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Hatchets??? How totally barbaric. bucolic_frolic Dec 7 #1
The post on X says underpants Dec 7 #2
Yeah I get it. But hatchets can be used for scalping bucolic_frolic Dec 7 #4
Hatchets can be used for scalping - but it's not the best tool. harumph Dec 7 #10
For those of us who speak normally, that's 11 years and 3 months. Iggo Dec 7 #3
He represented himself -- he had a fool for a client Hekate Dec 7 #6
Why is that abnormal? we can do it Dec 7 #9
Federal sentences are always expressed in months JoseBalow Dec 7 #14
He represented himself? Chautauquas Dec 7 #5
Ex-police chief, huh? He's not going to have an easy time in jail...a nice l-o-o-o-o-g sentence. brush Dec 7 #7
The Aryan Brotherhood doesn't protect cops JoseBalow Dec 7 #16
That's one of the longer sentences so far. sinkingfeeling Dec 7 #8
Yes. Yes it is. underpants Dec 7 #11
Over 11 years. patphil Dec 7 #13
"Yippee! I'm spending years of my adult life in jail for the orange-tinted Florida Man!" struggle4progress Dec 7 #12
Eleven and a quarter years in prison.... Historic NY Dec 7 #15
Yeah but his highest 3/5 years stops underpants Dec 7 #18
He can teach his yoga in prison, keep them all calm n/t Bev54 Dec 7 #17
Good malaise Dec 7 #19
This is the guy who claims that Ashley Babbitt was not actually killed at the Capitol on Jan 6. Midnight Writer Dec 7 #20
Na ma stay in prison for years IcyPeas Dec 7 #21
Represented himself. Nice job. AllyCat Dec 7 #22
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