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3. I have such heartburn where SCOTUS
Wed Nov 29, 2023, 09:29 PM
Nov 2023

Is concerned. Stripping women's human rights wasn't important enough for them to do anything, altho Congress brought suggestions to the administration.

Maybe this will light a fire under somebody. Yes I know... fight for dems in the next election everywhere, up and down ticket. Doesn't change the fact there were things that could have been done b4 repugs took over the House. Suggestions were made. Biden said no. And anyone ever hear from that commission? Vote, yes... but it sure didn't help us women when push came to shove. Makes a great democratic campaign talking point, tho.

Yes. I'm disillusioned. Just like anyone could see what was coming Jan 6, women losing our human rights was on the wall in plain language. Everyone just kept telling us we were hysterical. Maybe with all depts no longer able to enforce laws it'll have an effect?

This ought to be an obvious no go. Congress makes laws, Executive enforces via the Constitution. So how can the Judiciary strip the Executive of one of its main functions?

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