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Big Blue Marble

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34. This is our war and those who oppose it, know that.
Sat Dec 2, 2023, 06:37 PM
Dec 2023

We are supplying the bombs and artillery. Our tax dollars
are funding it.

What you are not considering is the many outside forces
that will feed the animosity in the party through social media
that was not present in 1968. Schisms become fractures and
fractures becomes canyons when massaged by those whose
interests are in causing distention within the party.

This is a very dangerous time for Biden and the administration
knows it. (Hence the change in messaging if not in actions) Netanyahu
would just as soon destroy Biden's credibility with his base in hopes
that the Republicans win. Young and many not-so-young Democrats
already were showing dissatisfaction with the President, feeling
he is out of touch with their lives and interests. When over 60%
of the party are against this war, it builds on that narrative that
he is out of touch.

"Conversely, more than six in 10 Democrats (63%), adults younger than 35 (67%), and people of color (64%) disapprove, as do the slight majority of women (52%)."

HIs overall approval has dropped to 37%. Johnson's was at 36% when
he dropped out of the race. Yes there are intimations of 1968 if this
war continues.


What a bunch of morons. tritsofme Dec 2023 #1
They're not morons. They are people who are hurting badly. Cyrano Dec 2023 #2
Not too much different than those supposed progressive who refused to vote for Hillary in 2016, by either voting JohnSJ Dec 2023 #13
When Obama won the primary tiredtoo Dec 2023 #22
What about Jews? There are more of them than Muslims. LeftInTX Dec 2023 #55
As of today I have yet to see Jews protesting against Biden tiredtoo Dec 2023 #59
I guess you missed "Jewish Voice for Peace" womanofthehills Dec 2023 #67
This is not the same as protesting against Biden. EOM tiredtoo Dec 2023 #70
First, JVP was not protesting Biden. lapucelle Dec 2023 #81
Wow Polybius Dec 2023 #91
I know about 2 dozen Jewish people, and they all HATE that fucker tRaitor tRump's guts .... LenaBaby61 Dec 2023 #82
Pew:63% of U.S. Jews described Trump as friendly toward Israel, 52% say the Democratic Party is friendly toward Jews. LeftInTX Dec 2023 #87
Jill Stein is pulling 1% of vote again womanofthehills Dec 2023 #40
That is funny since West is broke. Maybe that 4% will help pay for the child support he owes JohnSJ Dec 2023 #41
That's Pretty Much the Definition Of Moronity, Sir, Isn't It? The Magistrate Dec 2023 #29
I can believe how moronic they are with this chickenshit nonsense. SoFlaBro Dec 2023 #25
I saw this coming. yardwork Dec 2023 #3
This is starting to feel more like 1968 than 2016. Big Blue Marble Dec 2023 #19
I don't agree with most of that. yardwork Dec 2023 #23
This is our war and those who oppose it, know that. Big Blue Marble Dec 2023 #34
Other polls show different results if they ask if they want Hamas eliminated LeftInTX Dec 2023 #56
That's not inconsistent. David__77 Dec 2023 #60
Our best approach is to support Democrats for reelection. yardwork Dec 2023 #69
The Democratic Party is losing the young womanofthehills Dec 2023 #49
Getting the same callback to '68. Basic LA Dec 2023 #32
Sadly, it does have that feel. Big Blue Marble Dec 2023 #35
Yes. It's like electing Hamas and expecting no consequences. Turbineguy Dec 2023 #4
Trump is SO pro-Muslim. Makes sense. NCIndie Dec 2023 #5
Meidas Touch unearthed thje source of the Muslim plot to not vote for Biden! You've guessed it. TheBlackAdder Dec 2023 #72
Yeah, he's so Pro-Muslim ...... LenaBaby61 Dec 2023 #83
Don't expect justice. Pricks like him live to be 100. And there's always, Cyrano Dec 2023 #84
Corrupt wants Corrupt GuppyGal Dec 2023 #6
This is a disturbing level of stupidity. Behind the Aegis Dec 2023 #7
Without a doubt. Many may not realize that American Muslims voted for George W Bush in 2000. JohnSJ Dec 2023 #14
Some Muslims took credit for getting Dubya elected. keithbvadu2 Dec 2023 #45
They sound like somebody's useful idiots. lapucelle Dec 2023 #8
