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Thu Nov 2, 2023, 01:10 PM Nov 2023

So I'm going to put this concept to rest... [View all]

I am 70 years old. I was raised in a household where my father was a four-year combat veteran and my mother worked for the Navy department during World War II. I watched countless movies, TV shows, panel discussions, and other historical documentaries about this war, and I did not once, not once hear the phrase “innocent German civilians” or “innocent Japanese civilians“ and all I ever did hear about was how my father’s platoon was nearly wiped out four separate times, and completely destroyed once and he would’ve been among the dead except that he was kept behind the type the battalion list of dead and wounded. After the war, I heard all these lying German bastards who lived around the concentration camps who loudly proclaimed that they had absolutely no idea what was going on inside. And then it turned out that they did know, of course they did. In those days, nobody was buying that bullshit. People in the neighborhood work there, and the overwhelming smell of the charred flesh was unmistakable.

And one more thing: I remember my father telling me that the decision to drop the atomic bombs on Japan was certainly debatable from a moral standpoint, but he said that he and his company were being prepared for the invasion of Japan, and were told that, almost certainly they would all be killed as the older troops were going to be sacrificed for the beach head landing. If not for the atomic bombs, he said, he wouldn’t be here. So the rule of war is that some must die in order that others may live.

Israel didn’t start this, OK? They did not cross the border and massacre women and children and babies and civilian males. it was done to them, and the miscreants who did this need to be rooted out and destroyed, utterly and totally. 6 million Jews died in those camps and in the surrounding countryside, and it just is not, repeat not going to happen again, while the world watches, and tut, tut and cluck cluck’s about every other issue under the sun.

