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10. My take, they love assholes! Look at the 2016 primary
Tue Nov 7, 2023, 12:39 AM
Nov 2023

Cruz was 2nd, ASSHOLE

Look at Vivek this year, ASSHOLE! As soon as he started up, I thought, this guy will move up.

So, we all tend to look for things we aspire to in leaders. I am 61 years old, "my guy" has won Presidential Elections exactly once.

Obama, he is smarter than me, he exceeds my morals, he is a better communicator than me, he is smarter than me, he damn sure is thinner than me, currently better looking than me, but I will fight that I was better than him from about 1978 to 1984. (So I still hold out hope in that area)

So the majority of us look for the best, we understand our shortcomings, we look to the future. The majority of them are self centered fucking ASSHOLES. They could care JACK FUCKING SHIT what happens outside their own immediate world. To put it another way, they are pieces of shit, they are fucking assholes. They need to be treated as such.

p.s. Shake it Babylon Sister! Now is there gas in the car is my favorite line, Babylon Sisters shake it is my 2nd favorite.

Off to youtube to play both.

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