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2. My favorite billionaire
Wed Dec 6, 2023, 09:19 AM
Dec 6

Despite knowing next to nothing about her music, her voter registration activities have endeared her to me.

Well deserved malaise Dec 6 #1
Yep, bet trump is so jealous. He's never won a Nobel or Man of the Year. brush Dec 7 #101
My favorite billionaire EYESORE 9001 Dec 6 #2
I'm kinda glad. 50 Shades Of Blue Dec 6 #3
I'm old John Shaft Dec 6 #4
Welcome to our DU family. niyad Dec 6 #9
Thank you John Shaft Dec 6 #64
Welcome to DU irisblue Dec 6 #65
Thank you very much John Shaft Dec 6 #73
My nephew met her. greymattermom Dec 6 #10
It's Rebl2 Dec 6 #38
Your description does not describe her music at all. mwb970 Dec 6 #80
Good for her! MOMFUDSKI Dec 6 #5
Good, well deserved! Emile Dec 6 #6
Link goes to "Attacks in Texas" story. Oopsie Daisy Dec 6 #7
Scroll down, it is the third story. niyad Dec 6 #11
Better her than trump or one of his goons. (nt) Paladin Dec 6 #8
Good for her. She's done some important, good things. marmar Dec 6 #12
Iris here is the link you need to the story. Emile Dec 6 #13
From your link SleeplessinSoCal Dec 6 #23
And in Chicago: chia Dec 6 #29
I believe that. My apartment has a view from the 62nd floor of soldier field. Three days in a row packed to the brim. Lucky Luciano Dec 6 #75
This is a good thing, in this world of rage and depression. Swede Dec 6 #14
Its a feel-good choice. milestogo Dec 6 #15
She's singing all the way to the bank. 🎶🎶 LakeArenal Dec 6 #16
Good! Well deserved. She's brought some joy to the world during these days of gloom and doom. Fla Dem Dec 6 #17
pfffft... BobTheSubgenius Dec 6 #18
For real TheProle Dec 6 #37
Thinking her 'positives' outweigh her 'negatives' for young girls and society as a whole by 637 times. NoMoreRepugs Dec 6 #50
Whatever works for you. TheProle Dec 6 #51
Pretty sure I'm not alone in that line of reasoning. (Time Person of the Year 2023.) NoMoreRepugs Dec 6 #52
Of course not TheProle Dec 6 #54
All seats filled at the moment. NoMoreRepugs Dec 6 #62
Heh LuvLoogie Dec 7 #106
The carbon footprint of most mega-stars is enormous. progressoid Dec 6 #56
Hm. MorbidButterflyTat Dec 6 #66
Good for her for making billions TheProle Dec 6 #69
Meh MorbidButterflyTat Dec 6 #86
The success she has now is because of her hard work and talent. NorseSaxonCelt Dec 6 #79
That purchase was after she was already signed. And that doesnt make people buy your records either. oldsoftie Dec 6 #71
All fair points TheProle Dec 6 #72
greed Skittles Dec 7 #102
That is pretty much my take, as well. BobTheSubgenius Dec 14 #114
Not named trump? getagrip_already Dec 6 #19
Send a Copy Traildogbob Dec 6 #47
I always liked her music also... getagrip_already Dec 6 #55
100 percent Traildogbob Dec 6 #61
Nope. TIME named him in 2016. ancianita Dec 7 #104
Thats why it was once great... /s.... getagrip_already Dec 7 #108
What?? ancianita Dec 7 #110
/s is a tag for sarcasm getagrip_already Dec 7 #112
Ahh! Okay, cool. Oh, hey, ancianita Dec 7 #113
Taylor Swift is an indefatigable entertainer, immensely talented and successful FakeNoose Dec 6 #20
Wish we could get her to endorse some Democrats KS Toronado Dec 6 #24
I think that might happen down the road FakeNoose Dec 6 #87
She endorsed Biden in 2020 xmas74 Dec 14 #115
Agreed mostly. She has actually made known that she's a progressive...which is a good thing. brush Dec 6 #28
That alone is why I'm good with her being the person of the year. She does a fantastic job inspiring her MLAA Dec 6 #83
This is going to really piss the MAGAts off padfun Dec 6 #21
She's done some good things. chouchou Dec 6 #22
Enter Kanye lame54 Dec 6 #25
*snort* progressoid Dec 6 #30
"Why you gotta be so mean" North Shore Chicago Dec 6 #33
The Not-So-Secret of her success. speak easy Dec 6 #26