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We are plagued by tv watching moralists. Tomconroy Nov 2023 #1
Thank you. CincyDem Nov 2023 #2
I don't wish to argue, but you need to clarify that you do NOT mean Japanese in US internment hlthe2b Nov 2023 #3
Of course not PCIntern Nov 2023 #6
Regardless of whether... 2naSalit Nov 2023 #11
I worked with a gal from California back in the MOMFUDSKI Nov 2023 #12
My grandmother's sister lived with us after her husband died. wnylib Nov 2023 #104
Okay TheRealNorth Nov 2023 #4
You are mistaken PCIntern Nov 2023 #7
I disagree TheRealNorth Nov 2023 #8
Feel free to disagree PCIntern Nov 2023 #22
Come up to 21st century ethics. You're still thinking WWll, the winner defines... brush Nov 2023 #24
21st century ethics got 1400 Jewish citizens massacred calguy Nov 2023 #101
Who's trying to get around it. Israel has the right to defend itself... brush Nov 2023 #114
Blaming Bibi doesn't excuse Hamas from being barbarians calguy Nov 2023 #115
No one is disagreeing that Hamas needs to go. You do understand that, right? brush Nov 2023 #117
Hundreds killed (maybe) to get two men who've plotted to kill thousands calguy Nov 2023 #119
The bombings of refugee camps is turning public opinion against Israel. brush Nov 2023 #120
I agree. And it's my 1st Amendment right to call it ludicrous. calguy Nov 2023 #121
So instead Diraven Nov 2023 #34
Accidental collarteral damage happens. Intentional collateral damage is... brush Nov 2023 #37
Courageous statement by Senator Murphy Army Brat Nov 2023 #97
Courageous from his safe home in the US? wnylib Nov 2023 #108
Not at risk like the Palestinians, of course Army Brat Nov 2023 #113
And if a gov't - say the US - decides to build munitions factories in lower-class areas erronis Nov 2023 #48
This message was self-deleted by its author Avalon Sparks Nov 2023 #58
All I ForgedCrank Nov 2023 #90
Please note. The winners determine who is charge with war crimes. brush Nov 2023 #5
I don't know what intelligence they have EndlessWire Nov 2023 #13
Killing hundreds of innocent refugees to get two Hamas operatives doesn't seem... brush Nov 2023 #25
I am sorry to raise this question AloeVera Nov 2023 #106
My guess: by monitoring communications. nt intrepidity Nov 2023 #118
If the command HQ is in a residential facility PCIntern Nov 2023 #14
There are rows and rows of tents, and two refugee camps have been bombed now. brush Nov 2023 #19
If the prison camp were positioned over a rocket PCIntern Nov 2023 #20
You're hopeless. We should learn from mistakes. What was done in WWll... brush Nov 2023 #23
Change that around to say bombing revmclaren Nov 2023 #29
Look up the Geneva Conventions. brush Nov 2023 #38
The articles have been posted here revmclaren Nov 2023 #42
See this. brush Nov 2023 #43
Wonderful and sincere opinion... revmclaren Nov 2023 #50
Not purety, impartiality...from a fellow '60s activist. brush Nov 2023 #60
And as for Egypt warning bibi about the revmclaren Nov 2023 #44
See this. There's such a thing as over-compensating for colossal failures... brush Nov 2023 #47
Hes not talking to me. revmclaren Nov 2023 #55
Gladly. I'm just giving you information that's obvious to many others. brush Nov 2023 #56
... revmclaren Nov 2023 #57
Whatever. Keep up the killing then. You know bibi and Mossad fucked up. brush Nov 2023 #61
Also look up: Firebombing of Dresden 4nic8em Nov 2023 #85
I'm hopeless? PCIntern Nov 2023 #68
I'm an advocate of impartiality and fairness to both sides. brush Nov 2023 #69
International law requires proportionality Army Brat Nov 2023 #96
Jfc it is legally and morally a refugee camp obamanut2012 Nov 2023 #128
Intentionally increasing the radicalization of a region and the world is not going to help. LightBright Nov 2023 #9
Well, apparently you never read Slaughterhouse Five. Chainfire Nov 2023 #10
The first half of your post is revisionist nonsense. BannonsLiver Nov 2023 #15
Are you going to disagree with a point or just throw rocks and run away? Chainfire Nov 2023 #17
Yes, yes, yes. Very well said. brush Nov 2023 #21
There is an old saying; "when you seek revenge, dig two graves" maxrandb Nov 2023 #26
Yes, that is a great concept PatSeg Nov 2023 #36
This is not revenge PCIntern Nov 2023 #54
As PCintern has said.........."This is not revenge" Stuart G Nov 2023 #72
K&R onecaliberal Nov 2023 #102
If they want to do that then its possible without bombing civilians. Eko Nov 2023 #84
Hamas rockets laugh at your DMZ. nt yagotme Nov 2023 #86
Sure, thats a problem to tackle. Eko Nov 2023 #87
Or do you think the rockets made from plumbing pipes from Hamas are too good? Eko Nov 2023 #88
