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19. Yes, and now the GOPs are trying to use instances of Biden's speech impediment
Mon Nov 27, 2023, 03:43 PM
Nov 2023

as evidence of him having dementia.

There is no bottom for them.

Yes, very much like Bill Barr. Both slime trying to rehab their reputations... hlthe2b Nov 2023 #1
TY for the reminder Hekate Nov 2023 #2
. dalton99a Nov 2023 #3
Christie hates our principles and values as much as any other repug. Boomerproud Nov 2023 #4
Luckily, Crisco's a bridge to nowhere peppertree Nov 2023 #9
Politics ain't beanbag. BlueTsunami2018 Nov 2023 #5
Christie has it in for Trump since Trump told him Raine Nov 2023 #6
Christie was only following orders Kennah Nov 2023 #7
Who better to go after tRUMP, though? He knows djt's idiot side probably better than many. Of course SWBTATTReg Nov 2023 #8
His staff also went to prison for him malaise Nov 2023 #10
Yeah, he should be asked about that not fooled Nov 2023 #14
Christie's Pretense of Objecting to Trump Is an Obvious Fraud. He Was the First 2016 Dropout to Endorse the Idiot. NNadir Nov 2023 #11
Forget that ugly POS. His day is over. CTyankee Nov 2023 #12
I remember listening to CC recently and admiring his thoughts and then he said Maraya1969 Nov 2023 #13
That's how Christie caught Covid - from Chump FakeNoose Nov 2023 #15
Christie is a political opponent who has decided to fight our most significant enemy. D23MIURG23 Nov 2023 #16
The problem ExWhoDoesntCare Nov 2023 #18
An ally is a person or power with whom a strategic goal is shared. D23MIURG23 Nov 2023 #21
I haven't forgotten... TSExile Nov 2023 #17
Yes, and now the GOPs are trying to use instances of Biden's speech impediment Sogo Nov 2023 #19
Yeah Baby! Cha Nov 2023 #20
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