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Sat Dec 9, 2023, 03:22 PM Dec 9

Dennis Prager - Wow! [View all]

This is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever, ever heard.


‘Dennis Prager: "Albert Einstein was not a particularly bright man outside of science.”

You know, in my time on this planet, I’ve heard dumb things, I’ve seen people of all backgrounds say different things, but I’ve never in my years on the planet insinuate Einstein wasn’t smart.

And *Florida* is using *PragerU* to teach kids in its school curriculum?

In case you were needing motivation to vote, their side winning leads to people like this crafting curriculums for schoolchildren.

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Dennis Prager - Wow! [View all] EnergizedLib Dec 9 OP
And Dennis Prager has any credibility because... calimary Dec 9 #1
Well, the Florida education folks like him leftieNanner Dec 9 #8
True. And what does that say about THEM? calimary Dec 9 #10
Astounding leftieNanner Dec 9 #15
Advanced degrees? We don't need no steenking degrees. keithbvadu2 Dec 9 #31
Oh lordy! leftieNanner Dec 9 #34
Because he's a fascist apologist. Nothing more. paleotn Dec 9 #13
Yep! Nt leftieNanner Dec 9 #16
Actually, Prager is almost right. Butterflylady Dec 9 #17
He left school because he was uninterested in rote learning TexasBushwhacker Dec 9 #19
Not sure where you got that? He was near the top of his class in High School Quixote1818 Dec 9 #25
How ridiculous. And what does Praeger know outside his area of expertise? brush Dec 9 #2
He HAS an area of expertise?? lastlib Dec 9 #3
Check. Exactly. brush Dec 9 #4
The problem is EnergizedLib Dec 9 #5
THIS malaise Dec 9 #18
Other than spouting crazy shit, he's not known for anything. paleotn Dec 9 #14
Check. And he talks as if he knew Einstein. Einstein wouldn't have had anything to do with that creep. brush Dec 9 #20
Absolutely. His barfing is meant for the base. They hate elites like Einstein, as any good fascist would. paleotn Dec 9 #33
Your whole second paragraph is so on the money. brush Dec 10 #35
Prager cares what the Stable Genius says, rather than scientists Bernardo de La Paz Dec 9 #6
Stinks too bad even for the Washington Examiner, 'eh? calimary Dec 9 #12
Prager is another ranting crank who discovered demogoguery paid damn well... JHB Dec 9 #7
Wrong-Einstein could play the violin bmichaelh Dec 9 #9
So says the grifter with the fake university. nt Carlitos Brigante Dec 9 #11
Einstein didn't speak until age 4. no_hypocrisy Dec 9 #21
Einstein managed to catch the eye of Marilyn Monroe! Grins Dec 9 #22
Dennis Prager is not a particularly bright man period. nt Quixote1818 Dec 9 #23
Exactly, outside of sitting on his ass and running his mouth Walleye Dec 9 #26
Beat me to it! First thought I had after watchig that moron iun this video. "Einstein was a pacifist. KPN Dec 10 #43
10 Inventive Myths About Einstein, Debunked. 1. THE MYTH: HE WAS A BAD STUDENT. Quixote1818 Dec 9 #24
Prager isn't smart enough BlueIdaho Dec 9 #27
He may be smarter than you think. He is pretty damn evil TheKentuckian Dec 9 #29
Pretty low on the Prager says stupid stuff index. TheKentuckian Dec 9 #28
JFC budkin Dec 9 #30
Christian moral lessons from Dennis Prager... Masturbating To Animated Child Porn keithbvadu2 Dec 9 #32
That's horrific EnergizedLib Dec 10 #36
Dennis Prager is no authority on any subject., apart from fraud. Kid Berwyn Dec 10 #37
The Repug credo is; Get 'em stupid and keep them that way. flashman13 Dec 10 #38
Does Prager have any actual facts or evidence to support his silly allegation? dlk Dec 10 #39
Yep. And Trump knows more about physics than Einstein dalton99a Dec 10 #40
I've got a degree in biochemistry, but can't rebuild a V8 transmission NickB79 Dec 10 #41
And Dennis Prager is not a particularly bright man outside of anything. Initech Dec 10 #42
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