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About that $16 McDonalds meal story. [View all] Arthur_Frain Nov 2023 OP
Good thing I gave up fast food many years ago... Wounded Bear Nov 2023 #1
Every now and again. Arthur_Frain Nov 2023 #9
I used the app and got a large fries for $1.19. rogue emissary Nov 2023 #2
McDonald is really pushing that app... FarPoint Nov 2023 #26
I often use apps and delete them after getting a deal for that exact reason. rogue emissary Nov 2023 #44
The terms and conditions of it were recently changed in such a way that using it strips you of legal rights. Axelrods_Typewriter Nov 2023 #47
How much was a Big Mac?? I get a to die for urge for a Big Mac.... a kennedy Nov 2023 #3
The special sauce wasn't for me. Arthur_Frain Nov 2023 #10
Use the app and get the Mac meal for $6. usedtobedemgurl Nov 2023 #21
I can't stand eating at McDonald's anymore. We use to order Emile Nov 2023 #4
The only MDs "food" I will eat is leftieNanner Nov 2023 #5
I love Egg McMuffins! I've tried to buy chewy muffins like the ones McDonald's uses, but can't find them. barbaraann Nov 2023 #27
Waiting for your Burger King remark to cue some Pulp Fiction quotes. Arthur_Frain Nov 2023 #32
Try the generic brand at walmart FBaggins Nov 2023 #49
I'll give the Walmart brand a try! barbaraann Nov 2023 #50
McDonald's is over processed junk food that I will never eat in. kimbutgar Nov 2023 #6
I stopped eating at Micky D k55f5r Nov 2023 #7
When I moved to Anchorage in 1985 I was shocked Arthur_Frain Nov 2023 #11
Did you know about the Internet? dpibel Nov 2023 #54
I live in CA... and sometimes go for a burger at In-an-Out lapfog_1 Nov 2023 #8
Was in one a couple of weeks ago FHRRK Nov 2023 #12
They were popular before Arthur_Frain Nov 2023 #14
It is a deal Arthur_Frain Nov 2023 #13
order the fries as "fry well" lapfog_1 Nov 2023 #18
I pay between $7-8 for a 2-cheeseburger meal TheRealNorth Nov 2023 #15
Actually, McDonald's starting pay here in my part of Pennsylvania Butterflylady Nov 2023 #51
We voted for a $15 minimum wage Ferryboat Nov 2023 #52
We voted for a $15 minimum wage Ferryboat Nov 2023 #53
When I was a teenager Traildogbob Nov 2023 #16
I am not quite as old as you Arthur_Frain Nov 2023 #30
Just a young 70 Traildogbob Nov 2023 #37
Just turned sixty here. Arthur_Frain Nov 2023 #39
Gardening and fishing Traildogbob Nov 2023 #41
And to you Arthur_Frain Nov 2023 #42
We quit eating at McDonald's about the time Dairy Queen came out with the 5 buck meal. Emile Nov 2023 #17
Did my once a year McRib "feast". (don't judge me 😊) zeusdogmom Nov 2023 #19
I think all of our meals are over $10 now Arthur_Frain Nov 2023 #31
I've learned nobody makes tastier hamburgers than the ones I make Siwsan Nov 2023 #20
Five guys and Tommyburger got me hooked on the 3 meat blend in the burger. Arthur_Frain Nov 2023 #33
McDonald's still has a value menu Ms. Toad Nov 2023 #22
They changed the value menu when the kiosks went in Arthur_Frain Nov 2023 #34
Was that a goalpost relocation? dpibel Nov 2023 #56
My grandkids beg me for McDonald's Freddie Nov 2023 #23
Huh? Prairie Gates Nov 2023 #24
Fewer people to employ ends up with fewer problem employees to deal with Arthur_Frain Nov 2023 #35
I'll admit it... I eat too much McDonalds WarGamer Nov 2023 #25
Raise wages, raise prices! dpibel Nov 2023 #57
Well, at least one thing for sure, Corporate Greed is still here, and we all see it. Heaven forbid if something is SWBTATTReg Nov 2023 #28
Truly the rich are the ones never satisfied. Arthur_Frain Nov 2023 #36
RW exaggerated story. BigMac combo meal is 6.99 to 7.99 in most states. blm Nov 2023 #29
Not entirely. Arthur_Frain Nov 2023 #38
I posted, 'in most states'. RW is exaggerating a unique blm Nov 2023 #40
cOOl STory!! bRo11! dpibel Nov 2023 #55
Lol that was what i was thinking.... TheRealNorth Nov 2023 #59
So, you left and didn't buy anything, right? W_HAMILTON Nov 2023 #43
The fries never survive the ride home. miyazaki Nov 2023 #45
This shit story is still up on cnn main page spanone Nov 2023 #46
Fast food is OK - occasionally when you're in a rush. harumph Nov 2023 #48
CPI is horrible and getting worse uponit7771 Nov 2023 #58
Bugger King is not much better. IMo republianmushroom Nov 2023 #60
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