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In reply to the discussion: Will DJT debate Biden? [View all]
Will DJT debate Biden? [View all] BWdem4life Dec 2023 OP
He won't debate Joe as his handlers know his mental decline will be evident and undeniable... brush Dec 2023 #1
Doesn't matter. He won in 2016 after Hillary Clinton kicked his ass in every debate mucifer Dec 2023 #2
DJT will be on trial, maybe not nominee. If he is he'll be desperate Bernardo de La Paz Dec 2023 #3
By then, he'll be reduced to "Wanna see my pee-pee?" nt Buns_of_Fire Dec 2023 #4
Roadkill by summer Ponietz Dec 2023 #8
He won't. He expects to be coronated at America's rightful president. Eugene Dec 2023 #5
He'll debate, he loves to debate Raine Dec 2023 #6
It'll be Haley Ponietz Dec 2023 #7
TFG is too senile to debate LetMyPeopleVote Dec 2023 #9
The only question should be mountain grammy Dec 2023 #10
The GOP withdrew from the debate commission last year Fiendish Thingy Dec 2023 #11
It'll be interesting ... marble falls Dec 2023 #12
Why should he bother? He is probably relying on his cheating enterprise in swing states to deliver the goods for him. CTyankee Dec 2023 #13
Luckily, Dems control the major swing states at the moment, I believe. Elessar Zappa Dec 2023 #14
Do you feel comfortable with that? It's good to know but I have real fear in the pit of my stomach that his goons have CTyankee Dec 2023 #15
Joe Biden would never be stupid enough to debate a person like Trump Greybnk48 Dec 2023 #16
But then the Biden will get attacked by the media for not debating Polybius Dec 2023 #21
Trump will refuse to debate and the media will blame it on Biden. Midnight Writer Dec 2023 #17
He can't debate SCantiGOP Dec 2023 #18
His handlers will not let debate anybody. republianmushroom Dec 2023 #19
Of course Trump will Polybius Dec 2023 #20
Why should Biden have to? JustAnotherGen Dec 2023 #22
I'm beyond caring about what that miscreant does. phylny Dec 2023 #23
He will not be in jail. He will refuse to debate and the RNC will of course give him cover. nt Maru Kitteh Dec 2023 #24
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