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7. Considering their doctor of choice during COVID was a conspiracy theory lunatic...
Tue Dec 5, 2023, 12:53 PM
Dec 2023

Who said that the virus was caused by lizard people, and said doctor still hawks quack cures and has not had her medical license revoked yet, I'm not going to trust the GOP's judgement on healthcare any time soon.

But how many eggs is that? sinkingfeeling Dec 2023 #1
How many kittens? murielm99 Dec 2023 #24
I'm going to start a new business! leftieNanner Dec 2023 #2
LeftieNanner SYGDeb Dec 2023 #15
Wow, he truly lives in an alternate reality PatSeg Dec 2023 #3
He needs to go with that himself and let us know how that works out. LakeArenal Dec 2023 #4
I think someone mountain grammy Dec 2023 #5
Freaking moron! Grumpy Old Guy Dec 2023 #6
Considering their doctor of choice during COVID was a conspiracy theory lunatic... Initech Dec 2023 #7
As they are always saying, "You can't make this stuff up". Unbelievable. EarnestPutz Dec 2023 #9
Oh yeah look up some of the crazy shit Stella Immanuel has said. Initech Dec 2023 #12
Another great time to suggest that these idiot congressmen should provide the same free health.... EarnestPutz Dec 2023 #8
Hope he hammers that idea home on the campaign trail KS Toronado Dec 2023 #10
Will doctors accept chickens for payment again? liberal N proud Dec 2023 #11
liberal n proud SYGDeb Dec 2023 #17
If it was good enough for great grandpa, it's good enough for me - Tim Sheehy. patphil Dec 2023 #13
I am so sick and tired of these Republicans and their ignorant easy fixes. Baitball Blogger Dec 2023 #14
Repukes only care about grift - it's all about the grift FakeNoose Dec 2023 #16
Bang head here. Delmette2.0 Dec 2023 #18
hahahahaha JohnnyRingo Dec 2023 #19
how many chickens? pansypoo53219 Dec 2023 #20
I think it would be about 25 million for a bypass.. Permanut Dec 2023 #25
Their stupidity knows no bounds. Mickju Dec 2023 #21
I guess he wants the death rate of the same period. POS. 58Sunliner Dec 2023 #22
It's as though thinking through these issues is too tiresome for them nuxvomica Dec 2023 #23
Let him be first by not accepting the health care benefits taxpayers pay for. Hermit-The-Prog Dec 2023 #26
*SNORT* Skittles Dec 2023 #27
Plenty of people died back then too IronLionZion Dec 2023 #28
He's ex-Navy Seal, and he plays Montana people like that? Tester will eat his lunch. ancianita Dec 2023 #29
This guy seems exceptionally clueless and dimwitted, even for a Republican. ShazzieB Dec 2023 #30
What Is It With Montana? DET Dec 2023 #31
So this moron is basically saying we don't need hospitals. He wants to close all the hospitals and return Martin68 Dec 2023 #32
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