver Jan 15 #32
"Zionist government" - is this a dog whistle? question everything Jan 15 #39
It was a polite conversation limbicnuminousity Jan 15 #41
Why, then, did you use this term? Yes, I am questioning everything including your intention question everything Jan 15 #43
Fair question limbicnuminousity Jan 15 #45
Where to start? "Revisionist Zionism" existed before the formation of the State of Israel in 1948 question everything Jan 15 #46
Sure thing. limbicnuminousity Jan 15 #47
How would the response look similar when it is a wholly different scenario? TheKentuckian Jan 16 #66
Tactics can be adapted across staging areas and environs. limbicnuminousity Jan 16 #72
There are posters that would have you believe that if you show any sympathy for the innocent women and children Chainfire Jan 15 #29
Well said! BuddhaGirl Jan 15 #37
Thank you! Well said obamanut2012 Jan 16 #71
The record of Palestinian Political Violence tonekat Jan 15 #38
You mean the NYT took your online comments down? That's probably on you. maxsolomon Jan 15 #42
Because they see Hamas as the only organization fighting for Palestinian freedom. maxsolomon Jan 15 #40
Gaza became independent in 2006. What has Hamas done to create good life? Only misery question everything Jan 16 #51
Thank you. It's painful to contemplate, but you're so right. Bucky Jan 16 #55
The Palestinians are Useful Deep State Witch Jan 16 #76
This Is Quite True, Ma'am, And Has Been Since '48 The Magistrate Jan 17 #79
Thank you for that answer mcar Jan 16 #73
Ask the Israeli government. They are one of their biggest supporters ColinC Jan 16 #52
No one in this forum supports Hamas. Cut out the McCarthyism. Bucky Jan 16 #53
Did she say anyone at the forum supports Hamas? No, she didn't. Behind the Aegis Jan 16 #58
REC.. TY! Cha Jan 16 #61
Thanks BtA mcar Jan 16 #75
Don't personally Insult the OP by Accusing her of "McCarthyism" Cha Jan 16 #60
Not true. JI7 Jan 16 #62
"McCarthyism" betsuni Jan 16 #65
The OP didn't say that anybody on DU supports HAMAS. yardwork Jan 16 #70
Bless your heart mcar Jan 16 #74
... Cha Jan 16 #77
Pure evil. SunSeeker Jan 17 #80
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