Thanks for that snippet redqueen Dec 6 #27
As a man I find it difficult to listen to upset, distressed talk of a valid wound, speak easy Dec 6 #31
We all wound each other, usually unintentionally redqueen Dec 6 #40
Very true. Women have it, men need to learn it. And most of "us" are still in grade school... FailureToCommunicate Dec 6 #42
Not all women have it, and many men do redqueen Dec 6 #49
This message was self-deleted by its author speak easy Dec 6 #34
Empowerment. MorbidButterflyTat Dec 6 #67
Brava! highplainsdem Dec 6 #32
I wouldn't recognize any of her songs; can't pick her out of a lineup, but Ocelot II Dec 6 #35
Time is just trying to sell some magazines that no one reads. former9thward Dec 6 #36
However, she is likely more popular than Jesus Christ. I think fame and widefpread TeamProg Dec 6 #43
Yes, popular, and that is why she was selected. former9thward Dec 6 #48
She is responsible for young people registering to vote. rubbersole Dec 6 #57
You seem to take that on blind faith. former9thward Dec 6 #58
Registrations--just one data point spooky3 Dec 6 #81
Why would someone on DU accept unscientific data? former9thward Dec 6 #89
You aren't a scientist or qualified pollster, but even lawyers accept spooky3 Dec 6 #90
Yes, they gave it to Stalin and Hitler not to sell magazines but because of their effect on news that year. former9thward Dec 6 #91
irisblue.......... Upthevibe Dec 6 #39
Not George Santos? I was lied to. TeamProg Dec 6 #41
It was originally him Sympthsical Dec 6 #44
My daughters were so thrilled when I txtd them the news dweller Dec 6 #45
How awesome! MorbidButterflyTat Dec 6 #85
Good for her! peggysue2 Dec 6 #46
That is the best news! Thank you Taylor for showing the world money doesn't have to define who you are PortTack Dec 6 #53
What we need now are her political endorsements. housecat Dec 6 #59
It's coming, I'm sure it's coming. speak easy Dec 6 #68
Tee-hee. So Taylor Swift, allegedly, was responsible for activating the Swiftees in Baitball Blogger Dec 6 #60
Who will show up first to snatch it out of her hands - Drumpf or Kanye? UTUSN Dec 6 #63
You know the Orange Fuckface and his minion, Kanye are eating their hearts out over this. world wide wally Dec 6 #70
Wow.. This Is Great News for People's Rights & Democracy!! Cha Dec 6 #74
Congrats to her and all the Swifties! Tomconroy Dec 6 #76
Watch her on the Graham Norton show to get a sense of who she is : wonderful. fierywoman Dec 6 #77
She deserves it. mwb970 Dec 6 #78
Passed a car today with her name painted on it. byronius Dec 6 #82
When I was a teen in the 60's, my parents and grandparents didn't get the Beatles FakeNoose Dec 6 #88
Oh, I get her music. And it's fun. byronius Dec 7 #99
Mine too.. ProudMNDemocrat Dec 7 #109
Every year I am amazed at how few people understand the Times Person of the Year award. Gore1FL Dec 6 #84
This makes me smile LetMyPeopleVote Dec 6 #92
Despite her music not being my favorite cup of tea TheKentuckian Dec 6 #93
Music is crap but rockfordfile Dec 6 #94
"Love Story" is my favorite Taylor Swift song, and the first where DemocraticPatriot Dec 6 #95
She's an amazing artist. I love her, Shake It Off! 💕 MerryBlooms Dec 6 #96
Shake off 'Love Story' ? I think not... DemocraticPatriot Dec 6 #97
I'm more a Baez, Harris, Simon, Raitt, Franklin, etc... playlist, MerryBlooms Dec 7 #98
I'm officially old. edbermac Dec 7 #100
it's bubble-gummy Skittles Dec 7 #103
It is bubble gum xmas74 Dec 14 #116
Congrats, Taylor! You're in the Person of the Year club of mostly men, Barack Obama and Joe Biden among them. ancianita Dec 7 #105
republicans are going to go into a nervous breakdown... Escurumbele Dec 7 #107
Her music IMHO is bland and vapid. WarGamer Dec 7 #111
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