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Sat Oct 21, 2023, 01:49 AM Oct 2023

Agents search the carry-on bags of Hartsfield Jackson passengers without getting warrants and seize money without making arrests [View all]


In Plane Sight: Drug agents searching passengers for cash at airport gates
Agents search the carry-on bags of Hartsfield Jackson passengers without getting warrants and seize money without making arrests

ATLANTA, Ga. (Atlanta News First) - That passenger standing next to you at the departure gate may actually be a plain-clothes drug agent.

Atlanta News First Investigates recently tailed U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) task force officers as they walked, otherwise unnoticed, from gate to gate at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. We watched them search passengers right after they scanned their boarding passes.

“He just approached me, and he asked me for my ID,” film director Tabari Sturdivant said. “He didn’t state who he was. He just asked me for ID, and I thought he was a Delta agent. He had airport credentials on, and so I gave it to him immediately.”

Sturdivant was flying to Los Angeles for a film project last year when he was approached by the DEA task force officers. They searched his bag in front of the other passengers boarding the flight, according to video recorded by an onlooker.
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Dea busy stealing money from honest people questionseverything Oct 2023 #1
Scumbags. A HERETIC I AM Oct 2023 #2
While I agree this is an abuse of power & theft (in many cases), why carry $$$$ in your carry on? hlthe2b Oct 2023 #3
Some of us still use cash for transactions. If I were going on vacation, I would take some cash. Chainfire Oct 2023 #4
Of course. But a few hundred dollars is apparently not what they are referring to. hlthe2b Oct 2023 #7
So what is the magic number that transfroms you from honest citizen to criminal? $1000, $5,000? Chainfire Oct 2023 #25
Really? You know better. My subject line clearly stated this "is an abuse of power and theft." hlthe2b Oct 2023 #28
What attack? My attack was on the policy, not the messenger. Chainfire Oct 2023 #32
I always thought it was $10,000 stuck in the middle Oct 2023 #45
For a while in East Texas, there was a sherriff who was stealing the cash of everyone he stopped DFW Oct 2023 #37
Isn't this a sort of victim blaming? usedtobedemgurl Oct 2023 #5
Post removed Post removed Oct 2023 #6
The first cop to abolish is the one in your head. WhiskeyGrinder Oct 2023 #9
WhiskeyGrinder, I stated this is an abuse of power and you attack me for asking a simple question hlthe2b Oct 2023 #10
I'm sorry it came across as an attack. WhiskeyGrinder Oct 2023 #13
So you are never curious about things and ask a rhetorical question? Really? hlthe2b Oct 2023 #14
When it involves a private person's business that has nothing to do with me and can be used by the state to invade their privacy? WhiskeyGrinder Oct 2023 #15
It was NOT a private person question. IT WAS RHETORICAL. What is it about that you don't understand? hlthe2b Oct 2023 #16
How are DUers meant to know which of your questions are rhetorical, muriel_volestrangler Oct 2023 #18
You are being ridiculous. Ignore hlthe2b Oct 2023 #20
"asked in order to produce an effect or to make a statement rather than to elicit information" muriel_volestrangler Oct 2023 #39
Goodness, not sure what the beef is with any of these responses. AllyCat Oct 2023 #43
More "why would someone carry that much cash" instead of "why did that person carry that much cash"? WhiskeyGrinder Oct 2023 #21
THen you had nothing to add and thus had no reason to respond. hlthe2b Oct 2023 #22
My responses are clearly not landing in the way I'm intending, so I'll disembark here. WhiskeyGrinder Oct 2023 #23
Reading thru comments here, is sure seems like EVERYONE is entitled to your opinion Attilatheblond Oct 2023 #31
it is unconstitutional. Full stop. edisdead Oct 2023 #11
I said that. Full stop. And I can ask a question wiithout being attacked. FULL STOP. hlthe2b Oct 2023 #12
nobody is attacking you edisdead Oct 2023 #17
You need to learn to read. My subject line stated clearly: It was an abuse of power and theft. hlthe2b Oct 2023 #19
Hi! This person was just responding that they agree with you. AllyCat Oct 2023 #44
My sister and I went to the Dominican Republic back in late May ecstatic Oct 2023 #24
Your account is what I was getting at--heavens the possibility for being robbed is tremendous. hlthe2b Oct 2023 #27
Because some people still don't have bank accounts? haele Oct 2023 #34
People regularly fly out to Las Vegas with large amounts of cash for gambling DetroitLegalBeagle Oct 2023 #35
Privacy Major Nikon Oct 2023 #40
Have you ever attempted to get foreign cash prior to a trip overseas? I'm going to SE Asia tomorrow sinkingfeeling Oct 2023 #42
LEOs won't disclose much, if anything, about the practice... GiqueCee Oct 2023 #47
Civil Asset Forfeiture is blatantly unconstitutional GiqueCee Oct 2023 #8
I didn't know that it had been frozen and then reinstated by trump ecstatic Oct 2023 #33
Thanks for that - and welcome to DU! crickets Oct 2023 #46
Pretty sure that's unconstitutional Skwishy Oct 2023 #26
The agents were wrong. True Blue American Oct 2023 #29
A must read. dalton99a Oct 2023 #30
Any money or Credit Cards I have on me at any Airport, is in my wallet. ProudMNDemocrat Oct 2023 #36
More than one way to carry "cash" h2ebits Oct 2023 #38
nothing new....cops have been seaching and taking contects of cars with out of state plates for years now dembotoz Oct 2023 #41
Need to keep shining a light on this abhorrent practice Demovictory9 Oct 2023 #48
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