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sabrina 1

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Mon Nov 19, 2012, 09:44 PM Nov 2012

Anonymous are Criminals, according to the Far Right Wing! Lol! [View all]

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Googling the reaction on the Far Right to Anonymous' letter is hilarious.

Regardless of what they did or did not do, just the claim from Anonymous that they stopped Karl Rove from stealing Ohio has driven Right Wingers out of their minds.

So where's the crime here or the 'threat to national security'?

1) Right Wingers say they are lying. So if they are lying, it's just a prank. Where is the threat to NS in lying about Karl Rove? Wouldn't that make HIM a threat to NS? Has there ever been a bigger liar than Rove?

2) It's possible they are reacting so viscerally because they secretly suspect it might be true. But wouldn't that make Anon eligible for a Medal of Honor, or in their case a Medal of Freedom?

We have given Medals of Honor to people far less deserving, eg Gen Sanchez! Saving Democracy from election fraud seems like a much more honorable reason to receive a Medal of Honor, or as pointed out in the comments by Stevenleser, a Medal of Freedom assuming Anon are civilians.

It's hilarious watching them try to defend Rove from the accusation of Election Fraud, while at the same time they are furious at him for the total failure of ORCA.

Very clever of Anonymous to force them into such an untenable situation regardless of whether it is true or not.

We know Rove is capable of stealing elections. Which is what makes Anonymous' claims believable. Maybe even to the Far Right which is why they are so angry?

Poor Karl, my heart goes out to him! Lol!

Has he denied it btw? Lol!

Nothing more successful than getting the Far Right all riled up and on the defensive over charges of Election Fraud.

