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"Casey DeSantis urges all of America, except for Iowa, to commit felony voter fraud" Takket Dec 8 #1
Correct....why is this even allowed? OAITW r.2.0 Dec 8 #4
It isn't... Bettie Dec 8 #15
She's just blathering. It ain't gonna happen. paleotn Dec 8 #19
Doubt if the MSM would give you a job as a headline writer. PufPuf23 Dec 8 #22
She does say Bettie Dec 9 #53
Does she even know that voters in Iowa caucuses have to be Iowa residents? Ocelot II Dec 8 #2
everything with rethugs is projection.... Takket Dec 8 #3
Desperation. paleotn Dec 8 #21
Yes. Sort of reminds me of DeSantis and Quakerfriend Dec 8 #30
They may have had more success than we are cognizant of TheKentuckian Dec 9 #51
Dont Care NowISeetheLight Dec 8 #11
Whether she knows or not, she definitely doesn't care. ShazzieB Dec 8 #32
She says in there Delphinus Dec 8 #5
It's not. You must be a resident of Iowa to caucus. MyNameIsJonas Dec 8 #7
Thank you Delphinus Dec 8 #35
The media need to blast the hell out of them. LiberalFighter Dec 8 #6
Of Course They Do, But They Won't DET Dec 8 #9
Please edit your last sentence. niyad Dec 8 #43
Some Perspective, Please DET Dec 9 #47
SadIy, I understand the perspective perfectly. niyad Dec 9 #48
Her desire to be Jackie Kennedy is very MOMFUDSKI Dec 8 #8
More like Eva Braun. paleotn Dec 8 #25
You wanted to be Jackie O jls4561 Dec 8 #34
Could you please amend or delete this sexist post? niyad Dec 8 #44
She is no Jackie O and getting married at a Disney resort is not how a modern Camelot gets started Iris Dec 9 #54
Who can caucus in Iowa? You can caucus if you meet the following requirements: madaboutharry Dec 8 #10
What a fucking idiot gopiscrap Dec 8 #12
Shows herself for the Fucking Cheaters they are. Cha Dec 8 #13
A contrary opinion from me... tekriter Dec 8 #24
Really.. the gov & his spouse are Voter Fraudsters. Cha Dec 8 #29
She is sitting next to a graduate of Yale Law School, madaboutharry Dec 8 #14
Can the Democratic Leadership in Iowa file charges? Deuxcents Dec 8 #16
Is there some place out side of Florida that likes Johonny Dec 8 #17
What a couple of super freaks. Sky Jewels Dec 8 #18
Typical Republican Politician modrepub Dec 8 #20
I'd rather he lose than have him be loose. . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Dec 8 #26
Either R election fraud or she has gross mental deficiency. I think it is former Bernardo de La Paz Dec 8 #23
Encouraging DeSantis voters to incite chaos into the Iowa caucuses to deny votes to the rightful nominee? Hmmm. Freethinker65 Dec 8 #27
SMDH... MustBeTheBooz Dec 8 #28
"The Desantii" Maru Kitteh Dec 8 #31
LOL Blue Owl Dec 8 #39
Ghost bus caravan headed to Iowa! rubbersole Dec 8 #33
Um, pretty sure these people who caucus in these Iowa towns kind of know who everybody is aeromanKC Dec 8 #36
LOL ... Voter Fraud. (n/t) Iggo Dec 8 #37
Encouraging outsiders to influence/take over Iowans' republican caucus. A great talking point for the other candidates. keithbvadu2 Dec 8 #38
I'm sure Trump will have a field day with it. tanyev Dec 9 #52
I will catch the next flight out tomorrow. Do they have an airport there? nt doc03 Dec 8 #40
Desperation ??!!! DemocraticPatriot Dec 8 #41
Did she lend him her white boots again? SouthernDem4ever Dec 8 #42
Actually...nothing in the rules says you have to be an Iowa resident... brooklynite Dec 8 #45
This just isn't true. MyNameIsJonas Dec 8 #46
She thirsty, and desperate. ZonkerHarris Dec 9 #49
Is this how they "won" Florida? MagickMuffin Dec 9 #50
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