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Tue Oct 31, 2023, 10:04 AM Oct 2023

Massive misinformation campaign against Israel. [View all]

I'm not Jewish. I'm not an expert on the Middle East. I've been critical of the Israeli government. There's a lot I don't know, but I know antisemitism when I see it. I'm seeing antisemitism and an anti-Israeli disinformation campaign that seems to be coordinated. The minute Hamas attacked Israeli citizens - in a shockingly brutal terrorist attack in which victims were gang raped, tortured in public, paraded naked in front of mobs - an anti-Israeli propaganda campaign took off across the globe. I happen to know some folks affiliated with the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA). Their social media rhetoric instantly ramped up against Israel. Not even a pause. Coordinated. We're seeing it on DU.

I can connect some dots but I'll leave that to others. Im here to witness what I'm seeing.

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That is EXACTLY what I saw edisdead Oct 2023 #1
This message was self-deleted by its author BootinUp Oct 2023 #2
I've said many insensitive things. We're human. yardwork Oct 2023 #26
putin is behind both wars lapfog_1 Oct 2023 #3
Putin owns the GOP leadership. They have taken Russian money. Irish_Dem Oct 2023 #6
Hopefully some of that Russian money MOMFUDSKI Oct 2023 #40
They'll take the 5th before they admit to being on Putin's payroll. Irish_Dem Oct 2023 #49
I don't know but the timing is suspicious. yardwork Oct 2023 #7
Putin enid602 Oct 2023 #73
Desperation at the stalemate OrangeJoe Oct 2023 #107
Exactly! Goddessartist Nov 2023 #135
I agree, this was evident soon after Israel was attacked. Irish_Dem Oct 2023 #4
Whatever it takes for the beeb to MOMFUDSKI Oct 2023 #41
Whatever it takes for Putin to win the war in Ukraine. Irish_Dem Oct 2023 #50
Wagner enid602 Oct 2023 #126
Do you mean Priggy faked his own death? Irish_Dem Nov 2023 #138
Exactly! You could see it happening immediately- Quakerfriend Oct 2023 #54
Exactly. Putin is desperate to win the war in Ukraine by any means possible. Irish_Dem Oct 2023 #66
That's a great observation and question. JudyM Oct 2023 #106
US taxpayers OrangeJoe Oct 2023 #108
They were not blindsided, Israel chose to ignore the warnings questionseverything Oct 2023 #102
I don't get it either.. Omnipresent Nov 2023 #136
Trump stole thousands of classified documents and showed them to random visitors... yardwork Nov 2023 #140
Putin. Some AmeriKKKans are helping. blm Oct 2023 #5
DSA seems to be in the forefront of this wave. comradebillyboy Oct 2023 #8
I think it's way bigger than DSA. yardwork Oct 2023 #12
I said in another thread - Hamas are marketing geniuses AZSkiffyGeek Oct 2023 #14
Interesting! I didn't know that. yardwork Oct 2023 #18
Holy fuck the keffiyehs!!! YES! AnrothElf Oct 2023 #92
The sad thing is that keffiyehs are kinda cool looking AZSkiffyGeek Oct 2023 #93
I remember in the early 80's at college the anti-jewish arab students were trying to convince all of us SouthernDem4ever Oct 2023 #114
Agree that it is much larger than DSA. But DSA wnylib Nov 2023 #143
I agree with your observations, yardwork, brer cat Oct 2023 #9
Yep. Zero mention of Hamas' slaughter of 1,400 civilians in Israel dalton99a Oct 2023 #10
I think we are entering a new era of disinformation. With social media and AI it walkingman Oct 2023 #11
Entering?? inthewind21 Oct 2023 #23
Funny - agree but with AI I don't think we have seen anything like what is to come. walkingman Oct 2023 #25
Ex-Google Officer Speaks Out On The Dangers Of AI Celerity Oct 2023 #59
I think they meant the entrance of AI (ChatGPT's Initial release date of November 30, 2022 being the first widespread Celerity Oct 2023 #57
May I ask a question?... Think. Again. Oct 2023 #13
Sea lions, man... AZSkiffyGeek Oct 2023 #15
? Think. Again. Oct 2023 #16
That's right, you don't actually do any Internet research AZSkiffyGeek Oct 2023 #17
? Think. Again. Oct 2023 #71
Yes, thanks. This thread seems to assume anyone concerned about war crimes in Gaza are antisemitic MadameButterfly Oct 2023 #77
Thank You for posting this. Think. Again. Oct 2023 #86
Well said Redleg Oct 2023 #118
Since I'm the author of this OP I wonder if this comment is meant for me... yardwork Nov 2023 #141
