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Not good. What's up with that? brush Oct 2023 #1
Maybe Hamas should give back the Israeli hostages. yardwork Oct 2023 #2
Which Has What To Do T_A Oct 2023 #5
Israel is at war. War sucks, people die. yardwork Oct 2023 #6
"Israel is at war" T_A Oct 2023 #10
Shani Nicole Louk didn't require an Apache helicopter to die in war. Torchlight Oct 2023 #13
Then Don't Do It T_A Oct 2023 #15
Thousands of others have died that way though. AloeVera Oct 2023 #61
It's almost as if some people have forgotten the Holocaust. yardwork Oct 2023 #86
Hardly. AloeVera Oct 2023 #93
Both Israelis and Palestinians have been suffering "for decades now." yardwork Oct 2023 #94
Do not conflate Palestine and hamas. niyad Oct 2023 #76
I'd been careful not to do that but I'm getting annoyed with the antisemitism. yardwork Oct 2023 #83
Which means they can kill everything moving? tia uponit7771 Oct 2023 #80
It's not up to me, or you. yardwork Oct 2023 #84
Can't change Israel's response but sure can change ours uponit7771 Nov 2023 #97
They are going to hit Hamas targets where ever they pop up EX500rider Oct 2023 #3
Then Why Did The IDF LIE? T_A Oct 2023 #4
Incorrect. Nobody's safety is guaranteed in a war zone. yardwork Oct 2023 #7
Then T_A Oct 2023 #14
Where did they say that? yardwork Oct 2023 #17
The Timeline T_A Oct 2023 #24
What were the exact words? yardwork Oct 2023 #28
Are Your Fingers Broke? T_A Oct 2023 #31
You should not be the one eyerolling. Disaffected Oct 2023 #45
I'm Afraid You're Very Very Confused T_A Oct 2023 #50
I guess it's my turn. Disaffected Oct 2023 #62
So if they wouldn't be safe, what was the point in being ordered to move? questionseverything Oct 2023 #53
Maybe so they would be safer? Disaffected Oct 2023 #64
Some Believe T_A Oct 2023 #74
I did look it up and see no evidence that it's true. yardwork Oct 2023 #48
I Did T_A Oct 2023 #73
Where? yardwork Oct 2023 #89
You're the one making a claim Dorian Gray Oct 2023 #78
Already Provided T_A Oct 2023 #90
Don't expect an answer - they don't provide context AZSkiffyGeek Oct 2023 #40
Look at the map it is safer than the North EX500rider Oct 2023 #8
Well T_A Oct 2023 #11
If you haven't noticed they're invading the north part of Gaza EX500rider Oct 2023 #20
The IDF told the truth as anyone can see Tomconroy Oct 2023 #9
Hamas Stated The IDF Was Lying T_A Oct 2023 #12
You believe Hamas? yardwork Oct 2023 #18
NO T_A Oct 2023 #32
The tactic of asking endless questions has a name. The_Casual_Observer Oct 2023 #44
That's been obvious for a few weeks... AZSkiffyGeek Oct 2023 #52
REC.. TY Cha Oct 2023 #58
Hmmm, called "sealioning"? I also think IDF can be more surgical uponit7771 Oct 2023 #82
But no safety is absolute. Igel Oct 2023 #47
Where is the proof? yardwork Oct 2023 #49
"proven" Dorian Gray Oct 2023 #79
You have looked at the CNN map, haven't you? Tomconroy Oct 2023 #19
I'm not surprised AntivaxHunters Oct 2023 #16
You keep posting that without showing where it came from EX500rider Oct 2023 #21
When your best example is an unattributed article from 20 years ago... AZSkiffyGeek Oct 2023 #37
It's a weird variation of the gish gallop. N/T lapucelle Oct 2023 #66
Yes. It's part of a global PR campaign that launched the same time Hamas attacked. yardwork Oct 2023 #88
And it helps Pootie a great deal when he's losing to Ukraine Just_Vote_Dem Oct 2023 #95
Deliberate...planned...and obvious. lapucelle Oct 2023 #96
That's the best example of an IDF lie you could find? Tomconroy Oct 2023 #22
You Want More? T_A Oct 2023 #27
There is no evidence to support any of those claims Tomconroy Oct 2023 #34
FALSE T_A Oct 2023 #38
NOT FALSE Cha Oct 2023 #59
here; EX500rider Oct 2023 #41
No Cigar T_A Oct 2023 #51
Lets start with your 1st one EX500rider Oct 2023 #56
Don't believe your lying eyes. AloeVera Oct 2023 #63
Key word "near" EX500rider Oct 2023 #65
I never said "near". The bombing occurred at the crossing. AloeVera Oct 2023 #69
500lb bombs do look very close even when they go off a 1/2 mile away EX500rider Oct 2023 #70
Numerous Media Outlets T_A Oct 2023 #75
Numerous media Outlets reported Israel hit the Anglian hospital EX500rider Oct 2023 #85
Only In Your Imagination T_A Oct 2023 #91
Gotcha there are no photos of an event that didn't happen so you can't produce them EX500rider Oct 2023 #92
That Looks like GD HAMAS PROPAGANDA. Cha Oct 2023 #60
SAFER, not 100% safe. maxsolomon Oct 2023 #23
Then The IDF Shouldn't Have Lied T_A Oct 2023 #25
"Safer" is in the 1st paragraph of your 1st link. maxsolomon Oct 2023 #30
No one is guaranteed 100% safety in an act of war. xmas74 Oct 2023 #26
Already T_A Oct 2023 #29
So I shouldn't respond? xmas74 Oct 2023 #36
???? T_A Oct 2023 #39
I for one am glad you responded as the point needs to be driven home again and again and again and GuppyGal Oct 2023 #67
OP seems to think we should just accept their opinion xmas74 Oct 2023 #68
YES Dorian Gray Oct 2023 #81
Hamas heeded the call to move south. nt LexVegas Oct 2023 #33
They moved all the way to Qatar. Tomconroy Oct 2023 #35
I doubt that is going to save them this time, Mossad will reach out & say Hello at some point EX500rider Oct 2023 #42
Apparently they must know where the hostages are The_Casual_Observer Oct 2023 #43
That's what gets me questionseverything Oct 2023 #54
One more elephant in the room. The_Casual_Observer Oct 2023 #55
They said SAFER in the south SAFER not 100% safe of course I mean really now. GuppyGal Oct 2023 #46
If protection of non-combatants was of strategic importance they would be allowed out of war zone. David__77 Oct 2023 #57
Yes, Egypt should do that EX500rider Oct 2023 #71
Israeli ministry proposes transferring Gaza civilians to Egypt's Sinai David__77 Oct 2023 #72
Or they want the civilians evacuated for their own safety and then they can come back EX500rider Oct 2023 #87
The whole 'IDF' name itself is deceptive. Aussie105 Oct 2023 #77
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