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7. This is an excellent, and correct perspective.
Tue Nov 28, 2023, 10:47 AM
Nov 2023

Many people are working toward planning forward as a species. Organizing around self-control and ensuring people have enough. Organizing around turning the tables on the mass extinction that we are presiding over.

Funny how the fundies, Magats and other crazy-right people are fighting this tooth and nail, and how Wall Street is being dragged along like the Skeksies in the movie Dark Crystal.

Earth abides, and I have always believed that all creation has a consciousness - we are only part of it. It is a great web of life, and that consciousness is being elevated as we speak.

The gloom and doom people are senselessly worrying about what this will do to 'economic growth' because the unspoken assumption we in the west have is that our economy will experience unlimited growth.

The thing is, unlimited growth is also the philosophy of cancer cells, which grow so much they kill their host. The new key word is sustainable, as in sustainable growth. At least this is what I'm preaching. But if we think about the truly big picture, the earth consciousness is moving us toward this concept of sustainability and self-control.

I'm not even sure this makes sense to anyome, but this may be due to my difficulty in writing it out succinctly. Essentially, our planetary consciousness is changing.

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