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there's only so many pipefitters and they can only be replaced so fast Takket Dec 3 #1
Only a pipefitter shortage in Chicago? former9thward Dec 3 #2
From Your Own Snip ProfessorGAC Dec 3 #3
If the worth of Chicago's kids brains were treated like all other cities former9thward Dec 3 #5
Because Biden hates Chicago edisdead Dec 4 #20
"bullshit headline that tries to sink Biden's support in Chicago" former9thward Dec 4 #22
I don't give a damn who wrote the headline. edisdead Dec 4 #23
Magical Thinking (nt) ProfessorGAC Dec 4 #25
At least I am thinking. former9thward Dec 4 #28
The Chicago house I grew up in was built in the early 1900's. Talitha Dec 3 #4
Yes. former9thward Dec 3 #6
Thanks for the info! Talitha Dec 3 #9
Lead is most important for younger children and fetuses. former9thward Dec 3 #11
Has anyone actually quantified the degree of brain damage Disaffected Dec 3 #7
Why is Chicago the only city singled out for a 40 year repreive? former9thward Dec 3 #8
According to the article, it is supposedly because Disaffected Dec 3 #12
There are 9.2 million lead water services lines in the U.S. former9thward Dec 3 #14
The article and I already gave a couple of possibilities. Disaffected Dec 3 #16
Don't know Chi67 Dec 3 #18
I have been in Chicago since 1974. former9thward Dec 4 #19
Clearly, you don't... Chi67 Dec 4 #24
I lived in Andersonville (Lakewood Balmoral) bamagal62 Dec 4 #27
Indeed! Chi67 Dec 4 #30
Bad things about Democrats. Kingofalldems Dec 3 #10
Right?! edisdead Dec 4 #21
Looks that way. Emile Dec 5 #36
Must not have used Ed Burke's law firm for the logistics Prairie Gates Dec 3 #13
Well his trial took forever to get to court. former9thward Dec 3 #15
Real life of da party over dere Prairie Gates Dec 3 #17
Here is a link to an outline of the replacement program in Chicago. LuvLoogie Dec 4 #26
Thank you but something is not working. former9thward Dec 4 #29
Free Plumber School? NowISeetheLight Dec 4 #31
Clearly because Biden is corrupt and showing favoritism to Chicago maxsolomon Dec 4 #32
Because city officials themselves have said it will be a multi-decade effort. W_HAMILTON Dec 4 #33
Don't you think other cities said the same thing? former9thward Dec 4 #34
When did the Times start publishing articles blaming Biden for Emile Dec 5 #35
One article is not "everything bad". former9thward Dec 5 #37
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