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19. William Harry Harrison was a better president than tRump
Fri Dec 1, 2023, 11:36 AM
Dec 2023

and he was only president for about a month (much of which was spent dying).

The White House Correspondent's Dinner where Obama humiliated him. n/t rzemanfl Dec 2023 #1
Bingo Goodheart Dec 2023 #3
Here: Lucinda Dec 2023 #37
And Obama being president while black..... lastlib Dec 2023 #4
And...Obama being a far better POTUS than TFG. Scottie Mom Dec 2023 #7
Obama was a better POTUS by far than TFG. Scottie Mom Dec 2023 #10
Obama was a better POTUS. Scottie Mom Dec 2023 #12
William Harry Harrison was a better president than tRump MurrayDelph Dec 2023 #19
You hit that nail on the head! EOM Scottie Mom Dec 2023 #23
Attended inagaural in a freezing rain with no coat to appear strong??? Evolve Dammit Dec 2023 #36
Correct Rebl2 Dec 2023 #22
Thanks, I have had a very busy day. n/t rzemanfl Dec 2023 #35
B/c it's on Bannon's "To Do List". no_hypocrisy Dec 2023 #2
His voters are dumb Johnny2X2X Dec 2023 #5
I have seen these dum dums in interviews Diamond_Dog Dec 2023 #9
And this is why I believe the golden showers rumors. tanyev Dec 2023 #6
Agreed, his followers are dumb odins folly Dec 2023 #8
Because he is a LOSER! Emile Dec 2023 #11
Yes, he is. 2naSalit Dec 2023 #13
To let us "underlings" die Just_Vote_Dem Dec 2023 #14
I would have been uninsured 6 mos XanaDUer2 Dec 2023 #24
Corporate profits are suffering, duh. redqueen Dec 2023 #15
There is no rhyme or reason to what Drump says about anything SouthernDem4ever Dec 2023 #16
Obama's fake birth certificate bothers him IronLionZion Dec 2023 #17
Because he has no new material Johonny Dec 2023 #18
There is No Replacement. They don't have one. Captain Zero Dec 2023 #26
He is targeting a few malevonent groups with that IbogaProject Dec 2023 #20
He's trying to play the hits. gulliver Dec 2023 #21
Inciting racism. moondust Dec 2023 #25
It starts with "Obama", so it has to go getagrip_already Dec 2023 #27
Of course he would. Xoan Dec 2023 #28
He cut the sick and disabled baby of his nephew off healthcare out of spite. Tanuki Dec 2023 #29
Trump's mind is about marketing & brands, he knows Obamacare is a great brand name even if it isn't a brand bucolic_frolic Dec 2023 #30
Because he hates Obama sakabatou Dec 2023 #31
Because other than Hunter Biden, what else does he have? marble falls Dec 2023 #32
Spite and revenge moniss Dec 2023 #33
He thinks saying it will get him votes. NameAlreadyTaken Dec 2023 #34
Hes Deranged NowISeetheLight Dec 2023 #38
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