Not quite sure which post to reply to, so I'll do it here. yagotme Nov 2023 #89
Yeah, I know how it works pretty well. Prob more than most people. Eko Nov 2023 #92
Well, I was using this definition of counter battery, the one I learned: yagotme Nov 2023 #94
Slaughterhouse Five was the first thing that came into my mind when reading the OP. progressoid Nov 2023 #105
Yeah. "So it goes." AloeVera Nov 2023 #124
I think some of the problem snowybirdie Nov 2023 #16
There is some good coverage of the soldier to soldier revmclaren Nov 2023 #35
Thanks snowybirdie Nov 2023 #95
so Israel's military and intel weren't able to stop the terrorists on their own soil bigtree Nov 2023 #18
This message was self-deleted by its author BootinUp Nov 2023 #27
Important issues in life are rarely black and white, but varying shades of gray. Are you under the Chainfire Nov 2023 #30
This message was self-deleted by its author BootinUp Nov 2023 #33
Lol TheRealNorth Nov 2023 #67
This message was self-deleted by its author BootinUp Nov 2023 #70
that sentiment right there is the reason why this shit will NEVER end Skittles Nov 2023 #41
This message was self-deleted by its author BootinUp Nov 2023 #46
my way or the highway Skittles Nov 2023 #51
The retaliatory concept that all Palestinians are PatSeg Nov 2023 #39
Well said bigtree TheRealNorth Nov 2023 #65
My father, who fought Nazis in WWII would beg to differ. The children and mothers trapped do not deserve this onecaliberal Nov 2023 #28
Gross Prairie Gates Nov 2023 #31
It was in the '70's, Summit, N.J. She was, maybe about 50 and she worked in the local movie theater, 3Hotdogs Nov 2023 #32
Horrifying experience. Did she have a tattoo? In the early 1950s when I was a toddler... Hekate Nov 2023 #66
No. she was a German citizen. Probably 10 years old or so. 3Hotdogs Nov 2023 #79
Ah, your friend was very young then. Hekate Nov 2023 #81
It can be argued that they did start this Warpy Nov 2023 #40
It baffles me why seemingly intelligent people radicalleft Nov 2023 #53
A lot of people just don't do nuance Warpy Nov 2023 #80
Kicking this to the Moon and back to Earth Hekate Nov 2023 #45
German and Japanese people still exist today IronLionZion Nov 2023 #49
Well said! n/t RKP5637 Nov 2023 #52
Thank You for posting this. I totally agree with you, PCIntern. Stuart G Nov 2023 #59
Here's what I find incencere about posts like this... radicalleft Nov 2023 #62
Hiding your politics behind the uniform..... TheRealNorth Nov 2023 #71
Yes claudette Nov 2023 #63
Absolutely TheRealNorth Nov 2023 #76
Absolutely and I'm sure to the innocents being killed it doesn't matter at all who started it. AloeVera Nov 2023 #125
War is Hell and rarely do we get the entire conglomeration of stories. GreenWave Nov 2023 #64
But can we also unite against haters of Palestinians? Diraven Nov 2023 #103
Yes, we killed Nazis, yagotme Nov 2023 #109
If there are haters of arabs and want them all dead GreenWave Nov 2023 #116
Since those days, other things have come to light Warpy Nov 2023 #73
Hiroshima was a manufacturing center, yagotme Nov 2023 #98
With the war in Europe over, Stalin was shifting his army to the east Warpy Nov 2023 #112
IIRC, Japan and Russia fought for 2 more weeks AFTER yagotme Nov 2023 #123
Please, Please, Please, and Please read Post Number 72. I have tried to explain how historical events are..VERY, VERY Stuart G Nov 2023 #74
Read and Rec'd revmclaren Nov 2023 #77
Please correct me if i am wrong... TheRealNorth Nov 2023 #78
NO, That does not....sum it up. Stuart G Nov 2023 #82
So a few things.... TheRealNorth Nov 2023 #83
Rec. nt LexVegas Nov 2023 #75
You may have seen my father over there. He woke screaming a few times a month for Maru Kitteh Nov 2023 #91
K&R Arazi Nov 2023 #93
The people of Gaza need to realize that Hamas is their ENEMY. world wide wally Nov 2023 #99
You nailed it. republianmushroom Nov 2023 #100
Yeah, looks like you really put this to rest. progressoid Nov 2023 #107
"I did not once hear the phrase 'innocent German civilians' or 'innocent Japanese civilians'." WHAT? NCIndie Nov 2023 #110
Hitler ruled Germany legally and with consent of Germans, no honest person is saying the same for Hamas uponit7771 Nov 2023 #111
So your contention is that the rulers have PCIntern Nov 2023 #122
No, not my contention ... Terrorist groups usually don't have constituents maybe zealots uponit7771 Nov 2023 #126
Word games. PCIntern Nov 2023 #127
Reality uponit7771 Nov 2023 #130
My dad was one of those Tree Lady Nov 2023 #129
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