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13. Back up PM Yingluck...that man is TAKEN!
Mon Nov 19, 2012, 12:10 PM
Nov 2012

Our President is so beloved the world over, he represents the best that is America . LOVE HIM

He looks "un-tired", invigorated and handsome..n/t monmouth3 Nov 2012 #1
These ARE beautiful... CaliforniaPeggy Nov 2012 #2
He is so incredible! Dalai_1 Nov 2012 #3
msm? please Botany Nov 2012 #6
An historic trip. I'm very proud of how well he is received abroad. NYC_SKP Nov 2012 #4
Wonderful. Thanks for posting. n/t beac Nov 2012 #5
And with Aung Ahn Syu Kee (sp?) up there with him, Aristus Nov 2012 #7
Aung San Suu Kyi is one of my heroes panAmerican Nov 2012 #12
Thanks for the spelling tip. Aristus Nov 2012 #14
+1,000 freshwest Nov 2012 #15
Cool, I see PBO & Hillary bare feet in third picture. k&r Little Star Nov 2012 #8
You can't/shouldn't enter temples with shoes on there. babylonsister Nov 2012 #17
Yeah, I know that. I just thought it was sweet that we could see... Little Star Nov 2012 #24
Note how many of these leaders are WOMEN! JDPriestly Nov 2012 #9
Wow, that last one... 4_TN_TITANS Nov 2012 #10
well the meeting was in Bangkok Botany Nov 2012 #11
Back up PM Yingluck...that man is TAKEN! HoosierRadical Nov 2012 #13
what you said! BlancheSplanchnik Nov 2012 #32
Thailand is such a exotic, beautiful place... AsahinaKimi Nov 2012 #16
What really pisses me off is.... ChisolmTrailDem Nov 2012 #18
Exactly! Well said! rainlillie Nov 2012 #19
Thank you, rainlillie. eom ChisolmTrailDem Nov 2012 #21
you hear stories now and then about how aloof and separate the President can be Whisp Nov 2012 #25
At least we can say we know the difference between Excellence BlancheSplanchnik Nov 2012 #34
What Secretary of State Clinton and the President have been able to accomplish in Burma (yes Burma) grantcart Nov 2012 #20
thank you very much for that. Whisp Nov 2012 #23
Well said. silverweb Nov 2012 #29
+1! uponit7771 Nov 2012 #31
You are the Legend Hero of our World... Whisp Nov 2012 #22
Well said Whisp, well said! n/t sheshe2 Nov 2012 #30
I noticed that prime minister was quite fetching with him. grasswire Nov 2012 #26
We have a wonderful person in President Obama madokie Nov 2012 #27
Absolutely beautiful. silverweb Nov 2012 #28
He looks like a kid in this photo: ohheckyeah Nov 2012 #33
there is no oil there.... WCGreen Nov 2012 #35
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