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Oh My! malaise Nov 2023 #1
They are so corrupt RainWalker Nov 2023 #2
Great news. pandr32 Nov 2023 #3
If they're in the USA, put'em in a holding cell and deport 'em back to Ukraine. NBachers Nov 2023 #4
Oh my, that is truly surprising news redqueen Nov 2023 #5
I'm shocked. Shocked! Ray Bruns Nov 2023 #8
I read my post in Zoidberg's voice redqueen Nov 2023 #22
Beat me to it. yardwork Nov 2023 #9
Not even RooDee? dchill Nov 2023 #25
Red Rudy is a Commie Stooge Blue Owl Nov 2023 #6
Oh, Vlad... rubbersole Nov 2023 #7
Anybody who is surprised hasn't been paying attention... Wounded Bear Nov 2023 #10
Rudy, when you camp out in a cesspool democrank Nov 2023 #11
and shit JoseBalow Nov 2023 #19
In Rudy-Dodee world it is mercuryblues Nov 2023 #51
If this was fiction, PatSeg Nov 2023 #12
"Truth is stranger than fiction; fiction has to make sense." - Leo Rosten JoseBalow Nov 2023 #21
Great signature line! PatSeg Nov 2023 #26
John LeCarre would be like "(scoff) Right?" I'm not gonna get this past my editor." ArkansasDemocrat1 Nov 2023 #23
Exactly PatSeg Nov 2023 #28
Who won't believe it? Totally predictable. live love laugh Nov 2023 #13
Who won't believe it? Nearly every Trump supporter, thats who. progressoid Nov 2023 #20
and this still won't convince them LymphocyteLover Nov 2023 #41
Right. I suspect it will actually re-enforce their support of the Orange Anus. progressoid Nov 2023 #48
Wow. Now those are some really disturbed people -- tRump is more truthful than KPN Nov 2023 #46
Indeed. And I fear that many will never get out of their little bubble of delusion progressoid Nov 2023 #47
exactly LymphocyteLover Nov 2023 #40
Russia Russia is a hoax!!! Solomon Nov 2023 #14
"I can only say this, there was absolutely no collusion. Everybody knows it." - Trump, Jan 11, 2018 sop Nov 2023 #32
And they all continue Beachnutt Nov 2023 #15
You've got that right! ffr Nov 2023 #17
Does anything the rePutican party does anymore not come directly from Putin's desk? ffr Nov 2023 #16
trump asked ukr to dig up dirt on hunter and joe. ukr refused and trump lost the election. putin invaded ukr. AllaN01Bear Nov 2023 #18
Fabrication, what rethugs aspire to but are as inept at it as governing. So, is this connected in any way with the Biden ancianita Nov 2023 #24
Play commie games, win commie prizes! nt Shermann Nov 2023 #27
There has to be updated terminology. Eyeball_Kid Nov 2023 #43
The slur has updated itself as words often do Shermann Nov 2023 #50
I have no difficulty with believing this... Think. Again. Nov 2023 #29
☝☝☝ This, right here! 👆👆👆 ShazzieB Nov 2023 #37
Can't help but think Putin's invasion of Ukraine, along with all the various war crimes he's perpetrating Attilatheblond Nov 2023 #30
You have to get up pretty early to pull one over on Rudy. JohnnyRingo Nov 2023 #31
Great! But now go after treasonous putin loving mucifer Nov 2023 #33
Face it, Republicans are stupid and easily led Warpy Nov 2023 #34
I heard this on KO's Countdown episode this morning. He niyad Nov 2023 #35
Blindfold and cigarette orangecrush Nov 2023 #36
goddam I LOVE THIS SHIT! bringthePaine Nov 2023 #38
That makes me so happy. All the corruption is coming out. I think it is because Maraya1969 Nov 2023 #39
If it's not Treason, it's espionage. If it's not either, we better hope there's a law against this shit. Joinfortmill Nov 2023 #42
With Trump, all roads lead to Putin--Nancy Pelosi Midnight Writer Nov 2023 #44
The wingnut news outlets and republicans will say Mr.Bill Nov 2023 #45
Oh damn, rudy and comer, had such high hopes, now down in flames. republianmushroom Nov 2023 #49
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