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36. Same as I've always thought: the MIC and the Gubment are at it again.
Mon Dec 4, 2023, 03:59 PM
Dec 4

Old men lying, young men dying. Same shit, different flies.

Yes. I actually got out my tie-dyed peace t-shirt and attended anti-war demonstrations. viva la Dec 4 #1
That there were no WMDs. Bleacher Creature Dec 4 #2
Saddam Hussein Turbineguy Dec 4 #8
Yep. Knew from the start it was BS captain queeg Dec 4 #54
WTF? Jilly_in_VA Dec 4 #3
I was confused too Mad_Machine76 Dec 4 #4
Message auto-removed Name removed Dec 4 #19
A lot of US service men died escorting Halliburton trucks all over Iraq Attilatheblond Dec 4 #53
What I thought was: "Why?" LoisB Dec 4 #5
I was against it redqueen Dec 4 #6
Message auto-removed Name removed Dec 4 #18
Not for one second did those neocon bastards pull the wool over this old boy's eyes EYESORE 9001 Dec 4 #7
I hated Dubya and his admin. It was a WTF moment for me. NewHendoLib Dec 4 #9
....misleading. .. thomski64 Dec 4 #26
This message was self-deleted by its author claudette Dec 4 #10
Then and now, we were wrong to invade unweird Dec 4 #11
I thought, Oh My God! Lunabell Dec 4 #12
I was participating in large anti-war rallies... hunter Dec 4 #13
I Got Caught Up In One in SF Deep State Witch Dec 4 #22
"Why Iraq?" ProfessorGAC Dec 4 #14
Message auto-removed Name removed Dec 4 #20
No Question ProfessorGAC Dec 4 #38
I believed that the war was based on lies from the very beginning, just Uncle Joe Dec 4 #15
My thought was "Here I go again" sarisataka Dec 4 #16
I'm so sorry that happened to you and your Marines. yardwork Dec 4 #25
We were quite pissed because sarisataka Dec 4 #43
I appreciate everything you did. yardwork Dec 4 #44
. sarisataka Dec 4 #46
"Here we go again" - basically Vietnam redux... Wounded Bear Dec 4 #68
Message auto-removed Name removed Dec 4 #17
"Americans were turning on Muslim Americans and Middle Easterners left and right." maxsolomon Dec 4 #21
Yes, violent racists in the US were attacking people frequently.. redqueen Dec 4 #65
481 incidents in the wake of 9/11 isn't "left and right" to me. maxsolomon Dec 4 #66
I remember the Sikhs I worked with stopped wearing turbans. redqueen Dec 4 #67
I remember it very well. I was distraught. yardwork Dec 4 #23
Opposed the war and never believed the lies Bush and his goons were pushing RAB910 Dec 4 #24
A horrible mistake based on lies underpants Dec 4 #27
And David Bloom got eaten up nitpicked Dec 4 #33
Out protesting from the first and sick to my stomach about it. haele Dec 4 #28
The height of stupidity and no WMD. n/t RKP5637 Dec 4 #29
Another stupid man in charge with daddy issues, was what I thought at the time. Turned out I was right Walleye Dec 4 #30
From the announcement, I thought it was a huge mistake. no_hypocrisy Dec 4 #31
That it was bullshit Alpeduez21 Dec 4 #32
I can't pin it down this late, but as soon as I found out it was mostly Saudis on those flights, I called brewens Dec 4 #34
I was out in the streets protesting that atrocity with all the energy I could muster. ZZenith Dec 4 #35
Same as I've always thought: the MIC and the Gubment are at it again. Magoo48 Dec 4 #36
I was thinking I should take to the streets and protest. prodigitalson Dec 4 #37
How we so proudly Shocked & Awed Basic LA Dec 4 #39
Why didn't Al Gore fight harder ... marble falls Dec 4 #40
As Gore pointed out, he fought it as far as the highest court in the land. After that there is only revolt... Hekate Dec 4 #47
I was thinking that we were attacking the wrong people. (n/t) OldBaldy1701E Dec 4 #41
I was like, "What?" LeftInTX Dec 4 #55
It was probably the first war in US history Mr.Bill Dec 4 #42
Cheney wanted to be president so bad Butterflylady Dec 4 #72
I was driving down the main street of my town, on the way to a meeting of the VFP... Hekate Dec 4 #45
I pretty much knew it was bullshit. chouchou Dec 4 #48
This message was self-deleted by its author traitorsgalore Dec 4 #49
Never trusted Dick Cheney. There was a reason he found HE was the only one suited for V.P. Attilatheblond Dec 4 #50
I was like, "What happened to Afghanistan?" LeftInTX Dec 4 #51
It seemed Junior had Daddy issues. C_U_L8R Dec 4 #52
War crime. Marcus IM Dec 4 #56
I saw it from before it happened as a cynical scam DFW Dec 4 #57
I was marching in the streets with Not In Our Name and half of Honolulu mahina Dec 4 #58
Thank you. From my experience in Santa Barbara, I know how meaningful it is when your town supports you Hekate Dec 4 #63
Our cops got ugly several times mahina Dec 4 #73
I'm sorry you experienced that. We had a singular political moment with the Mayor & Council... Hekate Dec 4 #74
Here's to the good guys. mahina Dec 4 #82
I was against the war. I thought most of us were. Like my congresswoman (who was normal at the time) ecstatic Dec 4 #59
I took a different view then most here at the time EX500rider Dec 4 #60
I thought of this article & how desperately it needs updating & then to be read by every American. CrispyQ Dec 4 #61
Went with my JustAnotherGen Dec 4 #62
Yes, I do remember defending Iraqi civilians Bettie Dec 4 #64
I was screaming at the tv and the walls dhol82 Dec 4 #69
that it was BS and that it was wrong fishwax Dec 4 #70
Like an idiot, I was for it for the first few months Polybius Dec 4 #71
I knew the administration had been lying its ass off Sky Jewels Dec 4 #75
Will this impact the availability of humus? NCIndie Dec 4 #76
I was scared and it made no sense to me. And I followed the latest news very closely here on DU. Rhiannon12866 Dec 4 #77
I was in college during the first gulf war and participated in a few protests then. Xolodno Dec 4 #78
I was appalled DBoon Dec 4 #79
I remember thinking Texasgal Dec 4 #80
That it was complete and utter BS, based on lies. We (DU) knew the whole WMD/ niyad Dec 4 #81
That it was a completely unnecessary war of choice - I was totally appalled by the whole thing. NT Midwestern Democrat Dec 5 #83
I was thinking ExWhoDoesntCare Dec 5 #84
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