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Neil Young quits Twitter [View all] ificandream Dec 6 OP
Good! calimary Dec 6 #1
I choose to remain and continue to "fight the fight"! DemocraticPatriot Dec 6 #2
It's "Twitter". I refuse to jump because Apartheid Clyde said "jump to saying X". Fuck him and fuck his whims sideways. SoFlaBro Dec 6 #6
I agree. Changing the name of the site, (or attempting to change it), DemocraticPatriot Dec 6 #7
Some are now calling it Xitter... kewhawaii Dec 6 #10
SHITTER, yes! that is the first place I head towards, DemocraticPatriot Dec 6 #12
Elon Musk is Apartheid Clyde; a well known anti-Semite, racist motherfucker. Son of a pedophile rapist scumbag. SoFlaBro Dec 9 #20
It's Xitter. Iggo Dec 7 #18
Those MAGATS can't handle shit, I asked a MAGAT woman If I could grab her by the pussy and she got really GuppyGal Dec 6 #9
You got banned for saying what Trump said ?? DemocraticPatriot Dec 6 #13
Time for a lot of others to also edhopper Dec 6 #3
President Biden is one of my best followed friends on 'Twitter' DemocraticPatriot Dec 6 #8
I would hope that edhopper Dec 7 #14
Time for xitter to die. 2naSalit Dec 6 #4
The tweetles and damage done lame54 Dec 6 #5
By the way... kewhawaii Dec 6 #11
I don't think it had either the infrastructure or collective mass necessary... Tommy Carcetti Dec 7 #16
Meanwhile a lot of people here are apparently still on Twitter PoindexterOglethorpe Dec 7 #15
You can still post links without being signed up Johnny2X2X Dec 7 #17
They need to rename Threads. It's a dull sound. Threads. It needs to be called Tell It BComplex Dec 7 #19
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