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73. He's releasing them for public consumption...
Tue Dec 5, 2023, 02:09 PM
Dec 5

...which means that they will be more widely circulated than they have been, which means that the odds of someone seeing a neighbor, a coworker, a family member, etc. attempting to overthrow our government on one of these videos and turning them into the DOJ for prosecution is much more likely -- hence, the face blurring.

Law and Order repuglicans. louis-t Dec 5 #1
Sounds like he had a relative there. Captain Zero Dec 5 #2
Or a fellow Congressperson Poiuyt Dec 5 #3
Or he himself was there! EOM Scottie Mom Dec 5 #41
Hasn't the DOJ already seen all the footage? Poiuyt Dec 5 #4
DOJ has all the footage, but many of the perps were identified Ocelot II Dec 5 #9
@speakerJohnson ASSumes that the DOJ does not have access to all the firms?? riversedge Dec 5 #11
This does not make sense. former9thward Dec 5 #5
Johnson is trying to prevent any more of the insurrectionists Ocelot II Dec 5 #10
Wouldn't THIS be considered bluestarone Dec 5 #25
Obstruction and Destruction Of Evidence nt smb Dec 5 #46
The DOJ already has the evidence. former9thward Dec 5 #70
Makes sense. former9thward Dec 5 #98
Ryan Rileys Book Sedition Hunters bottomofthehill Dec 5 #99
Exactly. Ocelot II Dec 5 #100
THIS! calimary Dec 6 #125
Only makes sense if Johnson is grandstanding for magat base. . . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Dec 5 #39
Amazingly, even after this bit of time, nobody on the FReaky site is posting about it. . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Dec 5 #82
It Is Clearly Playing To An Audience That Is Not As On Top of Things The Roux Comes First Dec 5 #108
MAGAt "virtue signaling"... LudwigPastorius Dec 5 #67
A Presidential Pardon awaits you. magicarpet Dec 5 #121
He's releasing them for public consumption... W_HAMILTON Dec 5 #73
Makes sense former9thward Dec 5 #97
I hope somebody has the unblurred original video clips so their faces can be out there for all to see. calimary Dec 5 #122
Obstruction of Justice? zonemaster Dec 5 #6
Aiding and abetting a crime? No lawyer here either but.....come on....nt mitch96 Dec 5 #13
Agreed. Abigail_Adams Dec 5 #105
just think if you or I took action to try to prevent the FBI from identifying these criminials Skittles Dec 5 #113
It's official. Johnson is a pandering idiot. NCIndie Dec 5 #7
The Johnson didn't want his fellow traitors identified RAB910 Dec 5 #8
Yeah right Docreed2003 Dec 5 #12
The Story you have just seen is True PTL_Mancuso Dec 5 #68
It becomes more apparent every day why this fuckwad was chosen to be speaker. Shameless twat. EarnestPutz Dec 5 #14
Good luck with your language. rzemanfl Dec 5 #90
Blurring the faces seems like obstructing justice to me. patphil Dec 5 #15
Mike Johnson - weak on crime. FSogol Dec 5 #16
The actual Speaker of the House is saying let the criminal faces be blurred so the DOJ can't ID them. brush Dec 5 #17
Like Trump PatSeg Dec 5 #21
Nice to hear they stand with criminals. MOMFUDSKI Dec 5 #18
He's abusing his power to protect them. Baitball Blogger Dec 5 #19
Accessory after the fact? I'm not a lawyer, Greybnk48 Dec 5 #20
See #27 below struggle4progress Dec 5 #28
Uh, Mike? Go fuck yourself Warpy Dec 5 #22
Sounds like Mike tampers with evidence struggle4progress Dec 5 #23
In What World Has The DOJ Not Already Reviewed That Footage? MayReasonRule Dec 5 #24
A Lot Of These Criminals Were ID'd.... ProfessorGAC Dec 5 #42
So, Speaker porno Mike Johnson is protecting Antifa? MagickMuffin Dec 5 #26
18 USC 3: Accessory after the fact struggle4progress Dec 5 #27
Someone should whisper that in MAGAt Mike's ear. And to newsrooms. Hermit-The-Prog Dec 5 #38
Yes. Scottie Mom Dec 5 #50
Or, said another way, "we need to protect our criminal voters from justice". OAITW r.2.0 Dec 5 #29
Johnson is a goddamn traitor just like the rest of them dalton99a Dec 5 #30
Wait; what? gratuitous Dec 5 #31
riversedge ........... Upthevibe Dec 5 #32
In real life it's called "tampering with evidence". JohnnyRingo Dec 5 #33
So he's saying it WASN'T a typical, tourist visit? Vinca Dec 5 #34
OMG! Chi67 Dec 5 #35
He is just pandering to the insurectionist supporters... FarPoint Dec 5 #36
Openly admitting to protecting moniss Dec 5 #37
Yeah, I think thats just a statement for his cultist followers. oldsoftie Dec 5 #54
Agreed but it does hamper moniss Dec 5 #58
The doj should have all the tapes so fuck that ass. If the dog doesn't then fuck them for not doing their job. Autumn Dec 5 #40
The republican party is truly an enemy of our Democracy. spanone Dec 5 #43
Ah, yes, good, honest Christian values. Biophilic Dec 5 #44
