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Wed Oct 25, 2023, 07:57 AM Oct 2023

Powell declares her plea deal was extorted. [View all]


Powell declares her plea deal was extorted.
Tuesday, October 24, 2023 at 7:34:23p EDT

It didn’t even take a week...

On her social media accounts, Powell has continued to push claims that the 2020 election was rigged and that prosecutors in Georgia who brought the criminal case against her are politically motivated. The newsletter published by her dark money group has shared articles arguing Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis "extorted" her guilty plea. www.businessinsider.com/...

When asked if anyone has forced, threatened or promised her anything in exchange for her guilty plea, Powell responded, "other than what is recited in the documents, no."


She should have her plea withdrawn and she should stand trial. No judge should accept a plea that the defendant said was coerced or extorted. If she believes she is innocent of wrongdoing, a plea is not acceptable.

I have stated over and over that central figures of the criminal prosecution of the 2020 sedition cannot walk away without punishment. She has already avoided disbarment in Texas. She raised at least $14mm in donations. For her to plead guilty to misdemeanors and basically walk away with no sanction of prison time because, you know, she may (or may not) bring some evidence against Trump or someone else who will get a sweet plea deal, is not acceptable. She could have also gotten a year in prison as part of the plea to avoid the RICO prosecution. To me it is starting to appear that the lawyers are being extended professional courtesy, as Giuliani’s claim that everything he did was just part of his job as a lawyer soliciting for his client. And obviously, she sees the civil cases against her as bullshit, she can drag it out for years, and then drag out paying money for years more, all the while raising more money.
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So she's going to FA again...hope she FO soonest! Maeve Oct 2023 #1
Wow... 2naSalit Oct 2023 #2
I did. There's not a sincere bone in that woman's body. Attilatheblond Oct 2023 #57
or Jenna Ellis WhiteTara Oct 2023 #78
Oh, what a spoiled little tot Ellis is! Attilatheblond Oct 2023 #79
She is a piece of work for sure. WhiteTara Oct 2023 #84
I don't doubt the... 2naSalit Oct 2023 #85
yeah I am not at all surprised. barbtries Oct 2023 #93
lol "Extorted"? That Jack Smith is so Powerful! Cha Oct 2023 #104
Poor Sidney. Here's what likely happened. Eyeball_Kid Oct 2023 #111
Yeah, poor little poopoo Sudney Cha Oct 2023 #113
The Crack Hen is lawyer enough to know that what she says on the street... Hugin Oct 2023 #3
Agree Delphinus Oct 2023 #7
What I am hoping... Hugin Oct 2023 #14
She stopped crying very quickly after her statement I noticed Ohioboy Oct 2023 #28
Because the "crying" was FAKE. iluvtennis Oct 2023 #68
None of them have a scrap of evidence to support their lies Windicator Oct 2023 #76
not crimes of moral turpitude?! barbtries Oct 2023 #94
See what happens when they get no jail time? They think they did nothing wrong and keep repeating the behavior Walleye Oct 2023 #4
They even do it when they are going to jail. The_Casual_Observer Oct 2023 #105
She has every right to stand trial. stuck in the middle Oct 2023 #5
THIS RIGHT HERE! What in the complete hell. Put this dumb fuck in jail, throw away the key. onecaliberal Oct 2023 #50
This. If it was extorted, throw it out and let her be tried. nt redqueen Oct 2023 #54
Also, what good is her testimony if she is saying this? D23MIURG23 Oct 2023 #108
All of these people...hideous fucking assholes. Terrible humans. Defective meat bags. LuckyCharms Oct 2023 #6
Accurate and well put MustLoveBeagles Oct 2023 #89
Plea Deal Extortion?? no_hypocrisy Oct 2023 #8
yeah that is a thing dembotoz Oct 2023 #74
So she lied in court? LuckyCharms Oct 2023 #9
Lock her malaise Oct 2023 #10
Im pretty sure she has violated the terms of her plea agreement. bullimiami Oct 2023 #11
Word salad..... getagrip_already Oct 2023 #12
Yes, I'd like to know the specifics of what Quakerfriend Oct 2023 #41
See reply #43 for the details of "Defending the Republic", which she set up muriel_volestrangler Oct 2023 #62
Revoke the plea deal and put her on trial Takket Oct 2023 #13
I don't think that will be enough to pacify the MAGA loons, Sidney. tanyev Oct 2023 #15
she can believe what she wants...it's her testimony that matters... agingdem Oct 2023 #16
She obviously is getting death threats, gab13by13 Oct 2023 #17
And probably seeing donations to her are falling off. No more million$ for Kracken Krazy n/t Attilatheblond Oct 2023 #60
Her plea agreement requires her to testify. Is she claiming her testimony will be perjured? Jim__ Oct 2023 #18
Kind of a pickle she's putting herself in, isn't it? yardwork Oct 2023 #21
"She" has nothing to do with this. This is just someone else's opinion. Pure clickbait. PSPS Oct 2023 #22
No, the newsletter is basically her operation muriel_volestrangler Oct 2023 #43
Maybe it's "her operation" but it's not her words. It's an opinion piece written in the third person. PSPS Oct 2023 #55
Which she is repeating. muriel_volestrangler Oct 2023 #59
Except... no she isn't FBaggins Oct 2023 #63
"This was posted on Saturday but is worth repeating" - yes, she is repeating it muriel_volestrangler Oct 2023 #65
