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Big Blue Marble

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40. I am not accusing Israel of genocide.
Sun Nov 19, 2023, 01:15 AM
Nov 2023

I am stating that multiple of ministers of the Israeli government have made shocking statements
that spoke of genocidal intent.

Do not take my word for it, It is Omar Bartov, a professor of Holocaust and genocide studies at Brown University,
an Israeli.who is stating it.

From his writing in the NYT Nov 10th:

What I Believe as a Historian of Genocide

My greatest concern watching the Israel-Gaza war unfold is that there is genocidal intent, which can easily tip into genocidal action. On Oct. 7, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that Gazans would pay a “huge price” for the actions of Hamas and that the Israel Defense Forces, or I.D.F., would turn parts of Gaza’s densely populated urban centers “into rubble.” On Oct. 28, he added, citing Deuteronomy, “You must remember what Amalek did to you.” As many Israelis know, in revenge for the attack by Amalek, the Bible calls to “kill alike men and women, infants and sucklings.”

The deeply alarming language does not end there. On Oct. 9, Israel’s defense minister, Yoav Gallant, said, “We are fighting human animals and we are acting accordingly,” a statement indicating dehumanization, which has genocidal echoes. The next day, the head of the Israeli Army’s coordinator of government activities in the territories, Maj. Gen. Ghassan Alian, addressed the population of Gaza in Arabic: “Human animals must be treated as such,” he said, adding: “There will be no electricity and no water. There will only be destruction. You wanted hell, you will get hell.”

The same day, retired Maj. Gen. Giora Eiland wrote in the daily newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth, “The State of Israel has no choice but to turn Gaza into a place that is temporarily or permanently impossible to live in.” He added, “Creating a severe humanitarian crisis in Gaza is a necessary means to achieving the goal.” In another article, he wrote that “Gaza will become a place where no human being can exist.” Apparently, no army representative or politician denounced this statement.

I could quote many more"