The ole transparency blur effect, nice. usregimechange Dec 5 #45
In other words, they'll blur the faces of those who can implicate members of Congress. tinrobot Dec 5 #47
"interfering with prosecution" usregimechange Dec 5 #48
All his best friends and relatives must have been part of the hoard. appleannie1 Dec 5 #49
The man second in line to the Presidency is actively working to overthrow the US Government Hekate Dec 5 #51
Doesn't protecting criminals make you an accessory to the crime? JoseBalow Dec 5 #52
Yes MustLoveBeagles Dec 5 #77
Seems pretty straightforward that he's an aiding and abetting JoseBalow Dec 5 #83
Hey Mike..Mike Johnson! Why are you covering your eyes? chouchou Dec 5 #53
I sure hope the Capitol Police are listening Easterncedar Dec 5 #55
I call bull$hit. usedtobedemgurl Dec 5 #56
It's all pandering to the base. "I'll protect you." DOJ and internet sleuths have all the footage already, duh. NoMoreRepugs Dec 5 #57
The DOJ can subpoena evidence one would think? That said it was just a peaceful protest mzmolly Dec 5 #59
If DOJ has the unaltered footage this is helpful NotASurfer Dec 5 #60
YEP! the DOJ has just been given a ROAD MAP to follow! bluestarone Dec 5 #65
Oh, snap! MorbidButterflyTat Dec 5 #118
Hey Mike, blur this.... Blue Owl Dec 5 #61
Doesn't that make him just as guilty? LiberalFighter Dec 5 #62
But, but, but, it was Antifa. Show the faces. Kennah Dec 5 #63
Give US, low-life mere citizens a chance. . . PTL_Mancuso Dec 5 #71
The republican law and order platform. republianmushroom Dec 5 #64
It will be like a documentary on the Holocaust that leaves out concentration camps Ohioboy Dec 5 #66
Aiding and abetting criminals Mike? Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Dec 5 #69
Obstruction of Justice NameAlreadyTaken Dec 5 #72
Lock him up. moondust Dec 5 #74
Would that include the turds who took out the office panic buttons? Kid Berwyn Dec 5 #75
Eat unblurred shit, Mike Johnson. (nt) Paladin Dec 5 #76
I thought the point of releasing the video was so people could identify all the undercover FBI agents in the crowd. -nt CrispyQ Dec 5 #78
K&R MustLoveBeagles Dec 5 #79
DOJ: charge him with obstruction of justice, STAT! machoneman Dec 5 #80
Is that why they blurred his face? Emile Dec 5 #81
That statement, Mr. Johnson, does not pass the smell test. SOteric Dec 5 #84
this bullshit makes him and them ALL accessories, drop the damn hammer! bringthePaine Dec 5 #85
BLURRED FelineOverlord Dec 5 #86
They are probably members of congress. The republican ones Maraya1969 Dec 5 #87
Isn't that obstruction of justice? misanthrope Dec 5 #88
Damn. This guy is a horrid fucker. n/t LuckyCharms Dec 5 #89
Obstruction of Justice... Grins Dec 5 #91
Arrest the MF'er HAB911 Dec 5 #92
Johnson is a traitor !!!! Lock him up. Trueblue1968 Dec 5 #93
To: Mikey Wetpants Jean Genie Dec 5 #94
Let's say I ran a bank SpankMe Dec 5 #95
Good lord mcar Dec 5 #96
Do I hear a charge of aiding and abetting after the fact??? Ford_Prefect Dec 5 #101
Here's an idea Marthe48 Dec 5 #102
He.is.a.russian.asset. lostnfound Dec 5 #103
Closing the barn door after the horse is gone? BlueIdaho Dec 5 #104
Mike Johnson Rebl2 Dec 5 #106
but - I thought it was a FALSE FLAG operation! ANTIFA! Skittles Dec 5 #107
so accessories after the fact? barbtries Dec 5 #109
The law and order party Johonny Dec 5 #110
"some" --- Thousands of hours of video. It must have taken many man hours and expense to blur "some". keithbvadu2 Dec 5 #111
Impeach Mike Johnson. Right fucking now. (nt) Paladin Dec 5 #112
I take this to mean there is some subset or sub plot that's not discovered yet bucolic_frolic Dec 5 #114
An honest man would release the tapes pfitz59 Dec 5 #115
Any appropriations bills passed? Any progress on Israel/Ukraine funding? Midnight Writer Dec 5 #116
Yeah, we don't want criminals to be charged for crimes IronLionZion Dec 5 #117
I most definitely want them "charged" Lucky Luciano Dec 5 #119
This message was self-deleted by its author Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Dec 5 #120
WAIT! Just WAIT! Before you make up your mind, C Moon Dec 6 #123
Well then it's not raw footage, is it. Iggo Dec 6 #124
So, Preacher Mike, you admit the terrorists were criming? Aviation Pro Dec 6 #126
And this clown is a lawyer? GiqueCee Dec 6 #127
Yes. We would not want the DOJ going around arresting criminals. mwb970 Dec 6 #128
Some wealthy and connected GOP donors have probably escaped prosecution Freethinker65 Dec 6 #129
In Republican Politics, it is an asset to be a criminal Best_man23 Dec 6 #130
Traitors. Martin68 Dec 6 #131
Translation from GOP to English meow2u3 Dec 6 #132
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