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17. Don't be surprised.
Fri Dec 1, 2023, 05:38 PM
Dec 2023

I teach highly intelligent college students. I've stopped being surprised at what they don't know.

I've met students who appear to believe a President can fire Supreme Court justices at will; who were unaware that WW2 was fought in both Europe and the Pacific; and who found it hard to believe that bats and whales are mammals.

I gave a quiz a while back that asked students some questions about pictures of various animals. The token mammal on this quiz was usually a human, and I often used pictures of celebrities who'd recently died - and that year, I used just-deceased George Harrison. One student wrote on their quiz, "Wasn't he in some band?"

As a grad student many years ago, I helped grade a midterm on which the professor showed a picture of the earth with a big wedge cut out. The point was to have students identify the various layers of the earth - crust, mantle, inner and outer core. A sizable number identified the crust as the atmosphere. One of the other TA's asked a student why they'd done that. The student pointed to South America and asked, "Isn't that a cloud?"

And don't get me started on unintentionally funny misspellings.

Because they are stupid? flying_wahini Dec 2023 #1
You should have noted openly that O'Connor was no longer on the court. LuvLoogie Dec 2023 #2
Proverbial palm face at the willful ignorance Ninga Dec 2023 #3
Bush replaced her with Samuel Alito, another candidate for worst SC Justice of all time. patphil Dec 2023 #4
It's very discouraging and worrisome. yardwork Dec 2023 #5
and they vote...........face palm............rescind their citizenship IA8IT Dec 2023 #6
And they reproduce. 3catwoman3 Dec 2023 #14
Well, I cannot stand on my high horse, for some reason I thought she was already dead!! Coventina Dec 2023 #7
So did I!! TSExile Dec 2023 #10
I think she retired to take care of her husband, who was in poor health. milestogo Dec 2023 #12
Yes!! Term limits!! TSExile Dec 2023 #13
Yes, I did too. n/t japple Dec 2023 #18
Maybe Alito can replace her as an ex-justice? gratuitous Dec 2023 #8
Maybe Alito can replace her an an ex-living human being jcgoldie Dec 2023 #9
Sounds like mission accomplished MSM to me. IrishAfricanAmerican Dec 2023 #11
LOLLLLL GuppyGal Dec 2023 #15
I don't know whether it's lack of interest or just addiction to Fox and other right-wing media, but the level Lonestarblue Dec 2023 #16
Frankly I think that "Americans work and don't have time to keep up with stuff" Sky Jewels Dec 2023 #21
Don't be surprised. cab67 Dec 2023 #17
I remember the night John Lennon was shot. milestogo Dec 2023 #19
People. Are. Stupid. live love laugh Dec 2023 #20
Did they figure it out later? nilram Dec 2023 #22
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