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I believe Anonymous stopped Rove from stealing Ohio!
11 (50%)
No, I do not believe them!
5 (23%)
I don't care whether they did or not, but it's fun watching the reaction from the Far Right!
6 (27%)
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No option for 'Techno-babble does not fool me'? Ohio Joe Nov 2012 #1
Call it playing chess then. sabrina 1 Nov 2012 #3
False Ohio Joe Nov 2012 #5
No, his meltdown is not explained by Republicans getting their asses kicked. sabrina 1 Nov 2012 #7
You are entitled to your opinion... The facts do not change however... Ohio Joe Nov 2012 #9
Techno babble? Or cyber-crime? RobertEarl Nov 2012 #12
And that explains the non-sense put out by Anonymous... How? Ohio Joe Nov 2012 #18
It was just cyber-crime type stuff. RobertEarl Nov 2012 #30
Well, I really don't care if it was true or not. But it was a great way sabrina 1 Nov 2012 #17
Yay! Lets create a false reality Ohio Joe Nov 2012 #21
No. randome Nov 2012 #25
Agreed Ohio Joe Nov 2012 #31
Well, why don't you alert. I know you don't like anything sabrina 1 Nov 2012 #45
What false reality? Rove has stolen elections. Are you saying sabrina 1 Nov 2012 #33
oh... I saw something else so this must be true... Ohio Joe Nov 2012 #36
But you didn't answer the question. You have provided nothing but speculation sabrina 1 Nov 2012 #46
I care about facts Ohio Joe Nov 2012 #51
Do you think that the 2000 and the 2004 elections were stolen? sabrina 1 Nov 2012 #57
What does that have to do with this fantasy? Ohio Joe Nov 2012 #60
Who cares if it's a fantasy? It has created a huge reaction though from a lot of people making me sabrina 1 Nov 2012 #75
Actually, your presumption is your logical downfall Coyotl Nov 2012 #71
Actually my position has been that I don't know or care whether they are telliing the truth sabrina 1 Nov 2012 #73
+1 Pbs1914 Nov 2012 #81
The Republicans have been creating false realities for years now. Fawke Em Nov 2012 #66
Personally I think you are wrong as wrong can be madokie Nov 2012 #15
Um, do YOU have an 'earthly idea' that they did or didn't? randome Nov 2012 #28
Good thing you're an atheist whatchamacallit Nov 2012 #39
Yep no evidence either way madokie Nov 2012 #63
But I do know Ohio Joe Nov 2012 #29
That's what I'm wondering too. sabrina 1 Nov 2012 #47
Fantasy based on bullshit makes EVERYONE on the forum buying into it look stupid... True or false? Coyotl Nov 2012 #72
Sorry but you're not proven any thing except that you think you know it all madokie Nov 2012 #84
I mean really what proof do they have to back up what they're saying. Zilch. Coyotl Nov 2012 #87
You see the deal is you are to provide proof not one of us madokie Nov 2012 #89
What part of your "25 years of programming experience" has you whatchamacallit Nov 2012 #40
I do not deny cyber crime... Never said that.... Ohio Joe Nov 2012 #41
What part of "25 years of programming experience" trained you to deny stupid? whatchamacallit Nov 2012 #42
My first class... Computer Logic Ohio Joe Nov 2012 #43
And I have a friend who is also an expert on Computers and he disagrees sabrina 1 Nov 2012 #49
Please... Have him tell us how a phone app cheats votes... Ohio Joe Nov 2012 #54
What do you know about how it was set up? Have you seen the code? sabrina 1 Nov 2012 #56
So... Nothing... Ohio Joe Nov 2012 #58
So you don't know. sabrina 1 Nov 2012 #86
Yea, it is stupid. Its so stupid, its hard to articulate WHY its so stupid. phleshdef Nov 2012 #80
If your friend thinks ORCA has any connection to vote tabulation systems, then he is no expert. phleshdef Nov 2012 #79
That's what they told us! sabrina 1 Nov 2012 #82
And thats what it was. The damn PDFs were mailed out. The website that hosted the data existed. phleshdef Nov 2012 #83
You're right, I sooo trust Karl Rove and his minions! sabrina 1 Nov 2012 #85
Stop it with the damn strawman arguments. No one said that and you know it. phleshdef Nov 2012 #88
Good to see how easily people are fooled Coyotl Nov 2012 #68
I don't think it's that many. randome Nov 2012 #69
I've been basically saying what you just said for 2 days now, to no avail. phleshdef Nov 2012 #78
If 4Chan Actually Hacked into ORCA On the Road Nov 2012 #2
Well, Rove has the option of addressing the issue. sabrina 1 Nov 2012 #4
It's Not About Sympathy for Rove On the Road Nov 2012 #93
OHMY! I don't think 4chan is 100% equivalent to anon! OhZone Nov 2012 #37
You May be Right On the Road Nov 2012 #91
An opinion shared by some on DU.. Fumesucker Nov 2012 #6
Yes, well, there are always a few! sabrina 1 Nov 2012 #13
You mean the people who kept ProSense Nov 2012 #16
A 'maybe' to support a 'possibly' to support a 'could be'. randome Nov 2012 #20
Are you saying they didn't obtain it illegally, assuming they did what they sabrina 1 Nov 2012 #24
If they can send an anonymous email, they can send a printout of the code they found. randome Nov 2012 #32
Has Karl Rove sent out any statement contradicting them? How about sabrina 1 Nov 2012 #44
Eh, I'm an agnostic atheist on that.. Fumesucker Nov 2012 #26
Who's bashing? There is no evidence. None. It's wish fulfillment. randome Nov 2012 #27
That's what I said.. Fumesucker Nov 2012 #34
True. I wonder why all these left leaning organizations bother some sabrina 1 Nov 2012 #50
I prayed to the liberal gods. longship Nov 2012 #8
No one is saying that he won not because of the reasons you gave madokie Nov 2012 #23
Rubbish! The only people who say Rove can steal elections... longship Nov 2012 #62
I don't believe in Big Foot mick063 Nov 2012 #10
I'm not sure they wanted people to believe it. But it sure psyched out sabrina 1 Nov 2012 #11
Who says they're psyched out? You? randome Nov 2012 #14
All you have to do is look around. It's been the most fun sabrina 1 Nov 2012 #19
Yes, well, you go on and believe that. randome Nov 2012 #22
Well, they have put a dent in the 'evil doers' a number of times. Surely sabrina 1 Nov 2012 #55
I don't believe anonymous did anything gollygee Nov 2012 #35
I saw no gnashing of teeth on FreeRepigs xfundy Nov 2012 #38
I take my usual stance: If Anonymous is/are criminals, then charge them. flvegan Nov 2012 #48
Well, remember the last guy who tried to expose them and get them sabrina 1 Nov 2012 #52
I have been beyond entertained by people here nadinbrzezinski Nov 2012 #53
It's all been great fun that's for sure. I also remember when some of the sabrina 1 Nov 2012 #59
"I really don't care if it was true or not." - sabrina 1 greyl Nov 2012 #61
All these threads prove that RWers aren't the only ones who will embrace any CT zappaman Nov 2012 #64
All these threads have revealed something else. sabrina 1 Nov 2012 #77
I believe it's possible they stopped him but without proof who knows. Ganja Ninja Nov 2012 #65
Congratulations. You proved one thing for sure Coyotl Nov 2012 #67
Agree with everything you said except about the Medal of Honor, which is only for military. Civilian stevenleser Nov 2012 #70
Thanks, I will edit it. sabrina 1 Nov 2012 #74
Yeah, they're criminals for keeping right-wing criminals from... polichick Nov 2012 #76
"Ham Head" has really raised a storm of poop. Hugin Nov 2012 #90
That's how I feel about him. But some people surprisingly seem very upset sabrina 1 Nov 2012 #92
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