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47. Hard to think of Gym Jordan as a "mastermind."
Wed Dec 6, 2023, 06:34 PM
Dec 6

Maybe by courtesy, you know, the same way he is Honorable.

I'm not saying he couldn't be a ringleader. Brains do not seem to be a requirement in this case.

-- Mal

I understand that Jordan was probably up to his neck in the coup attempt Bettie Dec 6 #1
I saw a chart somewhere, I think it said IQ of 81 was the cut for Mastermind in Maga-verse. cayugafalls Dec 6 #9
OH, I forgot the MAGA-verse to reality Bettie Dec 6 #11
I will not even attempt the math on that one... cayugafalls Dec 6 #15
Thank you for a much-needed laugh! yardwork Dec 6 #18
:-) It was much needed...you got that right. cayugafalls Dec 6 #20
Low 90s on a good day. Captain Zero Dec 6 #29
Yeah, I wouldn't put Gym and Mastermind in the same sentence. progressoid Dec 6 #16
I think you are right. Bird Lady Dec 6 #24
If you call that multi-stuttering, obviously lying, "I can't recall, I don't remember, it was a couple of times... brush Dec 6 #28
Compared to MTGreen, Boobert and Louis Gomert he is a mastermind. nt doc03 Dec 6 #32
MTGreene is not stupid. speak easy Dec 6 #33
No, see, they're just talking about that game we all played in the seventies? Arthur_Frain Dec 6 #35
GQP what to imprison Cheney or worst.................................... Lovie777 Dec 6 #2
Of course they want to imprison Cheney... ProudMNDemocrat Dec 6 #3
I think she is the Cheney sin eater who takes her oath to the Constitution seriously Attilatheblond Dec 6 #37
Exactly. I'll take the conviction of a true conservative....before a cheap Republican label, anytime. OAITW r.2.0 Dec 6 #51
Honestly, considering her father I think what Liz is doing iss True Blue American Dec 7 #55
And former... 2naSalit Dec 6 #5
Gym should be completely comfy in MOMFUDSKI Dec 6 #4
He's had lots of experience for sure. Don't drop the soap, Jim-boy. erronis Dec 6 #23
There's some bad blood there Bucky Dec 6 #6
I really admire Liz Cheney. Standing firm leftyladyfrommo Dec 6 #7
Absolutely, well said, gab13by13 Dec 6 #10
I'm having a hard time with Gym Jordan and mastermind in the same sentence. prodigitalson Dec 6 #8
Trump's "accomplice" or "co-conspirator" would be more accurate. sop Dec 6 #19
Idiot Henchman works too. n/t Attilatheblond Dec 6 #38
The same could be said for Chump - neither of them are "mastermind" material FakeNoose Dec 6 #25
There was no real masterminding of 1/6. hadEnuf Dec 6 #52
you and me both Skittles Dec 7 #54
Jim Jordan, Evil Genius Kid Berwyn Dec 6 #12
Most people strive to become better humans, but... chouchou Dec 6 #13
Jordan IMO is one of those people who is not overly bright but NoMoreRepugs Dec 6 #14
If this is true why hasn't he been questioned by the doj? Autumn Dec 6 #17
Speech and Debate clause, seems to cover every congressperson's ass? emulatorloo Dec 6 #39
I don't see how phone calls to Trump would be covered under Speech and Debate. It wasn't congressional business Autumn Dec 6 #40
I still don't understand why there was no punishment for ignoring a subpoena from Congress. TheRickles Dec 6 #45
Would we know if he had? ShazzieB Dec 6 #50
Yes I believe we would know. Those people do not keep their mouths shut. It would make a nice fund raising tool Autumn Dec 7 #57
SOH Johnson was also actively involved in the 1/6 coup attempt, maybe even more than Gym. sop Dec 6 #21
A retired spy once observed that some people who functioned poorly in the daylight world were surprisingly good Ford_Prefect Dec 6 #22
They need to subpoena Jordan to testify under oath, and throw him in jail if he refuses. That's what they do to Martin68 Dec 6 #26
Rep. Liz Cheney confirmed she snapped at Rep. Jim Jordan during the January 6 insurrection. Cheney told Jordan, twodogsbarking Dec 6 #27
Hey Gymbo, go ahead, sue Liz, there is so much information to be had, asiliveandbreathe Dec 6 #30
All I want for Christmans is for Jack Smith to eviscerate Gymbo in a grand jury. Historic NY Dec 6 #31
And there will be no investigation of any republican senator or house delegate who republianmushroom Dec 6 #34
Liz Cheney DENVERPOPS Dec 6 #36
I think the masterminds were far higher up the food chain in Rethug world. KY_EnviroGuy Dec 6 #41
Is the DOJ edhopper Dec 6 #42
In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is King Mr. Ected Dec 6 #43
Almost. You need two cells of grey matter to rub together in order to generate a thought. TheRickles Dec 6 #46
Mastermind as compared to whom? dchill Dec 6 #44
Hard to think of Gym Jordan as a "mastermind." malthaussen Dec 6 #47
There are several Republicans The Wizard Dec 6 #48
K&R UTUSN Dec 6 #49
i thought the chef head guy was t,,, AllaN01Bear Dec 6 #53
Wile E. Coyote is a super genius. Gym Jordan is no Wile E. Coyote. nt Buns_of_Fire Dec 7 #56
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