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Big Blue Marble

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51. Israel is systematically making Gaza uninhabitable..
Tue Oct 31, 2023, 02:13 PM
Oct 2023

I do not see how or who is willing to rebuild the infrastructure. Most of the homes in northern Gaza.
are gone. Most hospitals are gone. The sewers and water lines destroyed. The roads filled
with rubble. And this is before the ground invasion and the destruction of the bulldozers.
Gaza will be no more.

Your theory about the Arab States may have been true at one time, but is not true now.
Like the rest of the world, the Arab States have abandoned these people. They are busy
making peace and trade deals with Israel. They want the surveillance technologies that
Israel uses to control the Palestinians, to hold on to their power. The world has changed;
and the Arab countries have changed. No one, but radicalized groups like Hamas want
to destroy Israel and that will never happen.

Israel has built a superstructure around the remaining pockets of Palestinians in the West
Bank.allowing hundreds of thousands of illegal settlers to make the Palestinian lives intolerable
while making a two state solution impossible. The ugly truth is the only ones who keep
these people alive are the UN and the NGO's. No one else in leadership positions care a bit
whether they live or die including our government.

Where are all the people going to go who have had their homes bombed to rubble? onecaliberal Oct 2023 #1
Your "response" is not a reponse to the post. NoRethugFriends Oct 2023 #11
Sure, Jan. onecaliberal Oct 2023 #20
Jan.? NoRethugFriends Oct 2023 #28
In your hypothetical are the organizers and participants of Oct 7 facing criminal justice? brooklynite Oct 2023 #2
Absolutely radicalleft Oct 2023 #4
Is there a follow up question radicalleft Oct 2023 #10
If that's the case, then a cease-fire isn't a hypothetical, it's a fantasy. brooklynite Oct 2023 #44
I agree. I suspect they envisioned October 7 as their prelude to start the process, knowing JohnSJ Oct 2023 #49
All right fantasy then radicalleft Oct 2023 #55
That would mean around the world, it would be like post WW2... Archae Oct 2023 #3
Hamas members would be executed to the last person ripcord Oct 2023 #5
And after radicalleft Oct 2023 #7
We both know that is impossible obamanut2012 Oct 2023 #15
There are no insurances involved. Beastly Boy Oct 2023 #6
Curiously, is Cuba a failed state? cachukis Oct 2023 #12
According to Biden it is. Mosby Oct 2023 #27
Is he your spokesman? cachukis Oct 2023 #30
No. Beastly Boy Oct 2023 #32
Semantics aside, it would seem the success or cachukis Oct 2023 #45
Comparing Gaza to Cuba is pretty arbitrary to begin with. Beastly Boy Oct 2023 #50
I agree, Cuba was arbitrary, but we know Cuba cachukis Oct 2023 #57
So a failed state that encompasses radicalleft Oct 2023 #13
It's way above my pay grade to answer your question, Beastly Boy Oct 2023 #35
It is not "legally" classified as a failed state. LeftInTX Oct 2023 #21
For all practical purposes. Not legally. Beastly Boy Oct 2023 #36
How do you hold non-affiliated individuals no_hypocrisy Oct 2023 #8
I want to know what happens after radicalleft Oct 2023 #9
I'd like to know as well. onecaliberal Oct 2023 #18
There is no justice. 1WorldHope Oct 2023 #14
I understand your points but please humor me radicalleft Oct 2023 #16
There will be no justice for anyone. 1WorldHope Oct 2023 #25
Justice or revenge? Big Blue Marble Oct 2023 #41
No I don't radicalleft Oct 2023 #43
I understand. Big Blue Marble Oct 2023 #47
Well said NoRethugFriends Oct 2023 #29
Better security at the fence line and the towns and kibbutzim Mosby Oct 2023 #17
Hamas in Gaza will be rendered impotent radicalleft Oct 2023 #19
I don't think it will unfortunately. It will get a set back. LeftInTX Oct 2023 #22
Gazans aren't going anywhere, it's their home. Mosby Oct 2023 #23
And reign in the ultra-orthodox NoRethugFriends Oct 2023 #31
It won't happen. The Hamas charter makes it clear that they want all Jews eliminated, and JohnSJ Oct 2023 #24
That is why Israel is taking the war to them radicalleft Oct 2023 #26
There are no guarantees of success, but... LauraInLA Oct 2023 #33
I am interested radicalleft Oct 2023 #39
Sorry I didn't list any. LauraInLA Oct 2023 #48
I will look at this radicalleft Oct 2023 #52
If Hamas ceased to exist today someone else totodeinhere Oct 2023 #34
If Hamas ceased to exist today, Hezbollah would still be there... brooklynite Oct 2023 #61
It is looking more and like there will no more Gaza. Big Blue Marble Oct 2023 #37
Thank you radicalleft Oct 2023 #40
Annexation MattBaggins Oct 2023 #38
I fear you are right radicalleft Oct 2023 #42
I don't think so. EndlessWire Oct 2023 #54
Israel will never leave the settlements radicalleft Oct 2023 #59
Great pressure EndlessWire Oct 2023 #60
So your thinking quakerboy Nov 2023 #62
Gazans have been pawns since 1948 elias7 Oct 2023 #46
Israel is systematically making Gaza uninhabitable.. Big Blue Marble Oct 2023 #51
Thank you so much radicalleft Oct 2023 #53
why would they surrender? WarGamer Oct 2023 #56
Operation Wrath of God II Kennah Oct 2023 #58
Hypothetically, if you read the Hamas Charter as explained in The Atlantic... Hekate Nov 2023 #63
Oh I've read it in the past radicalleft Nov 2023 #66
Warriors whose goal is the utter annihilation of some other group will not stop... Hekate Nov 2023 #68
Gee, I don't know. Straw Man Nov 2023 #64
So you believe that an international coalition radicalleft Nov 2023 #67
That would be the most desirable outcome. Straw Man Nov 2023 #69
They are a dishonest actor. The only way to deal with Hamas is to wipe them all out. AZLD4Candidate Nov 2023 #65
This message was self-deleted by its author BootinUp Nov 2023 #70
This message was self-deleted by its author BootinUp Nov 2023 #71
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