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Al Jazeera is a Hamas propaganda arm. nt LexVegas Nov 26 #1
you dispute the content of this video then nt msongs Nov 26 #2
UN remains alarmed by multiple reports of multiple rapes of Israeli women and children on October 7. lapucelle Nov 26 #3
Al Jazeera-speak for "hostage". lapucelle Nov 26 #4
I feel that the word 'captive' is ... Think. Again. Nov 26 #5
Oh let me help! I have a dictionary handy! lapucelle Nov 26 #6
Yes, thanks!... Think. Again. Nov 26 #7
"Hamas didn't take [the hostages] to use in making any demands." lapucelle Nov 26 #8
I don't understand this response. Think. Again. Nov 26 #9
Civilians are not prisoners of war. nt yagotme Nov 27 #13
The definition supplied by the post I responded to... Think. Again. Nov 27 #21
You don't think Hamas kidnapped these people TexasDem69 Nov 26 #10
They were "taken and held as or as if a prisoner of war"? Think. Again. Nov 27 #12
No, no demands, only getting a 3-1 exchange rate for them... nt yagotme Nov 27 #14
If the exchange had been initially demanded by hamas... Think. Again. Nov 27 #19
Searched several spots, this is the best detailed account I can find: yagotme Nov 28 #26
Thanks for sharing that... Think. Again. Nov 28 #28
YW nt yagotme Nov 28 #29
A 10 month old baby is not a POW pinkstarburst Nov 27 #18
STOP. Think. Again. Nov 27 #20
The amount of people on here whatabouting a humanitarian catastrophe Eko Nov 26 #11
Yep Goddessartist Nov 28 #27
''The Palestinian Red Crescent Society has said its teams have not been able to deliver any aid to northern Gaza today'' Donkees Nov 27 #15
Update: Aid trucks now getting through Israeli checkpoint ... Donkees Nov 27 #17
Why would Hamas do this to their own people? Bonx Nov 27 #16
hamas has been working against the well-being of Gazans... Think. Again. Nov 27 #22
Hopefully the items making their way to the north are helping a significant portion of the population David__77 Nov 27 #23
The plan to finally open a humanitarian aid corridor by sea from Cyprus will be a big help too Donkees Nov 27 #25
Ceasefire NOW LiberaBlueDem Nov 27 #24
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