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central scrutinizer

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38. They've been helping repugs for years
Thu Dec 7, 2023, 07:49 PM
Dec 7

“ To those few who were really watching closely, however, AARP's actions were not a surprise at all, and the group's conversion was anything but sudden. The story of the Republicans' seduction of AARP unfolded over nearly a decade, as GOP leaders cajoled, seduced, and occasionally threatened the group's leaders into changing their ways and accepting the reality of Republican congressional control. Today, with bad policy already law, the stakes are incredibly high, as regulations to implement the law loom, along with bills to repeal some of its worst aspects. And they will grow higher still if President Bush is re-elected and Republicans can continue toward their ultimate goals. As the battle to preserve Medicare unfolds, Democrats who were surprised by the bill's passage last November should understand a key part of the story, which has not been told, of how it happened.

Possibly the least surprised man in Washington last fall was Newt Gingrich. The former House speaker, who told a Blue Cross conference in 1995 that Medicare as a "government monopoly plan" was going to "wither on the vine" in favor of a Republican-designed "free-market plan," has spent the last nine years manipulating AARP.

Aided by a coterie of Republican representatives and lobbyists, as well as a headhunter firm whose Washington office is run by a Republican operative, Gingrich helped maneuver AARP from the Democratic to the Republican column. The crucial moment arrived in June 2001, with the ascent to the executive director post of Novelli, who centralized policy making by limiting input from local AARP leaders and who brought with him a team of corporate executives to run the group's federal and state policy -- people much more comfortable with Republicans, open to private plans and market-oriented policies, and more willing to make deals than many of the veteran staff. “

'Source' ?? DemocraticPatriot Dec 6 #1
Link BlueKota Dec 6 #2
Thank you... DemocraticPatriot Dec 6 #3
They asked ALL the Republican candidates. So it makes sense that they included Trump. thesquanderer Dec 7 #16
I know they asked all the other Republicans BlueKota Dec 7 #22
Thanks for the context JohnSJ Dec 7 #26
Hell, he didn't give one idea how he'd improve the lives of Seniors. KS Toronado Dec 7 #20
One more group to boycott duckworth969 Dec 6 #4
AARP joined the goddamn MAGA cult. Guess I'll save my $6 donation and start chucking that fucking junk mail. SoFlaBro Dec 6 #5
They've been helping repugs for years central scrutinizer Dec 7 #38
I'm fucking done with their MAGA shit-stabbing tactics before I even reach the goddamn age of the clien-fucking-tel. SoFlaBro Dec 9 #39
Now I feel good stage left Dec 6 #6
This message was self-deleted by its author stage left Dec 6 #7
They won't care. They didn't care when we defaced our cards and sent them in... TygrBright Dec 6 #8
What you describe is ubiquitous in most sectors of the economy and circumstance. PufPuf23 Dec 7 #18
IMHO.... AARP sold out during Shrub's administration. Hugin Dec 7 #25
Important to know. 2naSalit Dec 6 #9
AARP has ALWAYS been a shitstain, and I'm delighted whenever anyone wakes the fuck up👍 bringthePaine Dec 7 #10
AARP's Billion-Dollar Bounty Celerity Dec 7 #28
Never have joined aarp and now never will after hearing this! kimbutgar Dec 7 #11
Of course I had to leave a comment....I really just cannot resist. They can keep their got damn trunk organizer GuppyGal Dec 7 #12
This message was self-deleted by its author TeamProg Dec 7 #14
We will be quitting AARP. They do lobby for senior benefits, supposedly. Give your money to ACLU instead! nt TeamProg Dec 7 #15
I get so much garbage email from AARP Tom of Temecula Dec 7 #17
Good on AARP for exposing Trump and SharonClark Dec 7 #19
TY.. what are they, Stupid? Cha Dec 7 #21
We enjoy our AARP membership. The magazines and supplements are interesting to read. Oopsie Daisy Dec 7 #23
Conservatives seem to find it necessary to have their own little corner away from everyone else. ificandream Dec 7 #24
Also one of the posters in the thread pointed out, they asked all the candidates, not just trump, and JohnSJ Dec 7 #27
No no no. Woodwizard Dec 7 #29
AH, I missed the class about Pavlov's dogs. Thanks JohnSJ Dec 7 #30
Thank you for comparing me to dogs BlueKota Dec 7 #33
I was not doing that at all, and I would never do that. I simply agreeing JohnSJ Dec 7 #35
Thank you. BlueKota Dec 7 #36
+++ JohnSJ Dec 7 #37
See my reply to this responder BlueKota Dec 7 #32
Fine lets not have anybody voice any opposition BlueKota Dec 7 #34
Last time I checked none of the other Republican potential nominees BlueKota Dec 7 #31
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