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24. This is the bottom line, right here.
Fri Dec 8, 2023, 08:15 PM
Dec 2023

"Trump is pure evil."

It's not a matter of simply disagreeing on some issues. Trump absolutely is pure evil, and that is what makes him so scary.

Some DUers talk about Republicans as if all of them are evil, but I don’t agree. Yes, I think they are wrong about a lot of stuff, but wrong doesn't automatically mean evil, especially not the way TFG is evil. Yes, some Republicans are terrible, but I believe there are Republicans who genuinely care about this country, about the rule of law, and about protecting our Constitution and our system of government. Liz Cheney, whose book I'm currently reading, is one of those Republicans, and Adam Kinzinger is another.

Liz and Adam are not the only Republicans who oppose Trump, either. They're exceptional because they have taken a public stand against him and were willing to sacrifice their political careers to do so, and for that they have my respect and even my admiration. But they are not the only ones who agree with us that Trump should never be allowed anywhere near the Oval Office again. I am more than willing to declare a temporary truce while we all work to rid the country of the orange menace.

GOOD!! TSExile Dec 2023 #1
Why would he ever vote for a Republican again? Walleye Dec 2023 #2
Elsewhere in the article, he says he won't for the time being... DemocraticPatriot Dec 2023 #4
We've coexisted with "decent but wrong" consdervative ty;es Warpy Dec 2023 #16
"fundagelicals" - excellent portmanteau. Incapable of reason because $$$$$. erronis Dec 2023 #20
Because he's pro-assault weapons, anti-abortion, anti-tax on the rich, and anti-immigration Polybius Dec 2023 #18
Exactly... he and the unemployed former Senator from Wyoming are both 90% Trump clones. WarGamer Dec 2023 #22
I think he's the first Republican I've heard actually utter that statement without hedging. 50 Shades Of Blue Dec 2023 #3
I figured he'd come to that conclusion... 2naSalit Dec 2023 #5
Would be interesting to learn Kinzinger's exact reasons for being a Republican bucolic_frolic Dec 2023 #6
I assume you made that statement SouthernDem4ever Dec 2023 #17
It's Mostly Economics & Foreign Policy ProfessorGAC Dec 2023 #19
Then he's voting for Biden Yavin4 Dec 2023 #7
If he votes for Biden this time that will be a two vote switch for Biden. LiberalFighter Dec 2023 #11
Let us hope he is not alone. I know too many that say they can't pull a lever for Trump or Biden. dutch777 Dec 2023 #8
If they won't vote for either it still works out for Biden. LiberalFighter Dec 2023 #10
I am trying to convince my parents of that. TSExile Dec 2023 #23
You have a challenge but at least they see the error of their ways in Trump. And aren't Fox indoctrinated. dutch777 Dec 2023 #25
This is the bottom line, right here. ShazzieB Dec 2023 #24
The era of conservatives you can disagree with Johonny Dec 2023 #9
Thank you Adam Kinzinger for saying the quiet part out loud FakeNoose Dec 2023 #12
You know what's amazing? The larger their loss, the more they'll scream "steal". erronis Dec 2023 #21
Stanky and The Taints are reeling Ponietz Dec 2023 #13
Knowing how dysfunctional the republican party is, his comment should be, I am voting for Biden, regardless of who Escurumbele Dec 2023 #14
absolutely! nt orleans Dec 2023 #15
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