I accept your concern about antisemitic tropes but the reference to a conspiracy MadameButterfly Nov 2023 #148
Happy to provide more detail about my thinking! yardwork Nov 2023 #150
I agree that Putin is involved MadameButterfly Nov 2023 #157
Most people are definitely NOT part of Putin's conspiracy. yardwork Nov 2023 #168
Day one - everyone was behind Israel womanofthehills Nov 2023 #182
There are lots of folks concerned about war crimes committed against the Gazans, in Gaza, by Hamas. lapucelle Nov 2023 #152
yes, agreed, Hamas are war criminals and both Palestinians and Israelis are victims MadameButterfly Nov 2023 #158
... lapucelle Nov 2023 #132
That poster is not sealioning obamanut2012 Oct 2023 #47
I Disagree. Cha Oct 2023 #74
And you're right as usual, Cha! Just_Vote_Dem Oct 2023 #87
So obvious.. Cha Oct 2023 #98
May I ask... Think. Again. Oct 2023 #89
I agree. MadameButterfly Oct 2023 #78
... betsuni Oct 2023 #70
May I ask a question?... JoseBalow Oct 2023 #76
Thanks for this... radicalleft Oct 2023 #82
Me too. Think. Again. Oct 2023 #91
Perfect! (Bookmarking!) Oopsie Daisy Oct 2023 #85
Interesting DET Oct 2023 #88
This deserves its own OP Hekate Nov 2023 #166
REC Nailed IT. Cha Nov 2023 #176
No kidding. Cha Oct 2023 #112
I haven't, actually. yardwork Oct 2023 #24
People on the right feel that all Palestinians civilians in Gaza are Hamas LeftInTX Oct 2023 #38
People on the right say a lot of stupid, mean things. yardwork Oct 2023 #42
They have much more power than DSA and other fringe groups!!! LeftInTX Oct 2023 #45
And they gain even more power when they trick Democrats into agreeing with them. yardwork Oct 2023 #55
Not just people on the right but some people posting here at DU Redleg Oct 2023 #119
I've thought the same thing about trolls. I notice linguistic patterns. wnylib Nov 2023 #146
You seem to be doing the same thing... Think. Again. Oct 2023 #72
+1 MadameButterfly Oct 2023 #81
Misrepresenting Isaraelis as all agreeging with Netanyau, or Palestinians as all agreeing with Hamas is like MadameButterfly Oct 2023 #80
I don't disagree with anything you've posted there. yardwork Oct 2023 #84
Russia & China are involved big time. sarcasmo Oct 2023 #19
Troll farms and TikTok AZSkiffyGeek Oct 2023 #22
K and R and yes absolutely. PCIntern Oct 2023 #20
But what is it when the people spreading it KNOW its disinformation? nt LexVegas Oct 2023 #21
I believe we refer to them as useful idiots. Ace Rothstein Oct 2023 #32
Trolling and propaganda. yardwork Oct 2023 #34
Recommend sheshe2 Oct 2023 #27
Thanks, sheshe. yardwork Oct 2023 #28
I do too, yardwork. sheshe2 Oct 2023 #39
that's a lot of innuendo without attribution or evidence bigtree Oct 2023 #29
If you mean DSA, I didn't intend to use innuendo. yardwork Oct 2023 #31
kinda misinforming bigtree Oct 2023 #33
How is it misinforming to express an opinion? yardwork Oct 2023 #37
it's definitely opinion bigtree Oct 2023 #51
So you disagree with my opinion. yardwork Oct 2023 #53
+1 peppertree Oct 2023 #61
What does "genociding" mean? N/T lapucelle Nov 2023 #153
Give it what you want.. Ive seen everything the Cha Oct 2023 #75
+1 sheshe2 Oct 2023 #101
Mahalo, she... I hope the poster READS IT!! Cha Oct 2023 #111
Exactly! mzmolly Oct 2023 #30
Yeah, it was obvious the next day. Ace Rothstein Oct 2023 #35
That's what I noticed. It wasn't organic. yardwork Oct 2023 #36
I agree with much of what you are seeing--I am also not Jewish, also previously critical Wingus Dingus Oct 2023 #43
So well said! Thank you. yardwork Oct 2023 #46
Al Quaeda and Taliban equal Hamas in this conflict MadameButterfly Oct 2023 #83
Demanding a cease-fire almost as soon as military action Wingus Dingus Oct 2023 #90
I think you left out... Think. Again. Oct 2023 #94
Right: Take out Hamas, but no bombs or missiles. Take out Hamas, but hey, no Wingus Dingus Oct 2023 #95
You are absolutely correct right up until... Think. Again. Oct 2023 #96
I think that's what some folks wish would happen, and it can't happen. Wingus Dingus Oct 2023 #97
It would be the only way... Think. Again. Oct 2023 #99
It's not doable. It's probably impossible. And thus it's disingenuous Wingus Dingus Oct 2023 #100
I disagree. Think. Again. Oct 2023 #103
OK. Wingus Dingus Oct 2023 #104
It appears that some of the newly-minted experts on international law lapucelle Nov 2023 #134