There is no "rush to make excuses for her." This is an OPINION piece WRITTEN IN THE THIRD PERSON. PSPS Oct 2023 #73
Even your excuses for her fail. Her plea was revealed last Thursday. muriel_volestrangler Oct 2023 #75
There is little doubt that she will lie about everything. The_Casual_Observer Oct 2023 #106
Oh, please. Dailykos? Really? PSPS Oct 2023 #19
Dailykos is just fine, gab13by13 Oct 2023 #33
Problem is, articles like this are posted by the "community" and not reviewed William Seger Oct 2023 #53
It's not that hard to go there and follow the links, however muriel_volestrangler Oct 2023 #64
It's not that hard to copy the source link, either William Seger Oct 2023 #71
Thoughtful DU posters save reader time/effort by taking a little time Bernardo de La Paz Oct 2023 #117
Well, yes, I posted the cut-off link back in reply #38 muriel_volestrangler Oct 2023 #118
"businessinsider.com" is a far right wing site gab13by13 Oct 2023 #20
The OP references CBS News brooklynite Oct 2023 #23
Business Insider is most definitely NOT a far right wing site marmar Oct 2023 #24
Agreed but it is an aggravator underpants Oct 2023 #27
It certainly doesn't vet its sources. gab13by13 Oct 2023 #35
I'd say they editorialize underpants Oct 2023 #47
https://mediabiasfactcheck.com/business-insider/ RSherman Oct 2023 #31
I guess it depends upon what someone considers left or right. gab13by13 Oct 2023 #37
I used to go to Business Insider almost daily. Stopped when they began requiring KPN Oct 2023 #61
An issue is news wrting vs editorial writing. For example WSJ Bernardo de La Paz Oct 2023 #119
The judge needs to call her in to clarify. mn9driver Oct 2023 #25
I agree Sanity Claws Oct 2023 #29
One side of mouth to grift the base and the other to plead in court. . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Oct 2023 #26
She willingly pleads guilty... Historic NY Oct 2023 #30
Exactly... if she truly is disavowing her testimony and plea. liberalla Oct 2023 #70
Dark Money Group Layzeebeaver Oct 2023 #32
That was a very interesting read... BigOleDummy Oct 2023 #91
She needs to fight the plea deal with all the money she has raised. Autumn Oct 2023 #34
Needs a better source. bigmonk Oct 2023 #36
Daily kos is just fine, gab13by13 Oct 2023 #39
You could read the newsletter. muriel_volestrangler Oct 2023 #49
A link for the first part of the excerpt (it's cut off in the OP) muriel_volestrangler Oct 2023 #38
Aren't they always "extorted?" Wounded Bear Oct 2023 #40
If you look at how they define "exorted", then, yes muriel_volestrangler Oct 2023 #46
Not going into detail but I took a plea once and my lawyer told me that if I sounded like I didn't believe I was guilty Maraya1969 Oct 2023 #42
Penalties on some offenses are such that often a defendant will take a plea to mitigate the real chance of prison. For Pepsidog Oct 2023 #66
Because of COURSE she does... LOL... n/t TygrBright Oct 2023 #44
DK click bait Chakaconcarne Oct 2023 #45
I'm afraid these plea deals for testimony will Emile Oct 2023 #48
why isn't an attempted coup grounds for auto-disbarment? pansypoo53219 Oct 2023 #51
She's probably trying to keep the magaloons from killing her. Ocelot II Oct 2023 #52
They have sown the wind redqueen Oct 2023 #56
Indeed. If you throw in with the kind of people who do insurrections Ocelot II Oct 2023 #58
This is what I was thinking Redleg Oct 2023 #80
So I did not see her plea hearing but AkFemDem Oct 2023 #67
I did not see hers either but I watched Cheeseburger's and the same judge carefully and repeatedly Wonder Why Oct 2023 #69
Take the plea deal or face a felony conviction and face prison time. Eyeball_Kid Oct 2023 #72
Lock her up, she was not to communicate with Bluethroughu Oct 2023 #77
Well, then just say no to the plea--go to trial and hopefully to jail when you are found GUILTY riversedge Oct 2023 #81
Why did she agree to the deal ? She signed the deal. republianmushroom Oct 2023 #82
Guess that nasty thing is back to eating a bag of dicks every day- Snooper9 Oct 2023 #83
"And by 'extortion', I mean...." BobTheSubgenius Oct 2023 #86
So much for that slap on the wrist Zambero Oct 2023 #87
I think she is trying to protect herself against MAGA attack and just hung herself instead. nt ShazamIam Oct 2023 #88
Revoke the plea deal MustLoveBeagles Oct 2023 #90
As noted, what she says on the street doesn't have to jive... Kaleva Oct 2023 #95
so go to trial. barbtries Oct 2023 #92
Willis should tell moniss Oct 2023 #96
I thought there was a gag order on her as part of her Ilsa Oct 2023 #97
Kind of like the mob days, it does not take long for a witness to have a change of heart about testifying LiberalArkie Oct 2023 #98
So try her then swong19104 Oct 2023 #99
Oh Brother NowISeetheLight Oct 2023 #100
It could be she flipped back because of death threats mucifer Oct 2023 #101
Well, they all are, in one way or another Warpy Oct 2023 #102
Powell is scared SHITLESS of the Cult. Cha Oct 2023 #103
Doesn't "extorted" mean forgotmylogin Oct 2023 #107
Lying under oath is still a bad thing, right? Iggo Oct 2023 #109
Have her say that.... Quanto Magnus Oct 2023 #110
She probably is betting on the new speaker PlutosHeart Oct 2023 #112
Okay she's dumber than I thought ecstatic Oct 2023 #114
I wish these people would F off, F all the way off, and when they get there... SKKY Oct 2023 #115
... Everyone's beneath the trees, feeding pigeons on a limb, struggle4progress Oct 2023 #116
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