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36. My policy as well. If they don't leave a message they don't get the chance to talk to me.
Wed Nov 15, 2023, 03:29 PM
Nov 2023
Absolutely scam. cbabe Nov 2023 #1
Sounds like a scam to me. comradebillyboy Nov 2023 #2
You answer calls from unknown numbers? RainWalker Nov 2023 #3
I have nothing to hide, plus I have rental properties... brush Nov 2023 #14
Ohhhhhhhh have I got something for you! RainWalker Nov 2023 #17
My experience with Nextdoor is not that good AZSkiffyGeek Nov 2023 #54
Even if it's a known number call them back FreeState Nov 2023 #31
True! Very good advise! Nictuku Nov 2023 #35
My policy as well. If they don't leave a message they don't get the chance to talk to me. Solomon Nov 2023 #36
Definitely a scam. arkielib Nov 2023 #4
Absolutely a scam. Ocelot II Nov 2023 #5
Got A Scam Call Once... ProfessorGAC Nov 2023 #13
Once they start asking for info my hackles go up. brush Nov 2023 #15
Yeah! I Knew That Guy... ProfessorGAC Nov 2023 #27
Perfect! yardwork Nov 2023 #16
Good thinking. bluestarone Nov 2023 #32
Probably best way to handle that scam. LiberalFighter Nov 2023 #37
Medicare never calls. gab13by13 Nov 2023 #6
They do, sometimes, but they already know who they're calling. yardwork Nov 2023 #8
If he was from Medicare he would already know who you were. yardwork Nov 2023 #7
I've been around the block a few times so I know how to... brush Nov 2023 #22
So when you asked us if this sounded like a scam, you weren't really looking for an answer? yardwork Nov 2023 #29
I thought it was a scam. I always run these by DU to be brush Nov 2023 #30
Why were you on the phone with an unknown marybourg Nov 2023 #9
God, so many lecturing me like I just fell off the turnip truck. brush Nov 2023 #24
Heh, I had exactly the same experience a while ago. Disaffected Nov 2023 #26
Why are you even riding on turnip trucks? That's very dangerous. Shermann Nov 2023 #51
Heehee. A little bit of humor is always welcome. brush Nov 2023 #53
Some of us need to answer the phone, even without knowing who is in the other end. Ms. Toad Nov 2023 #33
I had a similar call. I just hung up. OLDMDDEM Nov 2023 #10
I've gotten the "grandpa" one too. brush Nov 2023 #25
Of course, it's a scam. GoCubsGo Nov 2023 #11
I've seen some internet ads promising such Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Nov 2023 #12
Medicare does not call you. Kingofalldems Nov 2023 #18
I messed with one the other day. LuckyCharms Nov 2023 #19
When you have spare time to kill.... keithbvadu2 Nov 2023 #20
It was a Medicare Advantage Plan support agent calling you. William769 Nov 2023 #21
Medicare Advantage is a scam intended to defund Medicare by overpayment Model35mech Nov 2023 #23
FRAUD. spanone Nov 2023 #28
Absolutely a scam! Nictuku Nov 2023 #34
This is similar to my response leftieNanner Nov 2023 #38
Accent ... lpbk2713 Nov 2023 #39
No, this particular call was about Medicare, and the scammer sounded like he had an Indian accent. Nictuku Nov 2023 #40
100% a scam. MineralMan Nov 2023 #41
danger will robinson. danger , danger . alarms go off and rotating lights rotate . AllaN01Bear Nov 2023 #42
Why does anyone waste their time tiredtoo Nov 2023 #43
Because the longer I keep them on the phone, the fewer others they have time to scam. nt SeattleVet Nov 2023 #52
In the last year or so, I've gotten literally hundreds of calls..... lastlib Nov 2023 #44
Yup. Glad you caught it. Joinfortmill Nov 2023 #45
Never, as in NEVER, give out personal information during an unsolicited call. ffr Nov 2023 #46
I KNOW it's a scam. n.t. RocRizzo55 Nov 2023 #47
Scam LoisB Nov 2023 #48
Listen to your hackles. marble falls Nov 2023 #49
It is a scam Demnh2fl Nov 2023 #50
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