Can you cite the convention and the article that states what you claim? N/T lapucelle Nov 2023 #151
Here ya go... Think. Again. Nov 2023 #154
You made a claim. Surely you can back it up with a citation of the convention and the article. lapucelle Nov 2023 #156
You are lying.... Think. Again. Nov 2023 #159
I have another new term for you: sub-thread. lapucelle Nov 2023 #160
Are 'subthreads' like parallel threads... Think. Again. Nov 2023 #161
Sometimes pictures help! lapucelle Nov 2023 #163
Do you realize that screenshot.... Think. Again. Nov 2023 #164
It's easy to learn to follow a sub thread with practice! lapucelle Nov 2023 #167
Yes, don't lose hope!... Think. Again. Nov 2023 #169
What "list" were you talking about? There's only one list in that subthread. lapucelle Nov 2023 #171
You are "sea-lioning me... Think. Again. Nov 2023 #174
When I can't back up a claim, I don't run around calling people names. lapucelle Nov 2023 #175
The claim I made is backed up... Think. Again. Nov 2023 #177
The claim that there is only one way a war could be fought by Israel lapucelle Nov 2023 #179
My link IS... Think. Again. Nov 2023 #180
To be clear, the OP concerns misinformation. lapucelle Nov 2023 #181
You have, AGAIN.... Think. Again. Nov 2023 #183
I think by now it's clear that the Geneva Conventions in no way requires lapucelle Nov 2023 #184
There was a ceasefire on October 7, 2023. Hamas broke it. lapucelle Nov 2023 #133
Good example of disinformation ....they are not carpet bombing. GuppyGal Nov 2023 #129
Thank You DET Oct 2023 #113
Thanks. Yes, the coverage is intended not so much to inform but to inflame. Wingus Dingus Oct 2023 #123
So True DET Nov 2023 #127
Yes, it is coordinated and it's been happening and building up over a long time JI7 Oct 2023 #44
Does anybody feel as I do: That Europe is getting off the hook in this conflict? GreenWave Oct 2023 #48
They always get off! LeftInTX Oct 2023 #52
Europe has taken in a lot of middle eastern refugees. yardwork Oct 2023 #56
Ive said that for some time. xmas74 Oct 2023 #60
Yes. I don't know much, but that seems clear. yardwork Oct 2023 #62
May 14,1948 xmas74 Oct 2023 #63
It's unfortunate that this history isn't better understood. yardwork Oct 2023 #64
It was promised to them & Britain wanted out. xmas74 Oct 2023 #68
Here? muriel_volestrangler Oct 2023 #110
I just saw a social media post demanding we all cancel xmas74 Oct 2023 #58
Yes, it's sick LymphocyteLover Oct 2023 #65
God bless Jim Gaffigan. Wingus Dingus Oct 2023 #69
TY for this from Jim Gaffigan.. Cha Oct 2023 #79
You're welcome! LymphocyteLover Oct 2023 #109
It's easy once you get the hang Cha Oct 2023 #115
OH, wow. I thought I did that. LymphocyteLover Oct 2023 #124
So does it work for you now? Cha Oct 2023 #125
K&R betsuni Oct 2023 #67
I detected that from the unprecedented anti-Israel opposition that I've been seeing. live love laugh Oct 2023 #105
It's been the same for 30 years Hamlette Oct 2023 #116
He's not helping, that's for sure. yardwork Oct 2023 #122
IMO, the first casualty of any kind of war... slightlv Oct 2023 #117
That is part of the nature of asymmetric warfare Redleg Oct 2023 #120
This! mcar Oct 2023 #121
I don't see it. Diraven Nov 2023 #128
I definitely think there's a conspiracy, so guilty as charged. yardwork Nov 2023 #142
Yup. And then there's the "both sides are wrong" folks. SunSeeker Nov 2023 #130
Attacking Israel makes old time anti-Jewish attitudes more palitable because one can wrap the hatred in nice AZLD4Candidate Nov 2023 #131
Cold fact: STFU deniers Ponietz Nov 2023 #137
Thanks for posting this. yardwork Nov 2023 #139
👊 Ponietz Nov 2023 #147
The whole "refugee camp" term that is thrown around as well. Ace Rothstein Nov 2023 #144
Yeah, that's something I noticed... yagotme Nov 2023 #178
I agree with Donny Deutsch LetMyPeopleVote Nov 2023 #145
Perfect! Behind the Aegis Nov 2023 #149
Thanks for posting that clip. betsuni Nov 2023 #155
Nicolle Wallace is a helluva good journalist. That segment was incredible. Hekate Nov 2023 #170
We've come to see immediate gratification and aversion as meaningful... gulliver Nov 2023 #162
What you said, yardwork. I wasn't expecting it's sheer virulence across campuses... Hekate Nov 2023 #165
... lapucelle Nov 2023 #172
🌸 Hekate Nov 2023 #173
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