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11. It needed an editor
Fri Oct 20, 2023, 09:24 AM
Oct 2023

It felt really scattered and out of focus. Most people were tuning in to hear his thoughts and proposed policy about the Israel/Hamas conflict, and the speech ended up going much, much wider. As a result, it was kind of all over the place (the lines about weapons manufacturing jobs were really out of left field).

I looked at the transcript afterward, and I just wanted to take a red pen to the entire thing.

There is a much better speech inside of this speech. I do like that he tied the broader reasons we support both Israel and Ukraine and the idea that aggression unchecked leads to wider chaos that has far-reaching effects. He was almost laying out what we might be able to think of as the Biden Doctrine.

And I like the Biden Doctrine, as much of it as I got out of that speech.

But it feels like there was a speech writer somewhere in the Oval Office who turned in a first draft and figured. "It's fine. As long as it's done." A major foreign policy speech probably shouldn't sound like how I treat my college papers.

The attitude and policy are good. The writing was ooft.

He hit the best balance possible uponit7771 Oct 2023 #1
He sure did. He hit all the important points and wnylib Oct 2023 #6
Didn't watch it. Nt Fiendish Thingy Oct 2023 #2
Not happy with the "American Jobs" sales pitch Thunderbeast Oct 2023 #3
big oof WhiskeyGrinder Oct 2023 #5
That was so weirdly out of place Sympthsical Oct 2023 #9
He's not wrong though! dsp3000 Oct 2023 #10
This is spin for the hawks randr Oct 2023 #12
I'm sure I will BootinUp Oct 2023 #4
He brought me to tears mcar Oct 2023 #7
I love our President dearly but cannot listen to him speak. I can always read about his speech later. n/t SheilaAnn Oct 2023 #8
It needed an editor Sympthsical Oct 2023 #11
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