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In reply to the discussion: FUCK THE SACKLER FAMILY [View all]
FUCK THE SACKLER FAMILY [View all] Stinky The Clown Dec 4 OP
Yes, they did, and still doing it with all their $$$. elleng Dec 4 #1
The American Dream, as far as most Republicans are concerned peppertree Dec 5 #44
Plain evil malaise Dec 4 #2
And again and again for each of those they sold and contributed the poison that made so many dead. marble falls Dec 4 #3
Exactly NowISeetheLight Dec 4 #4
Plowed the field for the fentanyl disaster. nt PufPuf23 Dec 5 #50
I second that emotion EYESORE 9001 Dec 4 #5
Should opioids be taken off the market? Mosby Dec 4 #6
They deliberately lied about the danger Easterncedar Dec 4 #7
K&R...they absolutely did Docreed2003 Dec 4 #13
The sales agents made claims. Igel Dec 4 #28
This message was self-deleted by its author Stinky The Clown Dec 4 #8
Imagine your own beautiful daughter DEAD because of all this. Now answer your own question. Stinky The Clown Dec 4 #9
Have you had a loved one with terminal cancer? Mosby Dec 4 #21
Yes, they have their place in treatment. I've been taking 5mg's of hydrocodone for 20 years Cheezoholic Dec 4 #25
Yes. As I type this, yes. Stinky The Clown Dec 4 #29
My then-MIL was in pain. Igel Dec 4 #30
What if your beautiful daughter had to have major surgery? wryter2000 Dec 5 #43
Why would that be the case? Stinky The Clown Dec 5 #46
Because after major surgery wryter2000 Dec 5 #53
My response to all that you just wrote is "duh". Of course people need opiates when indicated. Stinky The Clown Dec 5 #54
So obtuse. n/t demmiblue Dec 4 #10
See my reply below... Docreed2003 Dec 4 #12
Let me tell you a true story, to answer part of your question Docreed2003 Dec 4 #11
All the signs were there early on Ponietz Dec 5 #45
That doesn't lessen the culpability of whathehell Dec 5 #47
"All the sign" were not there early on...that's pure hindsight Docreed2003 Dec 5 #48
Funny (not really) that no one actually addressed your questions (n/t) Seeking Serenity Dec 4 #19
Actually, I think answer 11, directly above yours thucythucy Dec 4 #31
Several people did, & from more than one angle Hekate Dec 5 #37
Yes, after i made my comment (not claiming my comment spurred those responses) Seeking Serenity Dec 6 #55
Opioids should not be taken off the market. mwooldri Dec 5 #33
Hell, no wryter2000 Dec 5 #42
They are seeking rich man justice. They will get it too. flashman13 Dec 4 #14
I'm sure they own all or part of enough judges to get away with it. The wealthy do not ever have consequences. onecaliberal Dec 4 #15
They lied and conned the medical establishment, and then laundered their reputation with philanthropy. ancianita Dec 4 #16
++ appalachiablue Dec 4 #23
I dont know how they sleep at night Demovictory9 Dec 4 #17
The entire pharmaceutical industry DENVERPOPS Dec 4 #18
Hear Hear! (n/t) OldBaldy1701E Dec 5 #35
How is it EVEN possible they don't have to do ANY jail time??? a kennedy Dec 4 #20
Plus: Codifer Dec 4 #22
Every last penny. Every connection to the high-life severed. PTL_Mancuso Dec 4 #24
How could that not be punished. How. redqueen Dec 4 #26
Unfortunately, you get this deal or no deal. They can tie this up in court *forever*. sir pball Dec 4 #27
I thought you were talking about the Trumps and misspelled Slacker nt Xipe Totec Dec 4 #32
I taught in SW PA.... PittBlue Dec 5 #34
They knew what they were doing. n/t eShirl Dec 5 #36
Kick their asses from here to eternity & wreck their fortune Hekate Dec 5 #38
Not too big to jail Warpy Dec 5 #39
Because of those assholes, Elessar Zappa Dec 5 #40
If you like quality horror wryter2000 Dec 5 #41
The fact that crime pays is not lost on the very wealthy. kr PufPuf23 Dec 5 #49
Psychopaths have no conscience... dlk Dec 5 #51
The family is too big to jail. The country's largest drug dealers get immunity, who says crime does not pay? Chainfire Dec 5 #52
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