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Gee Honey. I just can't decide. A new vacuum cleaner or... leftieNanner Dec 6 #1
How many have been sold, and is it still in stock? n/t aggiesal Dec 6 #5
Guessing this is leftieNanner Dec 6 #6
True. They have become a diamond merchant of note Hekate Dec 6 #10
I'd be pissed! Mossfern Dec 6 #2
That's more than my house is worth LOL Liberal In Texas Dec 6 #3
I was going to buy one ... aggiesal Dec 6 #4
You can't buy one MurrayDelph Dec 6 #18
My house was built over 130 years ago Mossfern Dec 6 #8
I think it might be more than everything we Bettie Dec 6 #19
Geeze, what a bargain! My student loan can wait... Beastly Boy Dec 6 #7
To: Ginni From: Clarence (with a big thanks to Harlan) rurallib Dec 6 #9
It sounds more like Neiman Marcus. rsdsharp Dec 6 #11
It seems to be all about the size senseandsensibility Dec 6 #13
Here you go ... aggiesal Dec 6 #15
And 99 cents... Disaffected Dec 6 #12
Here you go ... aggiesal Dec 6 #16
Thanks but $300K is just too much for that item. Disaffected Dec 6 #17
So you're high bid is $299,999.99 n/t aggiesal Dec 6 #21
And not a cent more. nt Disaffected Dec 6 #24
I've seen these extremely expensive items on the Costco website before senseandsensibility Dec 6 #14
Any competent jeweler can size a gold or platinum ring. rsdsharp Dec 6 #20
True, but I don't like senseandsensibility Dec 6 #22
Please, take two. Kid Berwyn Dec 6 #23
"Only one available" Renew Deal Dec 6 #25
It's the ring the found at Mar-A-Lardo during Pendejo45 search warrant! n/t aggiesal Dec 6 #26
Oooh, Santa baby! Walleye Dec 6 #27
Worth getting, if only for the free shipping. cloudbase Dec 6 #28
Obviously Renew Deal Dec 6 #30
Maybe Donnie will buy this for Melania. llmart Dec 6 #29
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