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It's the pause where one forms the sentence in their head. LakeArenal Dec 3 #1
I don't know why either, but I do it often. lamp_shade Dec 3 #2
So it's like I mean you know uh well let me get back to you on that. Hermit-The-Prog Dec 3 #3
I blame "War and Peace". muriel_volestrangler Dec 3 #4
So, What's The Big Deal With Starting A Sentence With 'So'? (NPR - 2015) Celerity Dec 3 #5
So what does happen when three gastroenterologists walk into a bear?? madinmaryland Dec 4 #49
they look for three stools? Celerity Dec 4 #50
The functional equivalent of "well...." tableturner Dec 3 #6
I was just about to say the same thing. japple Dec 3 #10
I noticed it myself, and I do it too. More troubled by "I'm not going to Lie" being more commonly used Nictuku Dec 3 #7
"That being said..." was something I really noticed, but one of my biggest peeves was "at japple Dec 3 #11
"That's a great (excellent) question!!" (more stalling time.) Peregrine Took Dec 3 #8
It has replaced "Well..." as a conversation filler. Straw Man Dec 3 #9
So it goes. Xavier Breath Dec 3 #12
It gets on my nerves. LudwigPastorius Dec 3 #13
The biggest practitioner is Andrew Weismann (MSNBC guest commentator) Stinky The Clown Dec 3 #14
Glenn Kirschner, too PJMcK Dec 4 #36
It's "The Discourse" Prairie Gates Dec 3 #15
Certain words become fashionable and the slide into overuse. Stinky The Clown Dec 3 #16
For a while it was Ya Know, then it was Well, and now it's So. Talitha Dec 3 #17
Based off vs. based on, dropped T's in words like mountain, added t's in words like kitten Blues Heron Dec 3 #18
I've heard/read that it's a millenial thing. TwilightZone Dec 3 #19
It's an Irish thing as well. "Right so..." is the all purpose way to begin any statement of opinion or news item. meadowlander Dec 3 #21
It's a millennial/Gen Z verbal tic. Wingus Dingus Dec 3 #20
How about "No, yeah, I mean..." A HERETIC I AM Dec 3 #22
' I mean' is now the beginning of a response to a question, RicROC Dec 4 #32
Languages in general Texasgal Dec 3 #23
That doesn't ForgedCrank Dec 3 #24
I say "I mean" and "ya know" a lot. I think it's a stalling technique to give a few seconds time Raine Dec 3 #25
I am much more fine with it than "making a long story short" NewHendoLib Dec 3 #26
My late brother used to say... llmart Dec 4 #45
I think it sort of softens declaratives intrepidity Dec 3 #27
I think it started in academia. marybourg Dec 3 #28
So...because it is a conversational intro when making a post? OAITW r.2.0 Dec 3 #29
So, I just looked at all the posts on page one of the Latest Discussions doc03 Dec 3 #30
I hadn't noticed it either. SharonClark Dec 3 #31
This!!! Ferrets are Cool Dec 4 #40
So... lame54 Dec 4 #33
I've always had a problem overusing "so," proofreading v. important. betsuni Dec 4 #34
"Every" post/conversation does not begin with "So". elocs Dec 4 #35
So? Chainfire Dec 4 #37
There's a DJ in Detroit that does that on the air bif Dec 4 #38
I feel so-so on this subject. Swede Dec 4 #39
So, 'actually' is just as frequent. Voltaire2 Dec 4 #41
Excerpt: Do you use "so" to manage conversations? Donkees Dec 4 #42
It's a matter of little concern to me. MineralMan Dec 4 #43
It's not grammatically incorrect to start a sentence with "So" Niagara Dec 4 #44
My pet peeve re: language llmart Dec 4 #46
Also, excessive use of absolutely. I have a lot of peeves! japple Dec 4 #47
I thinks what annoys me Marthe48 Dec 4 #48
Message auto-removed Name removed Dec 4 #51
Its trendy. OldBaldy1701E Dec 4 #52
Millenial niece and I both think that "so" yorkster Dec 4 #53
Even more hackle inducing for me is..... northoftheborder Dec 4 #54
So... Bucky Dec 4 #55
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