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Maybe the threats will work. Mosby Dec 2023 #1
It's still a year away so I'm not going to worry...this war shit needs to wrap up ASAP. nt GuppyGal Dec 2023 #2
I am worried too. But don't assume all of mucifer Dec 2023 #3
If they're smart, they'll still vote Dem gulliver Dec 2023 #4
He is not getting strong support from every other constituency. Big Blue Marble Dec 2023 #9
That's my reading, too. Basic LA Dec 2023 #12
Most of those bloc losses are due to taking our eye off the ball wrt class consciousness gulliver Dec 2023 #17
I've heard about the alleged losses among black & Hispanic voters from MSM duckworth969 Dec 2023 #18
How many of them actually voted? NYC Liberal Dec 2023 #5
They are 1% of the population JustAnotherGen Dec 2023 #6
It is certainly not too late. David__77 Dec 2023 #7
if your primary focus is on foreign policy stopdiggin Dec 2023 #8
That was for sure an issue in 1968. David__77 Dec 2023 #10
I wish more of us would see ... Basic LA Dec 2023 #13
and of course the solution there is to vote Republican stopdiggin Dec 2023 #14
I think the solution is to campaign for a course correction now. David__77 Dec 2023 #15
the 'course correction' has been in play stopdiggin Dec 2023 #16
Reminds me of the stupid Bernie Bros that sat home in 2016 because they didn't get their favorite Bernie ice cream. SoFlaBro Dec 2023 #11
Likely too small to make a difference Mountainguy Dec 2023 #19
Muslims may not be happy w Biden, but if they think the GOP is a better choice, FlyingPiggy Dec 2023 #20
Not going to be gaslit. Not going to be intimidated. Not going to be blackmailed. OilemFirchen Dec 2023 #21
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