This is So Effin' Stupid And Dangerous!... electric_blue68 Dec 2023 #52
Well then, pack up your belongings and ready to leave Butterflylady Dec 2023 #61
This may just be an attempt to get Biden to stop supporting Israel. WDLAL Dec 2023 #68
Just like Hispanics or African Americans for trump. LakeArenal Dec 2023 #9
Or Jews for Trump. Any of America's minorities who vote for Trump, just don't "get it." Cyrano Dec 2023 #15
Don't forget Putin's messing with every Democratic Government. LakeArenal Dec 2023 #17
Jews that are strong supporters of Israel often vote Republican LeftInTX Dec 2023 #57
Jews that are strong supporters of Israel often vote for Democrats TheKentuckian Dec 2023 #74
Like these? LeftInTX Dec 2023 #78
No, not particularly. TheKentuckian Dec 2023 #89
The needle can be moved LeftInTX Dec 2023 #90
This message was self-deleted by its author LeftInTX Dec 2023 #77
They helped bring us where we are today when they voted for George Bush. JohnSJ Dec 2023 #10
LOTS of people from swing states will work to prevent Biden's re-election. DFW Dec 2023 #11
Hamas propaganda has worked on many many people. nt LexVegas Dec 2023 #12
Yes everything is going according to their plan......I'll bet even better than they expected !!! They are delighted GuppyGal Dec 2023 #65
They are seeing this everyday on their phones womanofthehills Dec 2023 #79
This isn't a very bright country. BlueTsunami2018 Dec 2023 #16
Speak for yourself.. whathehell Dec 2023 #43
I call it as I see it. BlueTsunami2018 Dec 2023 #46
That's the problem.. whathehell Dec 2023 #48
This message was self-deleted by its author DemocraticPatriot Dec 2023 #18
I strongly disagree with your laying this totally on Muslim Americans. Cyrano Dec 2023 #20
Not my hostility--- my "potential hostility".... DemocraticPatriot Dec 2023 #21
Biden was set up in a no win situation. Irish_Dem Dec 2023 #24
You hit the nail on the head. FalloutShelter Dec 2023 #27
Putin is desperate for Trump to win. And will pull out all the stops. Irish_Dem Dec 2023 #28
I hate to agree with you... FalloutShelter Dec 2023 #38
Among other miscreants peppertree Dec 2023 #39
Yes all the other usual suspects. Irish_Dem Dec 2023 #50
Trump, Russia, Iran, China mahina Dec 2023 #33
It's amazing how people let anger cloud their judgement. patphil Dec 2023 #26
Miss the forest for the trees. honest.abe Dec 2023 #30
Getting paid mahina Dec 2023 #31
They think Trump or any Rethug would be more sympathetic to the plight of Muslims? Martin Eden Dec 2023 #36
To paraphrase a recent post I saw. nycbos Dec 2023 #37
Well, if it causes Trump to win Mountainguy Dec 2023 #42
I wonder who is funding the movement? BComplex Dec 2023 #44
Ideological purity based on a single issue. keithbvadu2 Dec 2023 #47
They grok Chump is a Nazi TheKentuckian Dec 2023 #76
Another group misinformed and misguided liberal N proud Dec 2023 #51
The group doesn't care if Trump gets elected. It's baked into their calculus. lapucelle Dec 2023 #53
I remember Nader supporters saying the same thing in 2000. NYC Liberal Dec 2023 #58
"Give us a chance to recalibrate." Sigh .... shrike3 Dec 2023 #75
Better off using energy & resources to pressure Biden admin duckworth969 Dec 2023 #54
I don't see some "angry, self-elected fringe" of Muslims opposing Dems as costing us politically gulliver Dec 2023 #62
Muslim immigrants and Muslim-Americans who want Freedom and Democracy ..... ProudMNDemocrat Dec 2023 #63
I appreciate that we come from all over and have different background but we are all AMERICANS and we support GuppyGal Dec 2023 #64
Jewish support is more important electorally. They vote LeftInTX Dec 2023 #66
This could help Biden with moderates Ispa77 Dec 2023 #71
Their the new Jews for Hitler. ZonkerHarris Dec 2023 #73
Hasn't this been debunked as more media-amplified bullshit? usonian Dec 2023 #80
If they're mad, I think many just won't vote. LeftInTX Dec 2023 #88
And a little more of my sympathy slips away... Happy Hoosier Dec 2023 #85
So vote for the guy who hates Muslims. Got it! bif Dec 2023 #86
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