Hamas is the government of Gaza TexasDem69 Nov 2023 #1
Any comment on the topic of the thread? WarGamer Nov 2023 #4
He's calling for the release of all hostages TexasDem69 Nov 2023 #5
Here's my angle... WarGamer Nov 2023 #8
Thank you for saying that out loud. Think. Again. Nov 2023 #12
Hamas killed 1,200 Israelis on 10/7 TexasDem69 Nov 2023 #25
Hmmm... WarGamer Nov 2023 #28
Your final solution? Please post it. Marcus IM Nov 2023 #29
Here's an idea. How about Netanyahu stops keeping Hamas in power to make sure there is no Autumn Nov 2023 #63
If they refuse atm, that still doesn't give the rabid RW Israelis in the Netanyahu coalition the right to go full Celerity Nov 2023 #14
I agree JustAnotherGen Nov 2023 #23
Why are you defending him? qwlauren35 Nov 2023 #34
All that's left is defending the indefensible. This has The_Casual_Observer Nov 2023 #44
Bebe didn't call for that. Bebe wants an open ended The_Casual_Observer Nov 2023 #43
Are you really going to defend genocidal comments from the Israeli government? Big Blue Marble Nov 2023 #17
Are you really going to accuse Israel of genocide? TexasDem69 Nov 2023 #27
I am not accusing Israel of genocide. Big Blue Marble Nov 2023 #40
Yes The_Casual_Observer Nov 2023 #45
Are you suggesting that he is the only official who has made similar comments? Chainfire Nov 2023 #52
I don't think you meant that as a reply to me... WarGamer Nov 2023 #30
No, obviously I did not. Big Blue Marble Nov 2023 #39
This message was self-deleted by its author Big Blue Marble Nov 2023 #38
grim enid602 Nov 2023 #10
I for one.... Think. Again. Nov 2023 #11
All righty then. We know who to go to burn Gaza down and kill all the Palestinians now. brush Nov 2023 #2
Which part of Hamas do you support? TexasDem69 Nov 2023 #6
How many Palestinians do you want killed? I said nothing... brush Nov 2023 #13
Apologies if I misunderstood TexasDem69 Nov 2023 #16
Leave it to the military. It's their job to figure out. It's pretty.... brush Nov 2023 #21
For you to take this one statement from one Israeli lawmaker as Israel's policy calguy Nov 2023 #31
Oh please. It's obvious that the bombings are Israel's policy. brush Nov 2023 #33
As you've been advocating? calguy Nov 2023 #55
FYI: It's a discussion board where we express opinions. I've advocated... brush Nov 2023 #60
Thanks for clearing that up calguy Nov 2023 #62
Bibi, the guy whose admin failed miserably by not detecting the Oct. 7 attack? brush Nov 2023 #64
I thought you said... calguy Nov 2023 #65
Couldn't resist reminding you of Bibi's failure, but apparently you don't want to talk about it. brush Nov 2023 #67
Sounds like an addiction calguy Nov 2023 #68
You're probably right on both but I think you agree with me on Bibi. brush Nov 2023 #74
Add myself to those that agree with you on Bibi Chakaconcarne Nov 2023 #76
lol calguy Nov 2023 #80
This is one statement of many. Big Blue Marble Nov 2023 #41
Hamas wants to wipe Israel Off the Cha Nov 2023 #66
Then you are not follow the international media. Big Blue Marble Nov 2023 #48
(pssst... brush didn't mention hamas. just sayin') Think. Again. Nov 2023 #15
Maybe my point was too subtle TexasDem69 Nov 2023 #19
My reply to you... Think. Again. Nov 2023 #20
Cool, glad we otherwise agree about my points TexasDem69 Nov 2023 #22
(pssst...I didn't mention your other points, just sayin') Think. Again. Nov 2023 #26
Stop being humane? What kind of foul beast would want that to be a national policy? patphil Nov 2023 #3
It's not a strategy it is the ravings of an unhinged lunatic. The_Casual_Observer Nov 2023 #47
Why don't they release the hostages which includes children ? JI7 Nov 2023 #7
"until the hostages are returned back!" Hamas? nt LexVegas Nov 2023 #9
Bebe isn't talking about that anymore. The_Casual_Observer Nov 2023 #49
So... you want to become a monster, Vaturi? sakabatou Nov 2023 #18
Ugh Demovictory9 Nov 2023 #24
I remember how we had to dial back the rhetoric in September 2001 Bucky Nov 2023 #32
Are you being serious ? Bush himself wasn't engaging in the hatred JI7 Nov 2023 #50
"Level the place!" moondust Nov 2023 #35
This is a right-wing argument. Duncan Grant Nov 2023 #36
I'm not sure one can ever be "too humane". whathehell Nov 2023 #37
What a fitting spokesperson. David__77 Nov 2023 #42
That guy is completely insane. That's basic The_Casual_Observer Nov 2023 #46
Tough talk John Shaft Nov 2023 #51
Jews and Arabs are both non white. Mosby Nov 2023 #54
Has nothing to do with the history of the region John Shaft Nov 2023 #59
WOW inthewind21 Nov 2023 #71
Disagree? Mosby Nov 2023 #72
Zionism has also been twisted by the extremists... AntiFascist Nov 2023 #78
In my personal opinion, the big problem is that Israel seems to have no reservations about killing Chainfire Nov 2023 #53
I think the ratio is likely higher than that. David__77 Nov 2023 #61
Like it or not edisdead Nov 2023 #56
Message auto-removed Name removed Nov 2023 #57
How ....... Butterflylady Nov 2023 #69
It's the same as Vietnam. David__77 Nov 2023 #70
Agreed edisdead Nov 2023 #77
Sounds lie some of our right winger. republianmushroom Nov 2023 #58
Has anyone accused the Israelis of being too humane? milestogo Nov 2023 #73
Reckless rhetoric that will be amplified world wide. maxsolomon Nov 2023 #75
What's the relevance? brooklynite Nov 2023 #79
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