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It's not just your opinion. Boomerproud Nov 2023 #1
I so agree with all you have said and much of our loss was our so-called innocence. We would never be the same. n/t SheilaAnn Nov 2023 #4
I could not agree more! Thank you, my dear gopiscrap. ♥ nt CaliforniaPeggy Nov 2023 #2
thank you you are very kind gopiscrap Nov 2023 #6
Moynihan captured it. How many of us in high school & jr hi had a Peace Corps packet... Hekate Nov 2023 #3
I was eleven years old. I never forget the date. DFW Nov 2023 #5
that is so cool gopiscrap Nov 2023 #8
What a wonderful gift, my dear DFW. He had such heart. His death was a huge loss for all of us. ♥ nt CaliforniaPeggy Nov 2023 #14
What an incredible memento Docreed2003 Nov 2023 #15
For all the Stan Lee autographs I got for other people DFW Nov 2023 #32
I am in awe dai13sy Nov 2023 #18
Moynihan nailed it, as usual. (nt) Paladin Nov 2023 #7
It was the destruction of Camelot sdfernando Nov 2023 #9
Thank you for all of this. We must always remember. ancianita Nov 2023 #10
Had Kennedy not been assassinated the Vietnam War likely would never have happened, sop Nov 2023 #11
exactly gopiscrap Nov 2023 #12
This is a nonsense statement, and is a reflection of uninformed mythology. NNadir Nov 2023 #19
History shows Kennedy opposed full-scale war in Vietnam. sop Nov 2023 #30
Kennedy's statement to a reporter do not indicate in any way what his real intentions were. NNadir Nov 2023 #33
Much like all the fruitless "Who really killed Kennedy?" debates, whether JFK would have sop Nov 2023 #34
NSAM 263 is documentary proof JFK ordered US out of Vietnam. Kid Berwyn Nov 2023 #36
I was in the 11th grade... surfered Nov 2023 #13
I was in the first grade. TomSlick Nov 2023 #22
So many political assassinations Nululu Nov 2023 #16
gopiscrap........... Upthevibe Nov 2023 #17
totally agree with you gopiscrap Nov 2023 #21
Rob Reiner's podcasts on JFK highlight this national trauma. Michael Beschloss agreed. (Morning Joe today) Evolve Dammit Nov 2023 #20
RFK mokeyz Nov 2023 #23
Yes. blue neen Nov 2023 #31
I was too young at 10 to get the bigger picture of JFK's assassination what we had lost... electric_blue68 Nov 2023 #38
To me, it was the day we were robbed of our future. Sogo Nov 2023 #24
Well said. This 10 YO agrees. And I also got to watch Oswald's assassination, live on TV. OAITW r.2.0 Nov 2023 #26
I was 13. I saw Oswald's assassination, also. Sogo Nov 2023 #27
Remembering JFK. LetMyPeopleVote Nov 2023 #25
Man had a vision. A vision created by a back injury OAITW r.2.0 Nov 2023 #29
I remember seeing that painting on my tour of the White Housing during... electric_blue68 Nov 2023 #39
Moyhihan was a treasure. Nailed it. scipan Nov 2023 #28
That day was the start of America's descent to the dark side. Initech Nov 2023 #35
I was 6. It was my first experience with death TexasBushwhacker Nov 2023 #37
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