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3. I am really sick to death of people defending this $%&#$%#er.
Tue Dec 5, 2023, 10:05 AM
Dec 5

The lengths people go through to defend this piece of crap. I really don't get it.

First of all, what does "waging a war IN democracy" even mean? hlthe2b Dec 5 #1
nothing? Voltaire2 Dec 5 #4
Snopes lost credibility a couple years ago padfun Dec 5 #9
12 or so years ago that was a solid place to get the real info. Now, it's hit or miss. PTL_Mancuso Dec 5 #14
Waging war is bad enough. C_U_L8R Dec 5 #2
I am really sick to death of people defending this $%&#$%#er. Solomon Dec 5 #3
Also words have a way of coming out of Drumpf's mouth wrong. greatauntoftriplets Dec 5 #5
I think we have a bit of a "Hitler was a cannibal" situation here. Tommy Carcetti Dec 5 #6
The quote is incorrect. The balance of what you stated I cannot comment on. twodogsbarking Dec 5 #8
They got the quote wrong then went on to defend the incorrect quote. Now you're defending that & on about Hitler eating SoFlaBro Dec 5 #11
Thank you, Tommy Easterncedar Dec 5 #13
Huge difference, Hitler may have not been a cannibal, but Trump IS an authoritarian that wants to destroy our Democracy. bluesbassman Dec 5 #25
Agreed it was a subconscious Freudian slip for Trump Tommy Carcetti Dec 5 #26
Not surprised. Snopes is trash kcr Dec 5 #7
I agree. They've dropped the ball in the last couple of years. padfun Dec 5 #10
the quote is not correct stopdiggin Dec 5 #12
That's right Easterncedar Dec 5 #16
the claim that he was 'inadvertantly' revealing stopdiggin Dec 5 #19
that doesn't make interpreting his bull wrong bigtree Dec 5 #21
The first quote on MSNBC that I saw radical noodle Dec 5 #22
I have always said people put to much faith in snopes being the final word on well just about anything. William769 Dec 5 #15
Forgetting the fact that the letters 'o' & 'i' sit next to each other on the keyboard ... aggiesal Dec 5 #17
That quote was a campaign crusher. I believe Snopes has a price C Moon Dec 5 #18
a-effin-men. Tom of Temecula Dec 5 #20
Hey, it's on video radical noodle Dec 5 #23
Snopes is right, MT is wrong Celerity Dec 5 #24
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