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You don't get a say... [View all] sheshe2 Dec 2 OP
Agree republianmushroom Dec 2 #1
Amen mcar Dec 2 #2
Yup. n/t North Shore Chicago Dec 2 #3
Absolutely! jaxexpat Dec 2 #4
Hear hear! Picaro Dec 2 #5
It always amazing me that any man with a mother, sister, or daughter can be anti-choice. n/t CincyDem Dec 2 #6
Having helped men get abortions, I find this meme to be a little anti-trans. WhiskeyGrinder Dec 2 #7
Huh? PoindexterOglethorpe Dec 2 #15
There are men who need abortions. They should get a say. WhiskeyGrinder Dec 2 #18
How are these men getting pregnant? PoindexterOglethorpe Dec 2 #19
Trans men are men. WhiskeyGrinder Dec 2 #20
I don't think abortion activism is exclude any PoindexterOglethorpe Dec 2 #21
The meme in the OP does, as does language that implies a man can't have an opinion about abortion because he can't get WhiskeyGrinder Dec 2 #22
Well, it specifically says unless a child can come out of your body... Trueblue Texan Dec 3 #26
Which would then imply that people who have had hysterecomies can't have an opinion about abortion. WhiskeyGrinder Dec 3 #29
I see your point, but hopefully the intended point got through to most. nt Trueblue Texan Dec 3 #36
Ditto women who are childless by choice and post-menopausal women. meadowlander Dec 3 #44
Don't you think you are splitting hairs with that? flying_wahini Dec 3 #37
"Physically female" isn't a thing. meadowlander Dec 3 #41
No. WhiskeyGrinder Dec 3 #54
Way to miss the point Hekate Dec 3 #45
Help me out, then. WhiskeyGrinder Dec 3 #52
Oh, For Gods Sake DET Dec 4 #66
I have an opinion on abortion... Wounded Bear Dec 2 #8
Exactly Farmer-Rick Dec 3 #28
Perfect. The rest of this discussion is just noise. EarnestPutz Dec 3 #62
Yes, but if you are a man you should keep that opinion to yourself Silent3 Dec 4 #65
💯 K&R onecaliberal Dec 2 #9
I understand the rally-the-troops appeal of this kind of rhetoric, but it's not so clever... Silent3 Dec 2 #10
'Man' speaks of the men that are writing laws... sheshe2 Dec 2 #11
The meme literally says "an opinion on abortion shouldn't come out of HIS mouth" Silent3 Dec 3 #39
With all due respect, you did bring farmers & infrastructure into the discussion, & that was a howling faux pas Hekate Dec 3 #47
I brought farmers and infrastructure into the picture clearly as an illustration... Silent3 Dec 3 #59
A lot of women vote for these men Kaleva Dec 3 #57
Abortion should never be a political issue nor be in the purview of government or law enforcement. jaxexpat Dec 3 #33
Should never be a policitcal issue perhaps, but you can't escape the fact that it is Silent3 Dec 3 #40
If the question of regulating abortion remains a political issue then we have given into an extinction level tyranny. jaxexpat Dec 4 #67
I don't disagree with anything that you've said Silent3 Dec 4 #68
Where I'm trying to go is that men's opinions on the matter are ultimately.... jaxexpat Dec 4 #69
Are the opinions of non-fertile women just as irrelevant? Silent3 Dec 4 #70
Are the opinions of non-fertile women just as irrelevant? jaxexpat Dec 5 #71
Whoa.. Ain't that the Stark Truth! Cha Dec 2 #12
The choice is the woman's. redqueen Dec 2 #13
My Body, My Choice, I Am The Law DinahMoeHum Dec 2 #14
That's perfect! sheshe2 Dec 2 #17
Does that also apply to vaccine mandates? Seeking Serenity Dec 3 #51
Some men can't do without.. chouchou Dec 2 #16
Ditto that! n/t CousinIT Dec 3 #23
No shit, sister. Glamrock Dec 3 #24
EXACTLY!!! niyad Dec 3 #25
If it was men who got pregnant moniss Dec 3 #27
Is anyone proposing to restrict recreational use of ED drugs? redqueen Dec 3 #30
There have been articles in the news moniss Dec 3 #31
If men got pregnant, the roles would simply be reversed. BlueTsunami2018 Dec 3 #55
I don't think moniss Dec 3 #60
I keep waiting for a MAGAt to be asked the Time Machine question Seinan Sensei Dec 3 #32
Or Obama. progressoid Dec 3 #35
Unfourtunately a third of women in America don't want other women to get abortions. progressoid Dec 3 #34
Remember: There are zero laws Bettie Dec 3 #38
Exactly. William769 Dec 3 #42
I mean men can have opinions about it ....but they just shouldn't count GuppyGal Dec 3 #43
"No right to speak"? Even if we're on your side? Towlie Dec 3 #46
I concede the point, with thanks for being an ally Hekate Dec 3 #49
Sadly, too many Americans are committed to the subjugation of women dlk Dec 3 #48
A lot of men (most probably) support a woman's right to choose gulliver Dec 3 #50
It's also besides the point because even if a majority of women were against abortion... Silent3 Dec 4 #64
Agree!!! n/t RKP5637 Dec 3 #53
100% right on the money!!!!! bluestarone Dec 3 #56
Sing it, Sister! Warpy Dec 3 #58
Message auto-removed Name removed Dec 3 #61
K&R! I feel exactly the same way!!! Rhiannon12866 Dec 3 #63
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